Exposing Noah :: By Donna Wasson

Aww, ain’t it sweet when the godless heathen try to make nice and assure Christians that they respect our belief in God and His Word? Unfortunately, they never can quite seem to pull it off. I honestly think they view us as stupid. I really do! Methinks they are projecting.

Take the example of this new $135 million “blockbuster” epic movie that just hit the theaters, Noah. The avowed atheist director, Darren Aronofsky wrote a disclaimer which states:

“The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The Biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

Hmm. The filmmakers must believe in the Tooth Fairy also because from what I’ve read about what’s in this claptrap of a movie, “truth, values and integrity” are in short supply! The entertainment industry states they’re trying to woo Christians, but this movie is actually a VERY clever ploy to mislead the un-churched population of sheeple into believing things about God, Christianity and Judaism that simply aren’t true. Let me give you some examples. Prepare for a spike in your blood pressure. *deep breath*

First, the evolutionist agenda of the film is thrown in your face by showing a montage of monkeys and apes, leading up to Adam and Eve. Gee. Who would have seen THAT coming? However, the main gist of the story is steeped in rabid environmentalism. Mankind sinned against the creator, A/K/A ‘earth,’ by cutting down trees to build dwellings, using wood to build fires to keep warm, strip mining, eating meat, and picking dainty little flowers.

No, I’m not kidding. Noah gets stoned on hallucinogens and thinks he hears the creator tell him man and beast will be destroyed because man has abused the earth, therefore he needs to build an ark and save some of the poor, pitiful animals. I didn’t realize God was a tree-hugger. There is NO mention of man’s depravity, idolatry, violence, evil, or the genetic pollution of the Nephilim, as the reason for the flood.

Some of those things are depicted by people ripping animals apart to eat while they’re still alive, worshipping a golden calf and general violence, selfishness and mayhem. But that’s not why the creator is disgusted with or judging mankind. No, it’s because man abused Mother Earth. Noah severely chastises his young son for picking a flower just because it’s pretty, and he kills two people to save an injured animal.

According to Breitbart’s review of the movie, “In ‘Noah’ there is one man who does judge others for being covetous, lustful and some other legitimate sins, but it’s not God. It’s Noah. And Noah does not see these qualities in the humanity God will wipe out; he only sees them in his own family—the very family God has chosen to survive because of their righteousness.”

“And Noah is portrayed as a dangerous, religious extremist for judging others in this way. It is at this point that he goes off the deep end in a fit of self-righteousness that ends with a promise to murder his own newborn granddaughters.”

This movie is nothing more than anti-God and anti-Christian propaganda, serving to continue to further the lie that Christians who are God fearing, Bible believers are dangerous terrorists who are intolerant and violent. The Illuminati shills in Hollywood are doing the bidding of their masters very well.

Our wonder Creator, Almighty God is portrayed as an evil, vengeful, hateful being, which makes those of us who love and serve Him the same due to association. In reality, it’s the irrational Hollywood mouth foaming, environmental, climate change, ‘don’t-confuse-me-with-facts,-my-mind-is-made-up freaks,’ who are evil, vengeful and hateful.

Please, do NOT participate in this farce by buying overpriced tickets to this intestinal swill. Don’t waste your money, and by all means tell your friends not to waste theirs either! Let’s send the antagonistic, atheistic, mocking Hollywood players a very strong message: You mock us and our God, we’ll hit what you worship—your pocketbook!

author: bensmomi99@gmail.com