The National Council of Churches – An Unholy Alliance – Part 1 :: By Lea Sylvester

The establishment left has always had multiple outlets for its views. One prominent outlet has been the National Council of Churches. The National Council of Churches (NCC), known as the Federal Council of Churches prior to 1950, has been the primary representative organization of the American Establishment. The NCC has been overwhelmingly leftist since its beginning in 1908.

From a Christian perspective, the only true freedom or liberty we can obtain is through Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is logical that one way to infiltrate a “system” that promotes/ed ideals contrary to the goal of leftists, (in this case the belief in and teachings of Jesus Christ), would be to become a part of them and change them from within. This is what has happened with the NCC. Indeed, no one can disagree about the great apostasy seen within churches today. The “environmental justice,” the “multi-faith movement” and many other topics are addressed by the NCC and instead of promoting biblical views, it distorts and contorts Scripture to justify its ideals. The “marriage” of today’s churches, specifically here in the United States, has formed an “unholy alliance” in the National Council of Churches.

The trend that is proving to be accepted worldwide is convergence; unification are taking place across the planet on at least four fronts: economic, legal/political, religious, and technological. Ideas about a one-world currency, once relegated to the zany-conspiracy category, are being taken seriously. Recently, Wired editor David Wolman wrote, “It would behoove us to seriously analyze the pros and cons” of a one-world currency.

Never before has the United States become so entangled in both the letter and spirit of so many international treaties and tribunals. America has invitations to join a host of international conventions that would usurp existing federal law. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, for example, would revise American copyright law. Our State Department already has thrown U.S. Support behind UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which is fundamentally at odds with the traditional understanding of the First Amendment.

There is also a convergence of religions, even going beyond the Chrislam movement that seeks to create a theological partnership between Christianity and Islam. (see One vital change agent in this movement is the NCC and the WCC (World Council of Churches). When President Obama was reelected, the Dali Lama, Tibet’s Buddhist head of state, congratulated and praised him as the man who “inspired the world with a call to take responsibility for the problems we face as global citizens.” This “call” is creating a religious melting pot focused on issues like environmentalism and eradication of world poverty, with a spiritual component.

Keeping with these policies, the National Council of Churches is doing its part to assist in making the fusion of religions a reality. The NCC claims the authority to speak for some 42 million Christians in America. It includes thirty-three denominations representing most of the major Protestant and Orthodox Churches in the United States. In addition, more than a score of denominations not actually members of the N.C.C. have participated actively in its radical programs. The National Council functions through dozens of interlocking departments, grouped under four major divisions, overseeing the N.C.C.’s international operations. The program is of such magnitude that in 1968, alone, the National Council of Churches expended over $19 million on a worldwide network of Leftist projects. In that year, however, the N.C.C.collected $24,819,000 from gullible American Christians and tax-exempt Leftist foundations.

The N.C.C. has consistently propagandized for every conceivable Leftist program, from federally forced integration to complete disarmament of the United States. From its office in Washington, D.C., the National Council’s spokesmen regularly appear before Committees of Congress to lobby for the causes of the Far Left, though the National Council has never registered under the Lobbying Act of 1946. And, despite its having been repeatedly exposed as a fraud the N.C.C. has somehow continued to maintain not only its reputation for legitimacy, but its tax-exempt status as well. It is very well shielded indeed, and rooted in a conspiracy against Christianity in America which goes back more than eighty years.

A full decade before the turn of the century, the seeds of the Marxist “social gospel” were already being planted within our major seminaries and divinity schools by returning American theologians who had studied in England and Germany. There they had become infected with the virus of a Conspiracy which had already changed much of the spiritual and moral structure of Europe. After awhile, of course, America produced her own clerical conspirators.

One of these was Walter Rauschenbusch. In 1885, Raushenbusch was graduated from the prestigious Rochester Theological Seminary, thoroughly indoctrinated in the Socialist tenets of “Ilumanism” — a philosophy calling itself a religion but substituting faith in man for faith in God. As the atheist Karl Marx noted: “Ilumanism is really nothing else but Marxism.” Rauschenbusch was both a Ilumanist and a Marxist. Thus, in 1892 he and a group of Comrades organized “The Brotherhood of the Kingdom” to promote their radical beliefs along Fabian lines. Walter Ranschenbusch declared: “If ever Socialism is to succeed, it cannot succeed in an irreligious country. It must start in the churches.”And start in the churches it did. By the turn of the century, Marxist plans for the capture of our churches were proceeding apace. The Federal Council of Churches was born and as is said, the rest is history.

The National Council of Churches has notoriously promoted communism since its inception. Many who may read this might want to check with their religious organization and ask why they must belong to such an organization (if theirs does). Do not slay the messenger, however. This is a matter of record. This is not fictional nor is it exaggerated in any manner. In fact, the NCC promoted the removal of prayer from public schools. Does this shock anyone? It shouldn’t. The NCC also condemned U.S. Troops for their actions in Vietnam.

Does this sound like a “Christian” organization? It is not. This subversive organization, comprised of most organized churches in America, has helped instill the widely-accepted false doctrines being pushed in churches today. Is it any wonder so many do not know the truth and absolutely argue (or attempt to do so) when given the truth. For truth is something most have never heard and if so, not accepted.

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