The State of the United States :: by Gary Fisher

Our nation is sick! We have lost our way. Our moral compass is broken. The people wallow in sin and they entertain themselves with smut and mockery. Hollywood rolls out on a regular basis entertainment that is morally questionable at best. Much of our government issues laws that are not based on what is right for the people, but what is politically expedient.

Scandal dominates our news while many of our leaders wonder not how they can solve our problems, but how they can stay in power. Our  nation is rapidly losing its reputation as the leader who stands for what  is right and good. What is wrong? How did we get here?

Over the last fifty years or so, there has been a systematic effort to  remove the Bible as America’s standard for right versus wrong. Those who  have pressed the separation of church and state issue  have convinced our “powers that be” that the Bible can’t be used in our courtrooms and schools. What has been the outcome? A people not morally guided by  anything except their own conscience and greed.

The God of the Bible has consequently pulled back His hedge of protection and blessing. It is  without question that those who founded this country and the framers of  the US Constitution used the Bible as their guiding light, their standard  of morality.

Yes, they believed in separation of church and state, but  that simply meant to them there would be no official church endorsed by  the state. In addition, no church would be recognized as superior over another and no church would be superior over the government. The separation of church and state proponents have also argued that the government can’t legislate morality but in the real world, governments legislate morality every day.

To determine what is right and wrong for any people is the job of any government’s legislative body who write it’s  laws. The question remains, who’s values will be used to write those laws? Without using the Bible as our standard for right versus wrong, our values become subjective and arbitrary. We are drifting like a ship on the sea without sails and a rudder.

We need a great awakening in which the Bible returns as our authoritative standard, and God is our guiding light. There is an ultimate answer to this problem. A great day is coming soon in which Jesus will return and rule the earth using the Bible as its constitution (Micah 4).

There will be no separation of church and state.  The criticizers will not be admitted. All who accept Jesus as Lord and believe will be welcome. (See Romans 10:9.) Peace and righteousness will reign supreme. Please bring it Lord!