Sounding the Alarm :: By Robert Campbell

Hello Rapture Ready audience. This is my first time attempting to write such an article. I feel that there is a need out there in my people, and a need in whosoever wants to hear. I’m a black American, not an Afro American—but a born in America, raised in America black man who loves his country.

I will be honest with you; I was not a true Christian in the way I should have been, not totally submitting to Jesus.In fact, it is just recently that I finally got it. I always had one foot in sin, claiming to be Christian.

What do I mean by one foot in sin?

I mean I was into drugs, porn, and doing things in secret, thinking I was hiding it from God; showing folks how saved I was. In reality, I was a fake, a liar, and yes, folks, an adulterer (not to mention all the things that go with sinning).

Why am I saying such things about my personal life? Because God had a plan for me even though I was wounding His heart; I was serving too many gods—serving Satan instead, thinking I could serve both God and the devil.

I have been married for 34 years, and have three grown children, all claiming to be saved.So thankfully, I’m not worried about their salvation. I knew, however, that I had a problem with my own relationship with the Lord.

My drug addiction had gotten over the top and was causing major problems. But I kept thinking I could serve both God and continue my drug addiction.

Something was burning in me that said I needed to get with the true and living God. But, I knew to do that I had to trust Him totally. I had to give-up everything, and I mean everything from drugs to anything that goes with sinning.

Churches were not going to do it. Counseling was not going to get it. Nothing short of God was going to be the answer to my sin-problem.

It happened the very day Obama went on TV and said that pot was all right to smoke, literally giving a go-ahead sign for all—young and old—to get high. That was the moment I knew it was time to give up everything. I got on my knees and asked God for forgiveness, for everything that I had done to Him. I let go of everything, and I mean everything. I wanted to be free of the desire for sin in every way. I wanted to be free of everything that is wrong in the eyes of the Lord.

I wanted no more crutches. I wanted to be in the world but not of the world. And God did just that. He freed me from my addiction to sin. I’m amazed at what He has done for me. I’m not afraid to tell folks about Jesus, and that His return is near. I believe we are in overtime, in fact.

God has always given me the wisdom to see things around me. I stopped being a Democrat six months before Clinton became president, and became a black conservative Republican.

I always loved Bible prophecy and studied it at every given opportunity. But, as I said, I had one foot in sin and the other on God. I could not serve both. As I saw the world around me falling apart at the seams, and an evil man in office, I could see all those things around me. But I was not totally trusting God. He was not all I was looking at.

Now He is the only One I’m looking at. I pray three times a day, study the Bible, and tell folks of the danger that lies ahead. I can see clearly now what is to happen.

My people, the black people of America, do not get it—because they are keeping their eyes on the wrong god, and not the God of the universe, the One that can save them. They are following the wrong god, the god of evil, like I was for so long.

My job, as I can see is to sound the alarm. I have wasted too many years running from God, and now that He has truly, for the first time in my life saved me, I’m going to do whatever it takes to wake-up all the people that want to hear the real truth.

As I said, I’m a black man and I see my black people in America leading the way in hatred for the white man, abortion, lawlessness, racism, supporting an evil man in office, black on black violence, turning a blind eye to the sinfulness of homosexuality, and allowing it to go forth, etc.

I’m so saddened that they don’t realize that God brought them to America to be free. They don’t realize that they have, and can do, whatsoever their desires are. I couldn’t care less that we came here under the boat.The fact is we came and were freed.

God has blessed this country beyond measure, and now we have turned our backs on Him. The things we are seeing in America today prove it; like, super bad weather, gay rights, earthquakes, mudslides, returning diseases, famine, floods, drought, and leaders of our once great country leading us away from God.

God is judging this planet as we speak, and His return is upon us. I’m sounding the alarm because I feel in my spirit that He is telling me to do so in the best way I can. After all, I had the nerve to write to Rapture Ready. Only through God could I have done so.

Thank you… Robert Campbell