Showdown :: by Daymond Duck

Someone once said a showdown is a confrontation that is intended to settle a dispute. It is a moment of truth that usually comes at the end of a problem that two or more sides are unable to settle.

In 1948, Israel became a nation despite great opposition. The Arabs refused to accept the existence of Israel and they immediately launched an attack “to push the Jews into the sea.” But God’s Word says that He would put Israel back on the Promised Land at the end of the age to stay and the Arab’s failed miserably (Amos 9:15).

Ever since that war in 1948, politicians have been searching for a diplomatic solution to the Arab-Israeli controversy over Israel, but they can’t find one. The real problem is Satan’s desire to destroy Israel (Rev.12:12-17). The Arabs and their political allies are just tools in his evil hands.

Starting in the Garden of Eden Satan tried to prevent the First Coming of Jesus (the Seed of Woman), but Satan lost when Jesus died on the cross. Since the cross, Satan has done everything he can to destroy Israel because the Bible says Jesus will come back to Israel and Satan doesn’t want that to happen (Zech. 14:4).

Satan doesn’t want to be bound and chained for 1,000 years; he doesn’t want to be cast into the Bottomless Pit or for Jesus to be worshipped, or for the Word of God to go all over the world, etc.

So in the spiritual world, Satan is on one side and Jesus is on the other. And in the physical world, the Arabs and their political allies have taken Satan’s position and the Israelis and their supporters (those who believe the Bible) have taken Israel’s position.

Some say peace between the Arabs and the Israelis is possible, but according to the Bible the Arabs and the Israelis are in a confrontation that won’t end until the Second Coming of Jesus and the battle of Armageddon.

Don’t misunderstand this. The Arabs and their political allies will push this controversy until they get a phony peace treaty that will signal the start of the Tribulation period, but the Antichrist will break it at the middle of the Tribulation period and the issue will bubble and boil until that time of trouble approaches the end (Dan. 9:27).

When that time approaches, unclean spirits will gather the nations in the Valley of Jehoshaphat to bring this matter to a head and they will get a showdown with Jesus that they will forever regret (Joel 3:2; Rev. 16:13, 17-20).

Consider these recent events:

The U.S. is working with France to draft a resolution for presentation to the UN Security Council shortly after the P5 + 1 is supposed to have a final agreement with Iran over her nuclear weapons (shortly after June 30, 2015). This Satanic document will give Israel and the PA 18 months to agree to a peace treaty.

If these two adversaries can’t agree to a peace treaty in 18 months, France will recognize the existence of a Palestinian State on the West Bank based on the pre-1967 lines. In effect, this would be a division of Israel and Jerusalem, a red line that God warned the nations not to cross.

Just recently, on Jerusalem Day 2015 (May 17, 2015), Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said, Jerusalem will remain undivided and under Israeli sovereignty “forever.” The PA responded by saying that they will never sign a treaty that doesn’t give them control of east Jerusalem.

So will control of an undivided Jerusalem go to Israel forever or will control of the eastern part of a divided Jerusalem go to the PA? This is a showdown (with God) in the making and the UN’s 18 month deadline will bring it to a head sooner than most people realize.

Also just recently, the new Israeli government got a new Deputy Foreign Minister, a lady named Tzipi Hotovely. Mrs. Hotovely soon met with some of Israel’s diplomats and told them she wants the world to know that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews because God gave it to them.

Citing verses of Scripture she told these diplomats the entire earth belongs to God, He created it, and He can give it to whoever He wishes and He gave it to Israel. She urged those diplomats to return to the truth that God gave the Promised Land to the Jews, it belongs to them, all of it belongs to them and they don’t need to apologize for that.

Hey! That is what the Bible says.

So, supposedly (but probably not long) after June 30, 2015 the UN Security Council will pass a resolution to give Israel and the PA 18 months (perhaps until early 2017) to negotiate a peace treaty. These two warring sides can’t seem to settle their differences so a moment of truth will surely come. At that time, many world leaders will decide that it is time to bring the matter to a head.

They will attempt to settle the controversy. But they will ignore what God has said and try to settle it on their own terms. God knows the end from the beginning and He has already said their terms will not be acceptable to Him.

This is the bottom line: The world is rapidly approaching a showdown with God and the true church is rapidly approaching the catching up in the Rapture.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck