Bible Prophecy Nuts :: By Camilla Smith

I have a couple little things to share. I thought they were very significant. I know you have experienced the same types of things in your Christian lives, and I hope you find them as encouraging as I did.

Two mornings ago, I awoke after having read a great deal the night before. My book of choice right now is Dr. David Reagan’s phenomenal writing, Living on Borrowed Time, the Imminent Return of Jesus. Before I went to sleep, I prayed very earnestly and asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and I vowed to make time for Him every morning when I first got up, starting that next morning. I knew this would be a significant way to commence my day on the right foot, and that I should draw close to The Lord every morning before bolting out of the gate.

So that next morning, I woke up, eyes still closed, but conscious enough to remember my vow, and I mumbled in my mind, “Good morning, Lord Jesus.” I will never forget what happened next. I distinctly heard (not audibly, but mindfully), “My Kingdom is at hand, My Kingdom is at hand.” I can hear it plainly in my mind as I write this. Softly, but firmly the words echoed in my head. Obviously they stuck with me all day. I had not read those words, I had not heard those words on anything that I can remember, but they were very clearly coming through to my heart and my spirit. It was a precious moment for me, and I will never forget it.

Fast forward to a couple days later. Our government is about to strike Syria. Our own country is in financial, moral and spiritual chaos. The very earth we live on seems to be turning in on itself. And my mind is clouded once again with thoughts of what is real and what is not. Why is this happening, why can’t we stop it, and who is in control? Thinking about this too much can make you feel like the last beams of a light bulb as it flickers out. So much information that you just go dark—know what I mean?

So out to dinner we go, my husband and myself. And I hear our waiter at the next table, casually chatting with the couple about his plans for the weekend with his kids and his work schedule, etc. Then he comes to our table. Within three sentences, he begins talking about Bible prophecy and the powers that are running the world and the significance of Syria/Damascus and studying the Scriptures. I kid you not, I wanted to jump out of my seat and shout.

He wasn’t talking about this with the other folks. Why us? Here’s what is really bizarre: We go to this restaurant often, and on Friday night it is usually too crowded to find a place to park, let alone get in, so we usually go with plan B. But tonight, even though the place was packed, we got front row parking and were seated in front of ten people waiting in the corridor. What? Strange.

Of course, I felt like God had sent me to that restaurant to that very waiter’s table, and at that very moment in time to “clarify my mind a little.” Thank you blessed Lord, for that waiter, who had the courage to begin a conversation about the end-times out of nowhere and for no reason. That conversation renewed and confirmed my entire belief in just a few brief minutes. I hope that waiter reads this article.

You see, even those of us who know deep in our souls that Jesus is coming back soon, have those wretched feelings of doubt (read Satan) creep in and try to confuse us. And as much information overload that we have coming at us on a daily basis, it is no wonder we get a little baffled at times. I think the enemy works it that way—keep ‘em so busy they won’t know whether they’re are coming or going. And then there is the Bible prophecy world itself, sometimes extremely overwhelming—so many books, so many thoughts, so many opinions and doctrines. I pray for just a few minutes of clarity and discernment!

So the moral to this story, my fellow Bible prophecy nuts, is that we are not really nuts at all. We know what we know. And even though people may make us feel like we are crazed lunatics, all we really want to do is show them the way to salvation. What extraordinary times we live in! We witness the fulfillment of prophecy day after day and we are stepping into the very last of the unveiling of God’s plan. It is a wondrous thing to watch unfold and as I heard a guest speaker on a Christian channel say earlier this evening, “It is really about the kingdom of God and winning souls.”

He voiced his opinion that we can debate and debate and debate our theories about what is going to happen before this and that, and when a certain event will occur, but none of it matters more than that person we care about who may not be going to heaven when Jesus calls us home. What are we doing to further God’s kingdom?

Blood moons or no blood moons, Jesus is coming soon. The excitement and anticipation in our Bible prophecy community is palpable. Never before has there been a time when so many scholars are coming together and sounding the warning! We must use every precious second to spread the message. Bible prophecy is astonishing. It is debatable. It is perfection. It is God’s promise to us but it is also the fire that is lit underneath us to get out there and finish the job—so we can be with our Lord all that much sooner.

And that is what we should be striving for, don’t you think? God will give us strength in these final days. He knows we are weary and He knows we are apprehensive of what is ahead. He will guide us through the battle and soon we will be shouting “Glory Be To God On High” when we will forever be in His Awesome Presence.