The Issue of My Opinion on Christian Rock :: by Vernon Gray

The original intended title for this article was: “ If Music Be the Food of Love…Prepare for Indigestion. “ Due to the responses to the first two articles on Christian Rock, I feel that it would be appropriate to fill in a few gaps and answer the many questions asked. The articles obviously struck a “chord” if you will pardon the pun.

Personal Testimony
I was breast fed on Rock and Roll. I grew up with hippies and learned from a young age to appreciate rhythm and beat. I played guitar in a rock band at school and my love for music extends to many genres. I just looked at my music library and my ITunes and I have in excess of 88GB of music that I like. None of this includes Jazz, Classics or Opera simply because these are genres I have never developed a taste for.

I am somewhat of a Rock and Roll guru (pardon the term) in that I know the history of many groups and individuals in the world of Popular music and Rock and Roll. After I became a Christian I recognized that some of the music I had was not honouring to my King. Examples of this are: “Sympathy for the Devil “ by the Rolling Stones; “Spanish Train”  by Chris de Burgh: and several others. I loved Elton John’s work. Then, a few years ago Elton John said that Jesus was gay. I took ALL his material and destroyed it. I did it to make a statement to the principalities and powers out there that I will make a personal stand on certain issues.

NOW…must you do the same? Certainly not! I did it as a personal act of worship between myself and God. This is not something I would expect you to do simply because I did it. I remain comfortable with my decision to never again buy any of Elton John’s material. I deprived myself of the soulish pleasure of his music in order to take a personal stand for righteousness, as I understand it.

Many people burned their Beatles albums because John Lennon said that they were more popular than Jesus. I did not. Not because I agreed with his idiotic comparison, but because I accepted that he was an unsaved man living in deep darkness. He was a man who was deluded into thinking that his philosophical view was correct.

The Issues
Some of you have written and quoted many Scriptures about the use of musical instruments to be used to worship God.


The point of the article was to get you to evaluate your position in Christ, NOT to stop you from being a musician or have an appreciation for music. Whether you use an iPod, play the guitar or a triangle in a band is irrelevant.

What is relevant however is whether you are doing this from the flesh to please your natural man or whether you are doing it in the spirit as unto God. If walking in the Spirit makes me a fuddy duddy, then so be it. I am willing to relinquish any earthly pleasure for a better eternal inheritance.

The goal of the article was to get my brethren to prepare as for a wedding; to prepare for the Bema seat of Christ. If what you are doing is wood, hay and stubble, you will suffer loss. You will suffer loss of rewards if you are playing church and conning yourself that what you do is for God because your heart is genuine. Just because one “feels” sincere is no guarantee that your “feelings “line-up with the Word of God.

Saul felt that he was doing the right thing when he saved King Agag and all the best sheep and oxen when God told him to destroy them all. Listen carefully; do you hear the bleating of sheep? If so, please; please get your life ready for the great event about to overtake us.

This is not a criticism. This is a plea from my aching heart that you be not deceived by the enemy; that you do not defend the indefensible; that you make a decision to take a hard look at Christian Rock Music. Let it not be said of like the lady in Hamlet “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

What rewards? I do not know or pretend to know; but I care enough about you, dear brethren to become a whipping post if necessary because we live in perilous times and deception (even self-deception) is rampant in our age. God wanted blood, but Cain decided to worship God with his “Fruit and Veg” religion. We all know where that got him. I want you to receive gold, silver and precious stones when we all stand to account for our deeds done in the flesh this side of heaven. TRUST ME I AM YOUR SIDE.

Only you know in your heart if what you do is of the flesh or of the Spirit. Seven times the Scripture says “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” It does not say, “Make a joyful noise unto the flesh.” Ask Cain about that one.

The bottom line is this: I cannot tell you how to live your Christian life; not even the Holy Spirit will tell you what to do. BUT if you are convicted of any wrong doing, take notice and make it right before God. Please do not justify your position if you know it is suspect.

The heart is deceitful above all things and is desperately wicked. The flesh wants to be in control even if it means being religious.

Lucifer was created with musical instruments within him. If there is ever a worship leader that knows music and the effects of music on mortal man it has to be Satan. It is no accident that he has hijacked the music industry to extend his influence. I hope that the above puts more perspective on the issue of Christian Rock.

Your Brother in Christ,