Evil Things :: by Daymond Duck

The real indication of a person’s salvation is not what that person says because every person is a sinner by nature; some people are deceitful; some are pretenders, imposters, fakes and liars; some misunderstand, etc.

A person’s heart is not identified by what that person says, but by what that person does. Jesus said, “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things” (Matt. 12:35).

Everyone occasionally makes a mistake (preachers, Sunday school teachers, prophecy writers, etc.). But when a man constantly acts contrary to Scripture, the evil things he does are a good indication that his profession of faith in Jesus is false. Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:20).

If a man claims to tell the truth but lies all the time; if he swears to uphold the law but constantly ignores and breaks it; if the Bible teaches that abortion is wrong, but he adamantly supports abortion; if it teaches that same-sex marriage is wrong, but he proudly touts same-sex marriage; if he hides his birth records, school records and travel records; if he uses another person’s Social Security Number; if he illegally targets his political enemies and denies that it has happened; if he won’t speak out when Christians are persecuted and women are sold into slavery and children are murdered; if he classifies Christians and veterans as domestic terrorists, but refuses to classify anyone as an Islamic terrorist—these evil things are  bad sign.

In the last six years, the President of the United States has done many evil things, but he may be about to embark upon the most evil and dangerous of them all.

The United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (UN NPT) was drafted in 1968 to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and to eventually get every nation to give up their nuclear weapons. Most nations have agreed to the UN NPT, but some have not fully complied.

In an article titled, “Obama Warns Putin ‘Israel Is Next’ After Historic Iran Nuke Agreement” (WhatDoesItMean.Com), Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is saying that Pres. Obama recently thanked Pres. Putin for helping him get Iran to sign an agreement on the UN NPT. Calling Pres. Obama’s senseless document an agreement on the UN NPT is suspect because Iran is clearly trying to get nuclear weapons, not give them up (but that’s what is being reported.)

The report says Pres. Obama told Pres. Putin that Israel will be the next nation forced to agree to the UN NPT. Obama apparently told Putin that the U.S. intends to use NATO’s power to force Israel to sign the UN NPT. And NATO will start applying this force shortly after Congress approves Pres. Obama’s agreement with Iran and the UN begins its next session in September 2015.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said Pres. Obama is angry with Israel because Israel is stealing nuclear secrets and producing atomic bombs. Pres. Obama rarely tells the truth so who knows whether Pres. Obama’s accusations are true or a manufactured pretense to justify a move against Israel.

Apparently, forcing Israel to agree to the UN NPT is also part of an agreement between Pres. Obama and the EU. The EU wants to force Israel to stop building in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank; force Israel to change its security policies in Jerusalem; force Israel to accept the Two-State Solution; force Israel to act against Jewish settlers who are fighting for their rights to their Promised Land; force Israel to open her nuclear facilities to UN inspection and control; and force Israel to not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Think about this: Israel now has nuclear weapons and Iran doesn’t. But Pres. Obama is pushing an agreement to let Iran get nuclear weapons and he is preparing to use NATO to take Israel’s nuclear weapons away from her. Israel can’t agree to that. Giving radical mullahs who shout “Death to Israel” nuclear weapons, and taking Israel’s nuclear weapons away from her would be the end of the nation. God is not going to let this happen.

Since that report surfaced, it has been discovered that the West is planning to train Iran on ways to defend its nuclear facilities and it has been discovered that there are secret side deals with Iran. Apparently, the UN won’t be taking soil samples to test for radiation and verify that Iran is not violating this agreement. It looks like Iran is going to take their own soil samples and tell the UN where they came from.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is not expected to agree to this so in addition to the West threatening Israel with the force of NATO if Israel doesn’t accept the West’s terms, Pres. Obama intends to offer Israel money and non-nuclear arms. It’s not likely that Israel will have to fight a nuclear armed Iran with non-nuclear weapons, but if she does Israel will still win.

At some point, the Church will be raptured, the Antichrist will confirm a false peace treaty with Israel, which will mark the start the seven year Tribulation; Israel and Jerusalem will be divided and the Antichrist will break the treaty and move his military into the Promised Land. Pres. Obama’s evil deeds are setting this up, subjecting the U.S. to the judgment of God and making the world more perilous than ever.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck