Order Out of Chaos :: by Donna Wasson

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 3:1 “This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.”

So. Are we having fun yet? After all, that magical time of year is almost upon us. Aw, come on, you know what I mean…we’re coming up on the anniversary of 9/11! How could you forget? I guarantee you the New World Order goons and islamic freaks haven’t forgotten. They’re all atwitter with glee, and sharpening their knives as I type! So, what might they have in store for us this year?

Let me tell you about Dr. Jim Garrow. He spent 45 years as a covert CIA operative in China, and was a 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He’s responsible for exposing the military wide litmus test instituted by the Obama administration in which officers were asked if they would follow orders to disarm the American people, and fire on those who resisted. Those officers who refused to agree were purged from the military. This purge was so pervasive, it was covered in the mainstream media.

Naturally, Dr. Garrow maintains contacts within all branches of the military as well as the United States intelligence community, so when he chooses to disclose information, you can pretty much take it to the bank.

In the last couple of weeks, he’s been interviewed on several blog talk radio shows, as well as various alternative media sources, speaking about a planned attack upon multiple shopping malls inside America. He’s been told by several of his contacts that this attack will be modeled after the assault on the Western-style mall in Nairobi, Kenya back in September 2013.

If you remember, islamic militants seized control of that mall for two weeks, and killed over 150 people. They asked the hostages questions about islam or the koran and if they were able to answer correctly, they were allowed to leave. Those who couldn’t give the right answer were killed, and some were first tortured when it was discovered they were Christians.

He states that ISIS already has sleeper cells set up all over the country, and we’re welcoming more with open arms as they stream across our unguarded borders. The plan, which is already in place, is to invade over 100 malls across the country simultaneously, using machine guns and grenades. The militants will also be wearing explosives and will set bombs in predetermined places within the malls, ready to kill first responders.

Just like Nairobi, they’ll have every entrance manned, with militants in the parking lots, ready to shoot anyone who might escape. In fact, Dr. Garrow states that the incident in Nairobi was the beta test for the attack here in America. A practice run, if you will.

The end game, of course is martial law. As the Occupant’s pet, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” When might this horrible event occur? Dr. Garrow and his sources don’t know, but they are surmising that 9/11 is an attractive target date. Another possibility would be Black Friday, when the malls are loaded with holiday shoppers but in reality, any old date will do.

You can direct your gratitude to the Occupant for this serious threat. According to Border Patrol agents who have spoken to Dr. Garrow, there’s a “flood of jihadists” coming across our open, defenseless border as I type. They’ve been flying from the Middle East into South America and Mexico, where they know all they have to do is walk into our country and join their comrades. By the way, that would be 1500 miles of unguarded, golden opportunity. Can you say “treason?”

Naturally, if/when this event occurs, all hell will break loose and I’m betting the Usurper-In-Chief will take full advantage of the carnage by realizing his most cherished dream of declaring martial law nationwide which, once instituted, may never be rescinded. This horror is very likely to occur unless the Lord God intervenes, but with all the debauchery and base, guttural, perverted, pervasive, metastatic level of sin in America…I’m guessing He won’t bother. And yes, according to Dr. Garrow’s sources, the Occupant knows of this plan; he even knows which malls are targeted.

It’s a well-known fact that the CIA created, and has consistently funded Al Qaida to fight the Russians during the Iran/Iraq war. In fact, our military trained Al Qaida, A/K/A “Syrian Freedom Fighters,” in covert Jordanian camps with the intention of sending them into Syria after Assad. Those sneaky little devils went into Syria alright, but set up shop instead and morphed into ISIS, knowing that America wouldn’t dare come after them because Russia and China threatened to retaliate if we attacked Assad.

This administration has funneled untold billions of our hard-earned tax payer dollars to fund these savages, who are now on the warpath, slaughtering our brothers and sisters in Christ. Did you catch that? WE are funding the horrible torture, rape, robbery and deaths of our own spiritual family members! And yes, we’re STILL sending them money.

Now that the demon possessed hordes of ISIS are out of control and on the move, the Occupant suddenly wants to cozy up to Assad and join forces to destroy them? If I were Assad, I wouldn’t trust the Narcissist-in-Chief as far as I could smack him with a 9 iron!

Now, the story has flipped again, and the Occupant is eyeing airstrikes on ISIS targets inside Syria and the drones are already in the sky, flying reconnaissance missions. If you remember, little Barry has desperately grasped for any and every reason to invade Syria for the last few years. Now, he’s come up with a reason he can sell to the American people. We have to go get ISIS where their home base is. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Contrary to the stark common sense you won’t hear from the mainstream media, it seems obvious to me that Obama is facilitating ISIS coming into our country to create major chaos. Remember—he’s one of them. This is one reason for his absurd, suicide-like policy of keeping the borders open. You can’t listen to what he says; you must pay attention to what he does!

In my most humble opinion, this is part of the destabilization plan for America as described on the back of the dollar bill: “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means ‘order out of chaos.’ For the New World Order to come to fruition, America has to fall. The Globalist elite must destroy this freedom loving Republic, with her millions of armed, Constitution-loving citizens. Nope, they can’t have that! They want compliant little slaves, cowering and grateful for every scrap of food they give us.

The elite are doing everything they can to foment chaos. Another example is the blown-out-of-all-reasonable-proportion situation in Ferguson, Missouri with the unfortunate shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, a black man, by Officer Darren Wilson, a white man. All the facts of this incident have yet to be released, yet the professional race-baiters, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are calling for the arrest of Officer Wilson in the name of ‘justice.’

The boy’s blood wasn’t washed off the street before those two made a bee-line down to that small town to stir up their particular brand of racial hatred! Here’s what we know for sure about this situation.

FACT: Michael Brown robbed a liquor store of $50.00 worth of Swisher Sweet’s Cigars just minutes before being confronted by Officer Wilson.

FACT: Michael Brown was 6’4” and approximately 300 pounds of brute strength and wasn’t shy about using his size to intimidate others, as shown in the surveillance footage from the store.

FACT: Officer Wilson saw Michael Brown and his friend walking down the middle of the street, rolled down the window of his squad car, and told them to get on the sidewalk so they wouldn’t interfere with traffic flow.

FACT: Michael Brown pushed Officer Wilson back into his squad car and proceeded to punch him in the face. They struggled for the officer’s gun and a shot was fired inside the car. Michael Brown then continued to beat the officer nearly unconscious before walking away.

FACT: Officer Wilson suffered facial fractures from that beating.

FACT: Several eye-witnesses testify that Michael Brown turned to face Officer Wilson when the officer shouted for him to freeze. He then began to taunt the officer and suddenly rushed toward him. That’s when the officer opened fire.

FACT: Michael Brown was an aspiring rap artist, whose lyrics included gross obscenity, violence against women, bragged about drug use and threatened violence against cops.

Opinion: Although a tragic situation, Michael Brown was a drug using, thieving, gangsta-wanna-be thug. Was this shooting justified? We simply don’t have all the information yet to make a FAIR determination. If the officer feared for his safety, then it appears it was justified. If the officer was not in danger and acting like a bully, then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Problem is, the media and this ghastly presidential administration have already decided for us. Were you aware that a combination of people from the Department of Justice, along with white communist agitators bussed in from Chicago, as well as members of the super-racist New Black Panther Party, descended on Ferguson and hijacked what were largely peaceful protests by the citizens of the town?

These agitators, goaded on by race whores Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are the ones who looted stores, burned down a Quik-Trip gas station, threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at police in an effort to cause an increasingly violent crackdown by over-militarized police. They were the troublemakers—not the residents of Ferguson!

According to the News Commenter, “Their reported goal is to make the protests go super-violent, spread across the region and spark a revolution. Many have questioned whether some of the violence seen in recent days is the work of provocateurs being allowed to run riot by the authorities in order to justify the militarized crackdown after reports that police were ordered to “stand down” during the looting on Friday night.”

In other words, these agitators are trying their dead level best to start a race war. The wuss Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, decided to serve as investigator, jury and judge, and called for the arrest of Officer Wilson. He also sent in National Guard troops to quell the unrest. And this was before Attorney General, Eric Holder graced the residents with his glorious presence.

Michael Brown was laid to rest today and according to Fox News, thousands attended his funeral; the usual race baiters were there, along with town folk, some celebrities and…members of the Obama administration. Hmm. You’ll find this next story interesting.

On August 11th, in Salt Lake City, UT, a black police officer shot 20-year-old Dillon Taylor to death outside a 7-Eleven convenience store. Taylor was white and unarmed. Apparently, someone had called the cops and reported that a person in the vicinity had a gun. The officer arrived to see Taylor and his cousin exit the store. Taylor was listening to music through his earbuds, had no idea what was going on, and did not hear the officer’s command to get on the ground.

As he innocently reached down to pull up his pants, seemingly ignoring the officer’s commands, the officer, thinking he was reaching for a weapon, opened fire, killing him. Funny, I don’t remember hearing about this shooting in the news! I don’t remember seeing protests or rioting or looting or Eric Holder making a visit. I highly doubt anyone from the Occupant’s administration attended Taylor’s funeral. That’s because the victim was white. You can’t get a race war started with a white victim.

So, what is going to happen when the Grand Jury of Ferguson hears all the evidence in the Michael Brown case and decides not to indict Officer Darren Wilson? The black community of Ferguson—those who actually live in that town, seem to genuinely want justice for Michael. They want to make sure there was no police brutality or racism involved in his shooting, and I don’t blame them!

However, will they accept the grand jury’s decision or will they acquiesce to the race baiters who are in their midst, provoking police, hoping to cause riots to break out all over this country? I’m sure the Occupant would be happy with any excuse to institute martial law, whether it be due to race wars or simultaneous mall attacks by islamic freaks. Heck, any old excuse would suit that jackass just fine.

I don’t know what will happen. I pray for peace across this land, but as the Usurper’s plans to take down this country proceed, I won’t be holding my breath. All I know is this: you couldn’t pay me enough to be in the Mall of America on September 11th. We should not live in fear but we also shouldn’t live in denial of the dangers we face in these last days. Ya’ll be careful out there.

FYI: I choose to show my utter contempt for the scourge that is islam by refusing to capitalize all words associated with it.

author: bensmomi99@gmail.com