The Days of the “Mad Dog Syndrome” :: by Don Twobears

Oh, this life is so worrisome sometimes! No matter where you go, no matter what you’re doing you must always keep yourself in a state of careful readiness. Problem is, it wasn’t always this way. It seems as though we have remained vigilant, for what…the past twenty years or so. Before that, people by in large were always willing to help each other out, go an “extra mile” if it helped someone else.

I remember when my Mom would head out to a “sale” of some kind, one of us kids would always have to tag along. People were civil and calm and always willing to offer a “Please excuse me” or it may have been “Did I just bump into you, I am so very sorry.” There were lots of people gathered together and yet there was a very civil manner to the entire group. Today, people hit and shove and push and they don’t care if they injure someone else, they want what they want. I can’t tell you how many stories I have read in the news about this same situation and the problem is, it’s getting worse! Why are these things so?

I have written several articles where I examined the, “It’s all about ME.” A syndrome I have neglected and only one place I have ever observed it taking place is during a war, often times forgotten today and even by some of those who lost family members: the Vietnam War. Although the majority of fighting was centralized to that country, there were times when it leaked over into other countries, like Thailand.

Thailand has never been free of conflict and probably the worst conflict was with Borneo and many, many, lives were lost on both sides. A particular incident was in a town sitting on the Mekong River, a town with a fair sized U.S. Military base on it, and so many felt safe. I was a very young man at the time and not saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so I was downtown drinking.

I was in a bar about half way down the “bar alley,” when a huge explosion rocked the area. I jumped to my feet and ran outside and saw a huge cloud of dust and dirt rising from a well-known bar, I had been there about and hour. As I ran up the street, I could see all the confusion in the people, some hurt and bleeding and others dazed and just milling about, yet all of them were covered in dirt and dust. There were definitely a few bodies lying about, thankfully only a few.

Military police and Thai constables arrived on the scene about the same time as I did. A few asked me if I was hurt. What was odd though, those who were hurt but responsive, some lying in the rubble — began fighting with others trying to get free, literally, fighting, clawing, hitting and scraping others. Suddenly there was a gunshot and a person fell, while the one who fired the shot (I must guess the bar owner) stood there with smoke curling from the barrel. That definitely put an entirely different twist on the situation and had everyone, including yours truly, dashing for cover. All I remember then is hearing a voice yell out in Vietnamese, “Bydung lao! Bydung lao! Moap! Moap!” (Get down!! Get down!! Quick, Quick!!). I was yelling out those words! And the guy next to me asked me why I was speaking in Vietnamese to the Thai? I had my weapon trained on him, he looked at me and put the pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. I call this action “The Mad Dog Syndrome.”

From my perspective, there was no rhyme or reason for what had taken place, except extreme fear! If it was fear, then why turn the gun on yourself and pull the trigger? And if he was a Thai, then why did he shoot himself, he would have been safe and alive or was it that I was speaking to him in Vietnamese and he was the one that set-off the explosion in the first place? In all the time I was overseas I learned a lot about fear, to include my own fear and my own reactions to it.

I must also say, that fear begets a son: Aggression, and a daughter named: Passive Subjugation. Both of these reactions are murderous in and of themselves because in cases like that, people die. What struck me very odd was that most were suddenly hell-bent on extreme and instant judgment of anyone they deem worthy of it. I can sometimes understand this reaction occasionally, but the majority of the time, it is wrong. The question now is, do we see this same scenarios taking place today and not just here in the U.S.A. but all over the world?  It bears thinking about, wouldn’t you say?

I ask this question because it is all about people in such a state of fear, they don’t realize what they are doing or how it is affecting others around them. Think in terms of the “lynch mob” mentality, maybe that’s easier, although I digress, that they were a collective determined to mete out justice according to their own beliefs, regardless of evidence. Look at the “militants” around the world and their “suicide bombers.” Does any of this ring a bell?

It is quite evident that the world “knows” something is truly going on or is going to take place very, soon. And yet the majority of the world hasn’t a single clue as to the nature of this coming event. All they know is that it going to be bad! Now ask yourself, why would they assume it to be “bad,” when they haven’t a clue to what it will be? Could it be that they have a cooked up a certain action and they would be martyrs? Or…could it be that they know it is something of God and since they are in rebellion against God, they now fear God more than living a wretched life? Just asking ya’ll?

It is quite evident the world is in heightened to defensive mode, and again I am betting they know something terrible is about to take place and the problem is this: They have nowhere to run and hide. The Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ is quickly coming, as a matter of fact any day now! It will be the same day that the Tribulation, lasting seven years, begins! I must admit, if I were one of the unsaved, I would be in a heightened state of defense mode as well. It will quickly become a “dog eat dog” environment and life will be very, very, cheap indeed.

It is quite evident that the name of the Antichrist is suitable (the man of lawlessness), according to the Bible — who will be the new leader of the world, espousing himself with “lynch mobs” and their warped mentality. The kind of leader that lies without compunction or regret and avails himself of everything…for his own desires! And then to think he will be a liar like no other just shy of being Satan, the Father of lies. What amazes me is this: Knowing these to be his attributes, why would the world choose him…over a loving God?

You remember, in elementary school where you learned your ABC’s and your numbers, right? Or it was the Pledge of Allegiance, which still states “under God?” Oh! They don’t recite that anymore? So I guess they no longer teach being truthful and honest? And now we are going to take “In God We Trust” off the money and school prayer has been gone since the 70s as well? How does one learn to be a decent, honest, and trustworthy individual without these? Oh…that doesn’t matter anymore! So when you go to work, you must be diligent, honest and straightforward, right? Yet if these qualities are never taught to you, anywhere, how are you suppose to act on them, if you don’t know what they are??

So…here we are right back where to where we started! Having to be vigilant about our safety, wondering if it’s still okay to walk out your front door anymore, right? Let’s see here, we’ve had people randomly shoot others who they have never known, for unknown reasons. We have had wholesale slaughtering of people at schools and at theaters, office buildings, even 9-11, where we lost thousands! And then when you decide to ask people why these things are happening, their reply is, “I don’t know?”

Were there any vendettas to these killings? Or could it be the “Mad Dog Syndrome?” You remember, they are so afraid that they simply run out and do something crazy or horrible, because they are afraid! And now we see the financial world crumbling and the world governments so indebt to others─ who are in heavy debt themselves─and there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

World leaders so are inept that their own people are dying from starvation and disease, while they live the “high-life.” Wars and rumors of wars are everywhere, people hating people wherever they are and disease and pestilence are abounding in all classes of people. Oops! Sorry…I was quoting the Bible there!! I am so sorry — it is so filled with hatred and violence, right? I HAVE TO BE SO VERY CAREFUL NOT TO OFFEND SOMEONE!! We need to be so very, very careful and be “tolerant” so as not to offend those who are in the very act of offending us with their sin-filled activities!

And far be it that anyone should stand up and defend the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ or the fact of being a born-again Christian!

Has it ever crossed your mind to ask why these people are doing all these things? Have you ever wondered why anyone, supposedly in their right mind─would take their own life? Are they were more scared of living…than dying? Imagine for a moment, someone willingly stepping into eternity out of fear. Is that someone who has thought about their final residence is in eternity? And then to think that they thought they would no longer be accountable in any way? I beg to differ!
Is the Lord…YOUR Lord and Savior?!