We Are Lost, Fallen, Filthy and Decrepit! :: by Don Twobears

As a child, I remember my Dad holding me in his arms, letting me reach for the rope that rang the bell of my grandparents’ church on Orcus Island in the state of Washington. My Dad told me to hang on tight and I would to ride up and down on the rope as the bell rang out the call to worship. Little did I know that some day I would take that ride to a deeper level and write for my Lord and Savior; and here I am, once again calling Christians and the lost alike to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords!

I have done many things in my life. Like everyone, some I am proud of and then there is some that I pray no one will ever know about. Such is life for all people. Look at the apostle Paul, who used to be Saul, the persecutor of early Christians to the point of their death. Jesus Christ─who is God─did indeed call him to acknowledge his particular deeds in life, yet to become born-again to Jesus Christ and preach on the Lord’s behalf. It was the apostle Paul who spoke more than probably any other apostle in the Bible, and rivets everyone to chairs listening to the accomplishments of his life, good or bad. Everything he said and still says today is with empirical evidence and is straight to the heart.

Having stated that: Do we find preachers in the pulpits today that are willing to do the same? Pastors of the Lord’s flock should be desirous to be like the apostle Paul in every sermon they give? Few if any are left. How sad to think that so many are eluding to the “Tolerance Movement” level of preaching, to the “Prosperity Movement” and the “Feel Good Movement”, than to preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! How many are asking the congregation to bring unsaved friends to church where they may actually learn of Jesus Christ and HIS love offering for their lives? How many of them are willing to preach about SIN? According to the news and movies, few, if any!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at how our own children are growing up? The “1%’ers” have children that are just like good ol’ Dad and Mom, ones that should be giving their love unconditionally and yet these same children learn to mock, steal, even calculate ways of demeaning others, for their personal delight. And where did they learn this? It definitely is not found in the Word of God!

How about looking in the “churches,” where preachers are talking about racism and more concerned about the take in the offering plates, than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Or could it be in the seminaries and the higher thinking schools of theology? Are these schools teaching ministers to be effective preachers of SIN in our lives─the way of truth according to the Bible, God’s Holy Word? Or could it be that they have decided that that is not the point of going to these schools in the first place?

Take a moment and read in the Old Testament and what God did to the Jews when they became disobedient. Why were there, “cities of sanctuary” where disputes over a death of someone could be resolved and justice could be arbitrated according to God’s perfect will? How many times did God send the Israelites into captivity for their idolatry, their evil intentions, and their failure to worship and follow the one and only true God?

Lets stop for a moment and take a close look at our own country today and see if we are doing the exact same things that Israel did thousands of years ago. This country was founded on Christian values and yet we can no longer see that evidence in our people today. They have forgotten who actually made this country great! It surely was NOT any- one other than the Lord God Almighty! Let’s take a moment and see what these leaders of society have GIVEN us.

Our own president bows and kisses the ring of other Muslim leaders, instead of standing up for this country’s people and way of life─the same country that gave him his opportunity! He wants to placate the fear and anxieties of other countries at the expense of the citizens of this country, which he says he loves and is devoted to? And it is not only the president, but his cabinet that does so as well!

Is it my imagination that he stood up before the entire country and swore to devote all of his time to defending and protecting this nation of ours, and its Constitution? Or did he so desire to change the Constitution for his own benefit and welfare? And of all things, he has determined to ask the citizens of this country “What have you done for me today?” I hear that old saying ringing in my ears again, “It’s all about ME!!”

We continue to see a stream of media entertainers that can’t wait to wear the shortest skirt possible! Or ones that heap upon us the desire to be the “Material Girl Par-Excellence!” These people are looked upon as “role models” to the younger groups yet undermine and subvert the very thoughts of those same young minds! These people are more committed to selling worthless junk to anyone willing to buy because they have no other thoughts in life than having the latest of gadgets and all the money they can deceive others out of; whether they actually need said “junk” or not! They believe a fool is born every few seconds, so why not?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many recalls of various things including the food we eat? Do you think for one moment that they are truly concerned with the adverse effects of these things on people? Or are they more concerned with the bottom-line…the money? And then we see the profits of medical centers are off the scales! Ever wonder why that is, in almost every case printed and probably even more in cases that are never read about? We have leaders that subvert the very laws that they enact for personal gain. How did they get where they are? They lied and cheated their way into getting us to elect them, that’s how!

Walk into a courtroom some time and listen to the case being presented and the evidence from both sides. Every defendant did nothing wrong, it’s argued, and that it was all a complete misunderstanding or some sort of substance abuse was involved which should exonerate the defendant of any wrongdoing. And the people believe it! Incredible! The guilty say, “Why…I would never do anything like that on purpose, I’m an upstanding citizen!”

Be careful now, Santa Claus is listening and determining who is good and who is not! Right?

These are the same people who say born-again Christians are “haters” and “intolerant!” And where did they learn that lie? How about all the schools that are not allowed to have prayer, where the students are given condoms “because you know how they are?” No, I don’t know how they are! Where are all the parents? Well, mom is with someone she shouldn’t be with and dad…well he’s always drunk or working too hard and long with no time to be home where he should be! The older brother or sister is in prison for whatever reason and whatever the reason it isn’t good. And they want to cast the first stone at the Christians for following Jesus Christ…and call us “haters” and “intolerant”? WOW!!!!

Now we come the part that I just love! “Why don’t all you holy-rollers keep your religion to yourself and quit trying to shove it down our throats?” To begin with, the true Christians are not trying to shove anything down your throat. They care about you, they see what you are doing and they want to help you! They are trying to keep you from listening to Satan and end-up going to hell with him!

Do you want to know what has really happened? You have witnessed unbelievers doing things that they know are not right─they’ve been caught! They are embarrassed because they want to SIN and think no one ever knows! When you tell them about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit then convicts them and they know they’ve been caught! No one tells them what they can or cannot do and they do not want to be under anyone’s authority. They didn’t break any laws, except God’s laws, which you pointed out to them. So they simply play the “Blame Game Card” and you are wrong, no matter what you say. You must understand, this world is against everything that Jesus Christ (God) is about and they HATE YOU…because of that!

Now we come to another heinous individual, the one that knows the truth, will listen to the truth, but won’t believe it. They like sitting on the fence because that way they can drop off onto whatever side that appeals to them at the moment! These people can be pastors, Sunday school teachers, prayer partners and the like! This is one of the reasons the Bible tells us to challenge others with the Word of God so that no one is deceived. Do you think this has taken place anywhere today?? You can bet your bippy it has! More often than not, as a matter of fact! “Evangelicals for Palestine.” Say what, there? Shouldn’t it be: “Evangelicals for Jesus Christ?”

“He that is not for me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men” Matthew 12:30-31, emphasis added).

“Ohh!! I hate it when it stings like that!” I didn’’t say this God did…if you have a problem with it, take it up with HIM and don’t worry, it won’t be long before HE is here and you can deal with HIM! Do you know I have stated that to people and they turn and tell me “Yep…and I’m going to give him a piece of my mind too!” Let me be a fly on the wall during judgement day!! WOW…I can’t believe the blaspemy! Kinda goes along with the part about “blasphemy” of the Holy Spirit! That happens to be anything that is against the conviction of you…your SIN…by the Holy Spirit.

Let’s clear something up here. The Holy Spirit “convicts” YOU of your SIN! That means HE…the Holy Spirit…makes you aware of your SIN. HE is telling you that you are lost in your SIN and that you need the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your SIN…with HIS blood from the cross at Calvary. On the other hand, Satan runs to God and “condemns” YOU of your SIN. Do you see the difference? The Holy Spirit….”convicts” you! And Satan…“condemns” you!

Holy Spirit’s Conviction….God loves you and HE wants you to know that your SIN is going to separate you from HIM and going to heaven…therefore YOU need to confess your SIN to God and ask for HIS forgiveness and to cover you in HIS blood, from the cross at Calvary. It feels like a “need” to be clean, to be cleansed and repaired, because you are presently broken and a failure!

Satan’s Condemnation (Condemns)….He gleefully wants to watch God point HIS finger at you and turn you into a puff of steam, because of your SIN! Satan hates you with every fiber of his being, because God chose to create YOU in HIS image and he HATES…GOD. Satan can’t wait to decieve you and have God to send YOU to HELL!! This then is the reason for reading the Bible, for asking the Lord to give you HIS wisdom and discernment to understand it. That my friend, is the ONLY WAY you will ever understand anything in the Bible.

“Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3:18-19, emphasis added).

Praise the Lord Always!!!