Deception vs Truth :: by Robert Campbell

It seems like we just can’t get to the truth anymore. Truth is now presented in many flavors, like ice cream, and you get to choose which flavor suits you best. You turn to your favorite news channel and they present the truth in a narrative that supports their agenda. And most viewers will believe it no matter what. We will take what they say and go with it, even if it’s not the whole truth. I really believe that Satan has pulled the wool over most folk’s eyes, including so-called Christians.

As I turn from one news broadcast to another and search the web, it’s now becoming more difficult to know what absolute truth is and what is actually going on around the world. Who do you trust—who can you sincerely believe is telling you the truth?

One thing I know for certain is that Jesus will give you warnings and the wisdom to discern the truth if you ask Him to. How do I know this? I know this because I’m saved, and God has allowed me to see the truth as it is; not as Satan would want me to see it.

Shall we test it? Let’s look at the travesty happening in Ferguson, Missouri. What really happened in that city where you have an officer of the law telling some individuals to get out of the middle of the street? Are we to believe that the officer decided to shoot an individual six times just because he was black? Should we believe that officer was looking for a fight just so that he could shoot an unarmed man?

When I first heard of the incident, all the reports stated that a white cop shot an unarmed black man who was holding his arms in the air in surrender. They also showed Michael Brown looking innocent, cuddly, and harmless (couldn’t hurt a fly). It took no time for the mind numb robots (the blacks) to come out to protest. They began to loot, rob, steal, destroy property, and cause harm. It was like watching the living dead go after whomever got in their way. It was pure evil! As you were listening to the reports, it seems that a cop did indeed shoot a man down. But that’s not the whole story. What we’ve been shown is all smoke and mirrors, folks.

To really know what went on, you would have to be a saved child of God. You must also remember that God is not mocked. God exposed what kind of individual we were dealing with. He showed us in plain sight; the person shot was not of good character, but a thug robbing a store and pushing around his weight as if he owned the world.

It was not the police that leaked the videotape to the media, it was God who leaked it. God showed you the truth right to your face, to prove to the world that even if you see the truth precisely in front of you, it’s likely to be rejected if it doesn’t conform to your preconceived ideas.

I used simple logic and knew right away what went down. I knew we were dealing with another angry black man who hates white people. And the police were going to be wrong no matter what. Even though the truth was right in front of the citizens, they were going to protest and rant evil things. And to fuel the fire, the race hustlers came to town right on time, without skipping a beat. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and all the evil talking heads, including godless attorneys and the media.

Without knowing all the facts, they came up with a verdict: Guilty. Everyone, including the governor and the mayor wanted a quick verdict, just to appease an evil, godless crowd. The media emphasized that he was unarmed and shot six times, leaving out important context.

As I have said, you would have to be in the spirit of God to justly see the truth, and to understand what is really going on. What is going on in Ferguson is evil from start to finish. And the real truth means nothing to godless folks.

They are not concerned that Officer Darren Wilson was assaulted and nearly knocked unconscious doing his job. The living dead are not concerned that the thug Michael Brown was an evil man, even when God showed him in full living color for what he truly was.

This is how Satan works. He uses whomever he chooses to get his agenda accomplished, and he is doing a good job. The lie is so huge that when this case go to trial (if it does), you will be amazed at the evil that will be used in attempt to put an innocent man in jail.

Black people and whites alike are being used to get the bigger picture done for Satan. He knows that angry folks do not see truth, and that he can control them with ease, and he understands that lies and tricks will keep you in bondage.

While the nation is focused on Ferguson, Satan is slaughtering Christians and Jews in the Middle East and Africa. ISIS is moving at a rapid pace while we worry about a thug in Missouri. ISIS is beheading children, women, and men and destroying everything in their path!

A hard-working American journalist was beheaded and shown to the world. We witnessed in disgust what ISIS thinks of Americans, Christians, and Jews. We also see what the president really thinks about America. Only a cold-hearted man would go play golf after making a statement on such a horrendous act of violence.

It does not take a brain surgeon to see what our president is doing. As I said, you have to be a child of God to see the truth. God is not mocked. The president is solely responsible for the actions in the Middle East and Ferguson, Missouri. The president interjected his voice in Missouri, just to fan the racial flames and he sent Eric Holder to keep the fire going. He tried to put what was happening in the Middle East on the back burner.

However, God put it back in the forefront. God will not allow evil to stay hidden. He will always show you the truth and warn you. But truth has no meaning to godless people. What we see here is good being called evil, and evil being called good. Good is looked at as old-fashioned, and truth is whatever you want it to be.

One does not have to be spiritual to see that there is something wrong with the planet and that strange things are occurring as never before seen. Questions are being asked, and preachers are not answering. Pastors are asking for peace and calm as if that will ease the violence. They had their chance when they had the sheep in their fold.

Here at home what you see is moral decay in black people. You see a race of folks (not all, but most) without any good in them; it’s almost like looking at a people cursed. But it’s not just black folks in Ferguson. It’s happening all over America. Truth is not what it appears. If you listen to the media and the cronies, you would think that America is against black people. If you listen to the black people, you’d think that white folks are born racist.

In reality, what you have is children, born of children, born of children. Fatherless children raising fatherless children. So what are the results? America has grown men and women without any moral fiber; they have no understanding of right and wrong.

The world they grew up in consisted of going from home to home, living with brothers and sisters from different fathers. That existence is normal to them. Seeing different men in mom’s life is normal; alcohol and drugs were common, cussing was the native language, vulgar rap music was a second form of speech, and sex and violence was all that was ingested from television.

If that was not enough, some were dragged to church to learn how NOT to forgive your fellow man! To be constantly reminded of slavery, to hate your country, and to demand to be called Afro-Americans.

We as black people missed a wonderful opportunity to take what God did for us when He brought us here to America (not all, but most). Instead, we listened to lying preachers and race hustlers and folks still living in the past.

Afro-Americans (black Americans) have become a very angry, racist people. Satan is using all godless people to do his bidding; to get what he really wants done, which is the destruction of Jews and Christians. Satan hates Jews and Christians so much that he will go to any length to destroy them. He hates them because Jesus came through the Jews, and he hates Christians because we became His namesake.

As I said, God is not mocked and He is in control. God is weeding out His people as I write this article. God will be judging America and the world soon. God will get your attention too.

I say this to blacks (not all, but most), whites and all other folks: You need to turn back to God, ask for forgiveness and repent of your sins. You need to say to God that you’re sorry for turning your back on Him.

Remember. All that you see is smoke and mirrors and truth is not what it seems. You have to be in line with God to see and understand. Time is so very short, and Jesus is making final preparations for us in Heaven. When He returns we need to be ready!

And one last note—we need to constantly pray for Israel and all the Christians that are dying for His sake.