Finding Biblical Truth – The Bible vs. the Newspaper :: by Chris Schang

The study of Bible prophecy is a very spiritually rewarding and satisfying pursuit for the student of the Bible who chooses to take the time to learn more about God’s Word to mankind. God has given us Bible prophecy so that we can see from the fulfillments of Bible prophecy, both past and present, that the Bible is God’s Word to mankind. The Bible tells us:

John 14:29: “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.”


Isaiah 42:9: “Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

Here we see from these verses in the Scriptures that God tells us things before they happen, so that we might believe in His Word. This is the primary way that God validates and authenticates himself to mankind.

The Return of the Golden Calf

Unfortunately in today’s Bible prophecy community, it appears that some people have abandoned the Word of God and instead have made idols (read golden calf) out of the latest newspapers. Yes, that is right. They have made idols out of the newspapers. They worship the latest newspaper headlines over the Holy Scriptures themselves. These people have replaced the Word of God as the sole authority of truth and instead have embraced the newspaper as the truth in the world. They have rejected the truth of God in the Bible and instead replaced it with the so- called “truth” found in newspapers.

Bible prophecy is basically the future told before it happens. Newspapers are essentially the past told, after it happens. Newspaper editors regularly correct themselves when they report the wrong information. The Bible on the other hand has never been corrected, as it is the eternal truth of God.

Looking for Trouble

Today, the “newspaper exegesis” going on in the Bible prophecy community is mind-boggling. There is no shortage of this “newspaper exegesis” theology ranging from such topics as a coming “collapse” of America to the so-called “Islamic” Antichrist theory. Neither of these theories have any merit to them, but that doesn’t stop these people from fleecing the sheep by promoting these things.

For as long as I can remember there have been individuals who have predicted a “collapse” of America. The truth is that here we are years and years after the fact and there has been no collapse. True biblical teaching shows that when the coming seven-year Tribulation happens suddenly, that the Bible says people will be “drinking and giving in marriage” when sudden destruction comes. This does not sound like a depression type environment to me. It is the same thing with those who “cry wolf” with every conspiracy theory in the world. Sanity and reasoning is thrown out the window, paranoia and delusions end up ruling the day with these people. I personally believe that if there is a “collapse” of America it will be because the rapture of the church caused it as millions of Americans suddenly vanish in a twinkling of the eye.

These troubling teachers are the same individuals who dwell in fear, uncertainty, and doom. They feed on a “survivalist” mentality that causes them to rely on themselves rather than God. This my friends, is making an idol out of oneself, as the true source of salvation is found in the Lord, not of ourselves. This is showing no faith in the God these people profess to believe in. If they can’t believe the promises of God regarding our needs being met in the Bible, then how do they believe in the promises of salvation? Are they going to start doubting these things next? The truth is that many of these so called teachers have lost the faith, yet they still hang around with the sheep and pretend to fit.

Trusting God and His Promises

No matter how hard or how much these unbelieving people prep, they will not be prepared for nor will they survive the coming wrath of God that is coming upon the earth to punish unbelieving Israel and unrepentant sinners. This time is often referred to as the “time of Jacob’s trouble.” It is a time so bad that the Bible says that if the Lord did not return to put an end to it that no flesh would be left. No amount of knowledge on how to skin a deer or make your own soap is going to help with that.

Fortunately, believers in the completed work of the Lord Jesus Christ do not need to worry about this and will not be here to see the coming wrath as we are promised to be spared from the “time and place” of God’s wrath.

Some of today’s Bible prophecy teachers have lost faith in the Bible and in God’s promises to His people. This is a sad development that shows the further watering down of God’s Word as well as a watering down of the truth found in the scriptures.

These teachers have put more weight and substance in the secular newspapers than in God’s Word. While it is easy to see how today’s newspaper headlines leave many people aghast at the events that are starting to unfold on earth, there is no need to discard God’s Word for the latest newspaper and to embrace flawed theology. God’s Word is eternal, the latest newspapers are not.

Doctrines of Demons

Many of these ‘confused” teachers have other questionable Bible prophecy doctrines. One such teacher believes things like the coming Antichrist and the coming False Prophet are one and the same person when the Bible makes it clear that they are two separate people. Another teacher has come to doubt God’s promise to the church to save it from the coming wrath, thus denying the Pre-Trib Rapture of the church. And yet another teacher promotes his book for profit to perpetuate a bankrupt “Islamic Antichrist” theory.

As a result, they have abandoned the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church and given up on the promises of God. These teachers claim that we must “submit” to the newspapers, which makes them nothing more than theological “dhimmis” in the world of Bible prophecy as they cater to newspaper headlines. There is no truth in their teachings and as a result they are burying their talent in the ground and will have nothing to show to the Lord. How will they look when they stand before Him and explain why they didn’t take His Word as the truth? They will find themselves in the terrible predicament of having to explain why they put more faith in the newspapers than in His Word.

Another sad story happened when a particular teacher showed his true faith in God, which wasn’t much, by moving himself and his family to another country instead of standing firm on the many promises found in the Bible. The Bible tells us that God provides for all the needs of the birds, so how much more will he provide for us? Today, God’s Word is being replaced by newspapers and the latest “prepper” magazines found in the mail.

Standing on God’s Word

The correct way to determine Bible prophecy theology is to develop that theology from the scriptures and what God says about the future. Absolute careful consideration should be given to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as well as to take in consideration of any important historical facts. After all, the Bible tells us that prophecy is not of private interpretation and that certainly means it is not to be found from questionable teachers reading the latest newspaper.

Today, the Great Commission is being replaced by the “save your rear and head to the hills” philosophy. At this time in human history we need workers in the fields to reap the harvests, we do not need “doubting Thomas” type of folks who run at the first sound of trouble. We need true “men of God” who teach sound doctrines and refrain from “newspaper theology.”

It is my hope that people will seek out the truth that can only be found in the Bible. God spoke to us using his prophets of old to give us timeless information and we would do well to listen to Him and him only. I call on people to reject the “newspaper prophets” of today and embrace teachers who stick to the Word of God. May you all be blessed as we await the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in these last days.

God bless.