Disturbing, Disgusting and Devilish :: by Daymond Duck

All over the Middle East except in Israel Christians are being subjected to brutal assaults, imprisonment and death. In some countries, Christian men are crucified, beheaded and shot. Others are forced to dig their own grave before they are burned or buried alive.

Women and young girls are kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery. Some are swapped for as little as a pack of cigarettes or just given away as gifts to terrorist-supporting friends.

These persecuted Christians receive no help from their government, the military or the police. The prayers and outrage of the Church should be deafening, but it doesn’t appear that God is hearing very much from the Church.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are under severe persecution and most of the Church says little or nothing about it. Who cares if pastors are tortured in Muslim prisons and Christians are robbed and driven out of their homes? Who cares if the babies of Christian mothers are ripped from their crying mother’s arms and cut in two or left to die on the side of a road?

Every Christian should care for many reasons, but especially because this wanton killing of Christians is spreading all over the world. The threat has even penetrated the highest levels of American politics and it is growing stronger and more dangerous in the United States with every sunrise.

On April 23, 2015, Hillary Clinton, who is now running for president of the United States, spoke at the Women in the World Summit in New York. She was talking about women’s reproductive rights (abortion) when she said “religious beliefs have to be changed.” Really! Does Hillary Clinton have the authority to tell the Church that it has to change its religious beliefs?

Mrs. Clinton said “governments should throw the power of state coercion behind the effort to redefine traditional religious dogmas.” Really! Should the government of the United States pass laws to force Christians to change their principles or the articles of faith in the Christian church?

Mrs. Clinton called government coercion to redefine traditional religious dogmas “the great unfinished business of the 21st century” and she said it must be accomplished “not just in far away countries but right here in the United States” (Google it). One would think her outrageous tyranny would be booed in the United States, but her oppressive statement received much applause.

The First Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . . . .

One would think that Mrs. Clinton knows this and is willing to protect the rights of Christians. On second thought, “When the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” (Proverbs 29:2). Anyone who thinks they can trust an unscrupulous person to rule over them in a Christian way needs to think on it a little more. It should not surprise us that someone who defends the killing of millions of unborn babies would advocate persecution of the Church.

On June 4, 2015, Rep. Louie Gohmert spoke before the United States House of Representatives and the chilling things he said were put into the Congressional Record. He said there have been articles (I assume in newspapers) that say a Catholic Bishop in Nigeria asked the United States to help the Christians that are being killed, kidnapped, raped and abused by the violent Islamic terrorists known as Boko Haram.

Mr. Gohmert said according to these articles, officials in the Obama Administration told the Catholic Bishop the Nigerian Christians would not receive any help from the United States unless they changed their laws about same-sex marriage and agreed to start paying for abortions (Google it).

Mr. Gohmert also put into the Congressional record that other members of Congress have told him the same thing that the articles said. He said other members of Congress have traveled to East African nations and come back saying the Obama Administration has informed East African Christians that the United States will help defend them against terrorism and persecution if they will change their beliefs about same-sex marriage and start paying for abortions, but the United States won’t help them if they refuse to make these changes.

Mr. Gohmert also put the following in the Congressional record: “If there is a God as the Bible talks about, there will be a price to this nation for acting in such a way.”

For this writer, the idea that Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama want to force Christians to replace the teachings of the Word of God with the vile beliefs of the LGBT community is disturbing, disgusting and devilish. It is morally wrong; vicious and mean spirited; malicious and nasty; low down and dirty; rotten to the core. And unbecoming of any presidential candidate or president of the United States. Christians beware.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck