The Place of No Escape and No More Chances :: by Don McReynolds

The question of hell and its setting has puzzled me for quite some time. Furthermore it has been this exact threat from God that has released me from its grasp. My mind pre-Christ Jesus was a mind of self-deception toward accountability of my sin, with an undertone of guilt and fear of realizing justice must be served.

My interaction with this place was the beacon in which that I pursued personal accountability to this God, yet my self-deception was so deep it took one further action for God to solidify my need for Him. In full investigation of Man’s inability to ignore the flesh it becomes apparent for some that the reality of hell may require another action to awaken the lost.

This other act is Holy Spirit driven in my assumption based on my personal walk with the Creator of the stars. It’s God’s fine tuning in developing a true Christ disciple, although what I want to pursue is the mystery of God’s justice not the personal tug from the Almighty.

In my long study of what hell must look like I came across two teachings that seemed to click in its definition. What one must first grasp before painting a picture of what is experienced is Man’s actual senses visualized in its mind’s eye. I think with a true pursuit of understanding hell, the mind must first consider what its senses allow in the present to absorb. Then how they will be used in the form of punishment in the place of no more chances.

I found a video on the Internet explaining the exact hopelessness of hell. The video was of a pastor portraying the removal of a demon from a young girl. This video included only the conversation that took place but represented in words, the interminable condition of lost hope.

The discussion is between a pastor and a demonic entity who knows it’s going to hell and throughout the confrontation, the mind is allowed to see what a being with no hope will do. The tears and sadness are expressed in words of this creature who explains its burning destination as it clings to this young girl for refuge as to hide from the torment of God’s burning fire in judgment.

I could picture hands hanging on a cliff as it was inevitably going to fall, then grabbing a bystander to hold itself above death for just one more second. The hopelessness throbbed out of this being of damnation because in its desperateness it pulled others down so it could scavenge a finite patch of fresh air.

This video may be a hoax or the exact lyrics of the enemies elect, but one thing it does express is the pure horror of the one who must endure the wrath of God.

These ideas I did not completely realize on my own but came to through constant research of the reality that is hell. Now in Scripture the Lord continually warned of certain ideas that hell consisted of.  Let’s pinpoint God’s major ideas. God explained that hell was created for punishment for the devil and his angels. The Lord then explained it was enlarged for man also to receive his due punishment.

God makes it very clear that hell is a place of eternal punishment. God never exclaimed it as a place of reform or non-existence, but the exact representation of vengeance of sin. God never sugarcoats His justice that must be served, but explains with great detail the ideas the senses will collect upon receiving its destination of hell.

The most obvious of words our Lord explains is the fire of hell and its unquenchable state. The Son of Man also points at the bottomless pit that is also hell. God never hides the fact that hell equals no hope or second chances. Lastly, King Jesus wants us to understand that hell does not compute the word: rest.

When all of these pieces of pain are integrated together, one has a very distinctive picture of pure uncut pain that the fallen must endure forever.  I will attempt this combination, but all I can do is interpret what the Word of God has allowed through the simple mind of Man.

What I picture is a circular planet that has a hole driven from one side to the next. This planet has gravity that forces itself to the center of its core. What then occurs is a lost soul is dropped inside this bottomless pit to its core in a suspended state. Now the implications of being so deep and engulfed in flames and smoke points at the complete darkness of hell and its non-existence of light. The fallen then begin to understand that they have no ability to ever rest from suffering.

The lost realize they have no hope of ever being excused from this punishment based on God’s Great White Throne Judgment (when afterward they are ushered to the lake of fire.) The mental torture of no hope and no rest coupled with the eternal consciousness of regrets of a failed past and a failed future without our loving Savior Christ is overwhelming. The idea of being stuck in constant dialogue with oneself to ponder eternity and the complete failure of not having asked for forgiveness and accepting Christ will be a weight just too much to bare. The mind will experience true insanity because every possible point of torment will be realized.

The entire idea of a furious God who is directing his vengeance upon the fallen is horrific. Then the reality of real fear is understood. The Designer of the Milky Way galaxy and all its glory, the architect of molecular biology and Creator of music itself—sets up a design of pure wrath molded to articulate the exact expression of justice is absolutely frightening.

There is nothing more fearful then looking into the eyes of an angry Christ Jesus who is pointing at you to accept hell as your eternity. The futility and stupidity of worldly emotion disintegrates in the everlasting of God’s furnace of fire.

One thing I have learned about Jesus is that He is not concerned about how I feel. Moreover, Jesus’ concern is on my salvation state.  A person on this side of existence in a state of finite suffering has a way of motivating truth and purpose unmatched by any other existence. This is why Jesus allows these worldly trials in life, because it pushes the soul to reach for answers and truth. The mind demands purpose when tears and suffering are the daily chore.

All it takes for the infinite fall is for a person to be distracted long enough to die without Jesus. The insinuations of this description of hell should rock the very foundations of your soul, yet God has to couple the tears and sorrow of life to truly wake-up His children.

God loves you so much He challenges you in the days of time. God fine tunes the peculiar people who say, yes to a God who says no, to a present comfort. I know that hell is real, but I don’t know if hell is what I just described.

Please examine yourself to consider your status before the One who searches the hearts and minds.  Put yourself in check through self-discipline and persevere this fight of faith.  Lastly how can you consider yourself saved if you have no desire to read the Word of God?  The Bible is God speaking to His creation it’s your personal responsibility to make sure your individual salvation is collected.

Scripture references:

Matthew 5:22; 13:42; 18:8; 25: 30, 41, 46; Luke 8:31; 2 Peter 2:4, 17 ; Jude 1:7, 13; Revelation 9:1-11; 17:8; 14:11; 20:1-3.

Don McReynolds