It Should Be Obvious Now :: by Robert Campbell

Well, fellow Christians, it should be obvious now on where our president stands. It should be obvious now that he is not a Christian. In fact you should have known that from the beginning, when he first started running for office. Even when I was not saved, I knew that Barrack Hussein Obama was not a good man—that he represented evil.

But of course I was into my own sin and wanted to believe that I could go on with my sinful nature and believe I was a good guy. I wanted to believe I could continue getting high, and doing all the other things that come with sin, and I that I would still be all right. Yes, I would go around and think I was safe, just because I saw him (Barrack Obama), and other folks doing evil on a daily basis.

You see, I bought into the lie that I could do both and still believe I was a Christian. After all, I was taught that all I had to do is ask God for forgiveness, and all would be okay. It was like having a “Free Get Out of Jail” card. When I committed a sin, all I had to do was show the card, then I was automatically forgiven.

The problem with that is what if you forget to show the card before you die, or the Rapture occurs? What then?

No, folks I bought into the lie that you could continue to sin and be safe: You could go on with sin and have nothing to worry about. All God did was forgive me for this and forgive me for that. I would test God. I would sin and not present the card, thinking I was fast enough or quick enough to do it before I die.

Folks, I’m here to tell you that I was wrong on a very high level. I was so wrong that I often wonder  in retrospect why God put up with me.

As I got older, I began to see that there was a problem with that logic. I was taking a chance on my salvation; gambling so to speak. How can you sin, then be forgiven, sin, then be forgiven, sin, and be forgiven? Yes, I know that Jesus died on the cross and took our sins onto Himself.  But I’m pretty sure he did not die for our sins for us to continue on with our wrong doing. It would seem like He died for nothing.

Why am I saying all this? Because now that God has saved me, I realize how wrong I was thinking I could go on with sin. That’s not how I feel now. I have no desire to commit sin. It’s as if God has my back now. I see sin coming; then I go the other way. I now go looking to do the right thing in life with Jesus as a sounding board.

So I believe that once God saves you it would be real hard to go out and commit sin (on purpose that is). I believe If I go back to getting high, that means to me that God did not save me. That means when I got on my knees and asked God to take away my sinful nature, that He really could not get the job done. (I, of course was wrong.) God did save me. Because now I hate sin on all levels. And after He saved me God gave me the strength to speak out against it.

Which brings me to my point on Barrack Obama. Now that I can see more clearly, I believe Obama is a servant of Satan. Obama’s actions verify that he is not a the things that he does, do and say, represent God or Satan?

I’m just using simple logic. If you look carefully at his actions, from the beginning, it was all to cater to the Muslims. His job from the beginning was to bring this country to its knees, to weaken it from within. He wasted no time in reversing the embryonic stem cell research that President Bush put into place. He wasted no time in apologizing to the Muslim world that we were at fault (when we are not).

He is pro-choice where men have no say if a women, hopefully married, keeps their baby or not (an attack on masculinity). He is for late term abortion. He is for babies born by mistake thru abortion allowing them to die without any medical attention. He is for gay rights. He is for same sex marriage.

Obama hates America and wants to destroy every aspect of our nation.

Obama hates the Jews.

In fact he wanted the Jews to go back to 1967 borders. Obama wants the Jews to stop building on land that God clearly says belongs to them. He is pro-Palestinian. The president is a socialist. Obamacare is nothing more than a way to take control over the people. It should be apparent that Obama is not a Christian. It should also be apparent that if you support him, you should question your Christianity. It should be clear that everything he does, is, in reality—against God. He hates good and loves evil.

How is it possible that as a Christian you can say this man is good?

Why can professing Christians support him?

Why is the church being silent knowing that he is destroying this country?

The infrastructure has now been taken over by evil men, under the control of an evil president, and masterminded by Satan. You should see now that the president on a daily basis does whatever he wants to do, and mostly that is to further his socialist agenda. He uses his executive orders ( illegally that is ) to get his agenda done, and no one is stopping him.

And now he is flooding America with illegal aliens (children, men and women) to further dilute this country. It is not by accident that he is flooding Arizona with children, after all that is where Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer reside. You do remember the governor wagging her finger in his face to show her disapproval. It was all about her tough actions on illegal immigrants, and look at what he doing now by making her state a dumping ground.

And we all know about Sheriff Joe, just a good godly man with strength and courage. And make no mistake about it, the president will give illegal immigrants amnesty. Just another way to get him and his cronies more votes and more power.

This president traded five of the worst Taliban prisoners for one soldier. When have we ever done that? Never. And look at the trade. From what I’m hearing, and it will come out, this guy was not worth it. I absolutely love the armed forces, and of course we should try and get them back, but we all know the rules. If we start trading the enemy for our soldiers, aren’t we just playing a game, playing into their evilness?

Our president has shown over and over again, that he supports his father the devil.

As Christians need to see and believe this. We need to finally take notice that this man is doing what the Jesus said would come in the last of days. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he is fooling a lot of folks out there. He is absolutely showing his true colors, but we won’t believe.

He is almost complete in his deception. What else is left? God’s return is what’s left. His return for His people–His church. His soon coming is right upon us. We Christians need to be vigilant and continue to warn folks of what is to happen. It should be clear now as to what God said would happen is happening.

It’s not going to happen in the future, it’s happening while I’m writing this article–right now, in the present. It’s happening while you are watching your favorite nothing TV show–your favorite nothing sports channel–your favorite useless reality show; Satan is having his way.

What a shame that we did not see this coming earlier; that the church did not teach us and train us. But if you open your eyes now and look, and pray; God will show you what is going on right in front of you.

God is trying to get your attention. What more does the president have to do to get you to see what evil looks like? I’m praying that all so-called ministers and preachers and Christians get back to the basics and start warning folks of what is to take place.

There are many that are fighting the fight and walking the walk. I believe we can slow down the onslaught of evil, and that we get more people on board to the truth. America, in my feeble mind, is not coming back to its once great glory—its dying.

The only hope now is Jesus. He is the one to turn for our salvation. He is the one all along that we should have been looking at. I see evil now right in front of me, and I’m saddened that so many people, even many Christians are not seeing what I see. They love Obama and some actually think he was called by God.

The Bible was correct in saying that a lot of folks would be deceived; how true, how very true. My fight is harder than I first thought and I see now that only a few will see. I will continue to speak out wherever God wants me to.

We still have work to do my fellow Christians. We cannot stop now. God has given us eyes to see and ears to hear. We have no choice now but to warn those who want to know the truth.

Robert Campbell