Living in the World :: by John Lysaught

I don’t mean to sound harsh, and my language may be strong but I hate the world. I don’t like what the world has to offer me. I don’t like what the world does to me. I don’t like what the world does to others.  I know you all pretty much feel as I do.

There are those out there who are unsaved and don’t understand the suffering they endure for no good reason.  They don’t understand that the world is ruled by Satan and he uses the world and all the temptations in the world to keep them away from Christ. It frustrates me. It angers me. It just makes me mad.

I dislike Satan very much, well, okay, I hate Satan. He is evil, he is disgusting, he is vile, and he is all that is darkness. There is nothing good from Satan. Nothing is worth entertaining with him. He is the disdain of heaven and is the enemy of all of the saved.  Satan deserves hell and deserves our hate for him.

The world is tricky though. Satan has had thousands of years to refine how he gets people, keeps them away from Christ, and tries to snatch us away from our Savior.  The world offers people with so many pleasures and temptations adverse to Christ that it is second nature in our society. We are prey for him and he is trying to snare us in his traps.

The world is both bold and subtle in how they try to lead us astray from Christ.  Society is in demise. It is falling apart. It’s disheartening to see society falling apart. Society is falling at a faster rate of speed, exponentially getting worse and worse with each passing day.

Gay marriage is a bold statement by society to try to slap Christ in the face of Christian values.  This lifestyle is being shoved down our throats. If we don’t agree or follow the status quo, we are set aside on the fringe of society, looked down upon for our “hate.”

Homosexuality is put before us now in everyday life. Look at television. There are multiple shows, including children/teen shows that blatantly flaunt homosexuality as normal. It seems like the media wants kids to think it is okay, and actually encourages kids to “explore” this horrible lifestyle.

There is a new show on one of the cable stations that is about a couple that cheat on each other and explores sex with multiple partners. The commercials for it make it seem like it is okay to do this, that it is fun, exciting, and that it is normal.  I haven’t watched it, nor will I ever expose myself to such mockery to my Christian values.

Yet it is out there. The agenda of the world is there for people and children to eat it up, getting brainwashed without unsaved people even noticing.  Not only that, but Christians can fall prey to this type of “in your face” programming the media pushes out through the air.  The flaunting of homosexual lifestyles can make people question whether that lifestyle really is wrong.  By constant bombardment from media some Christians are okay with homosexuals and the lifestyles they live. This is bad.

When Christians start to sway towards accepting homosexuality, we are in trouble as a collective group. It makes those of us who value what the Bible says as hate mongers and unloving.  I don’t hate gay people. I’m charged in the Bible to love everyone and to pray for people. I just know that what they are doing is wrong and if my belief of wrong is seen as society as hate, then I’m guilty and won’t apologize for my beliefs. The Word says it is wrong. Period.

To me, we can’t seem to escape this fallen world but are trapped in it like an innocent man sent to prison. We can’t escape. We can’t leave. We can’t do anything to change the situation. This demise of society is prophesied and will spiral more out of control until we are raptured. I can’t wait for that day. In a way, I welcome the demise of society and the falling of the world because it just means we are getting closer and closer to being taken up with Jesus.

The world is full of temptations. Look at television. How many shows out there glamorize sex and portray sexuality that is free and without consequence. The women are seducing in their dress and flaunt their bodies. This makes people think that is okay to dress skimpy and sexuality is not something to cherish with a spouse.  It disgusts me and I will turn the channel or turn my eyes away from the TV when commercials come on that are selling products with sex.

Greed is another big part in the demise of our world. Money, money, money. This is what people want.  There are preachers out there that try to tell people that by faith they can be rich. They tell people they are poor because they don’t have faith in God. They tell people if they give [them] money —  tenfold will be given back to them. They try to use God for greedy desires. This is not godly behavior.  I have not found anywhere in the Bible where it says that God wants us to be wealthy.

God wants our hearts, souls, and minds.  Many people have been convinced that blessings from God should be of money or material goods. My blessings are that I have a job, can support my family within my means. Most of all, my blessings are spiritual with spiritual growth and advancement in my walk with Christ.

The world also glamorizes the abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Advertisers not only use sex to sell alcohol but you ever notice that the people in commercials are always having fun? I would like to see a commercial that shows the drunk on the street with a bottle of Mad Dog in a paper bag, throwing up with slurred speech and disheveled clothes. Nope, won’t ever see that reality of addiction in a commercial or TV show.  Drugs and alcohol are always tied to good times by society. When I was a police officer, ever single incident I was called out to involved alcohol and/or drugs in the incident I responded to.  Really, I’m serious.  But the world says it is okay.

We are surrounded by these temptations and the failing society. We have to survive though. We have to endure to the end. We must not cave into the world or the wiles it tosses at us on a daily basis.  If you are truly saved, you won’t fall for the ills of the world or be swayed by the world to accept those things contrary to what Christ taught.  We are in the middle of a battlefield. We are in the midst of evil. Be strong my fellow warriors. We will be victorious.

I’m angry at the world but feel bad for the unsaved.  There are so many out there that are blinded to the truth. They don’t see past their outstretched hands and only live day to day for pleasure and ultimate demise.  It’s no wonder we Christians have such a hard time talking to people about God. Godlessness is so ingrained into the unsaved minds that we almost need a sledge hammer to get through to them.

I question the validity of some people who call themselves Christians. I call them worldly Christians. They live in the world Monday through Saturday. Then on Sunday they are “Christians.”  They come to church to feel good about themselves. They come to get forgiveness for their actions during the week and start right over again Sunday night.  If you saw them on the street, you would never know they went to church because, again, they are worldly Christians.

Don’t get me wrong.  Genuine Christians are not perfect by far. We mess up sometimes, fall into the world and take steps backwards in our walk. We at times fall off the path. We are not worldly Christians though, because we get back up, ask for forgiveness and then get back on track with Jesus. We learn from our mistakes. We don’t repeat them day after day. We make mistakes, get convicted by the Holy Spirit for our wrong, and learn our lesson to not repeat it again.

Worldly Christians mess up and mess up and mess up, never learning from their mistakes but continue repeating them over and over again. They take two steps back and stand there, waiting for the next Sunday so they can feel good about themselves and then go home and start messing up again.

These worldly Christians give real Christians a bad name. I would say that there are a lot a people out there that say they are Christian because they go to church sometimes, maybe Christmas and Easter. They say they believe in a god, but it isn’t the God I believe in. They want their cake and want to eat it too.

They want to have the benefits of salvation but want to enjoy the sins of the world, too. They think that as long as they are good people, believe in God, and are not affiliated with other religions then by default they are Christians. Wrong! And it makes me angry.

True Christians don’t fall for the world. They know they are in a godless society and live around godless people. True Christian recognize the situation they are in: surrounded by evil. They are always looking up, not around for the next feel good thing fad. If you are a Christian, you should feel uncomfortable in this world because it is not where we belong.

I get more and more uncomfortable in this world as I see it going down the drain into the sewer. I see more demise of the world as I gain knowledge of Christ and His teachings. I am able to better see evil and avoid evil things in this world as my walk with Christ moves forward. I can discern better what is right and wrong through the eyes of Christ.

Where do you stand? Are you a worldly Christian or a real Christian? Do you love the world more than you love Christ? Do you seek out pleasures first and before seeking Christ? Do you skip your Bible study to watch that football game on Sundays?  Where do you fit in? With God or the world?

If you are the latter, then it is time for you to reevaluate your standing with your faith. You need to reorganize your priorities and get in line with Christ. Go back in your mind to when you were first saved. The zeal you had, the love you had for Christ. The desire to do His will. Get reenergized again. Pull yourself out of the world and get back with Christ again.

If you are the former and fit in with God, great! Then you know and are assured where you are going when the rapture occurs. You are defeating the world one battle at a time.  You are staying on the path of salvation and are not swayed by the world to bend in your faith.

The world is a horrible place to live right now.  It is full of evil. It is Satan’s playground and base of operations to keep people from Christ and to try to yank us from our faith in God.  I hate the world and I hate Satan. You should too. Take heart though, that Christ conquered the world and will come back soon to take us away leaving those unsaved to fend for themselves.

We can survive and not be swayed by the demise of society or the messages spewed out by the media to try to change us from where we stand on the Rock of our faith. Stay strong in your faith and we will overcome. God bless you all.