Speeded Up :: by Daymond Duck

In the early 70s, the influential Club of Rome suggested that the world  would be divided into ten regions (ten groups of nations). They wanted to:

1. Birth or start out those ten regions by getting nations to sign trade agreements (economic ties or treaties).

2. Work to strengthen and develop the regions until they could establish a political structure to rule over them.

3. After they are merged economically (step 1) and politically (step 2), merge the regions into a world government (step 3).

In 1995, a United Nations official by the name of Edmund Jan Osmaneczyk stated:

The hierarchy [of the U.N.], among other things, had called for world government to be achieved in stages through the forming of world administrative regions. This was in accordance with the UN Charter, which encourages the implementation and administration of world government on a regional basis.

Notice these four things: 1) UN leaders want world government; 2) UN leaders want to establish world government in phases or stages; 3) UN leaders want to establish administrative regions in the world and 4) These goals are in agreement with the UN Charter. This clearly fits the Club of Rome suggestion.

From that time on, I have believed that Globalists will divide the world (the world not the EU) into ten regions and eventually go to one leader over each region for a total of ten regional leaders that will be the Ten Kings mentioned in the Bible (Dan. 7:24; Rev. 17:24).

In 2007, the late Dr. J.R. Church said this: “Plans are afoot to divide the world into ten economic/political regions. The United Europe is one region, and the North American Community is another. Around the world, regions are currently being developed.” Dr. Church was one of the greatest and best informed prophecy teachers in the world and many, including myself, learned a lot of Bible prophecy by listening to him.

In 2009, Dr. Henry Kissinger said a regional management system is only one of “two ways to harmonize the world’s political and economic systems.” When a Globalist of Dr. Kissinger’s status says something like this it should get our attention. He is the ultimate insider and he knows what is happening.

About that same time, the UN World Trade Organization decided that no nation will be allowed to trade with another nation or region unless it is a member of a region. I don’t know if this ever went into effect, but it is definitely a plan to force every nation on earth to join a region.

Somewhere about this time it was reported that the UN had decided that when each region establishes its political system, they must pattern it after the EU political system (dubbed the EU Model). By establishing the EU as the political pattern, every region will be organized the same way politically. This will make it easier to merge the regions into a one-world government.

Having said all of this, a recent article titled “Globalism Wins as Israel Plans ‘Free Trade’ With Putin, Beijing” by Alex Newman, Foreign Correspondent for The New American—seems very significant. The article is loaded with important information, but one of the most important things in it is Mr. Newman’s statement that Globalists are accelerating their efforts to “subvert national sovereignty at a regional level.”

Accelerating the development of regions is the same thing as accelerating the surrender of America’s sovereignty. It is also the same thing as accelerating the development of a world government. And for those who believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture, as I do, narrowing the time between now and the establishment of world government is the same thing as narrowing the time frame for the Rapture to take place.

Mr. Newman also mentioned that the United States CFR and others are pushing an “EU-style” region in the Middle East. And the plan that the Globalists are following is the plan that was established several years ago: Destroying national sovereignty by establishing regions is a precondition to establishing world government. He is right on target as is clearly shown above.

One final point: In 2009, Henry Kissinger was asked who will head up the New World Order and he replied, “We’re trusting that he will be President Obama.” Unless something nefarious happens, Mr. Obama has a little less than two years left of his presidency.  I don’t know, but I am thinking that the decision to speed up the development of regions, including the North American Union could be events that are scheduled to be completed by a certain time or a certain person.

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