America’s New Lower Class :: by Daymond Duck

Pres. Obama’s half-truths, false accusations and blatant dishonesty are clear reminders that lying, deceit, false prophets, false teaching and the like are end of the age signs. His corruption, scams and lack of transparency are constantly before us. They cause me to doubt and question almost everything he says and does.

I was thinking about this when several recent stories seemed to come together in my mind and spirit:

First, I recalled that Pat Buchanan said “President Barack Obama is planning to use his executive action granting amnesty to potentially five million illegal immigrants at the end of this summer [2014] in an attempt to ‘transform’ America by flooding it with “natural-born Democratic voters” (Breitbart TV, Aug. 4, 2014). It is now widely known that Pres. Obama issued an executive order in Nov. 2014 to do just that.  A lawsuit was filed to reverse it that is still being litigated.

Second, about nine days later, Jerome Corsi said, “Regardless of why illegal aliens enter the U.S. from Latin America, the fact remains that their presence in large numbers could make it much easier to integrate the U.S. with Mexico” (WND, 8-13-2014). I think he said that for this reason:

These new Hispanic voters will increase the percentage of people in the U.S. that will support the merger of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into the North American Union and they will decrease the percentage of people in the U.S. that will oppose the merger. These unsuspecting Hispanics are pawns in an Obama scheme to garner support for the North American Union. Don’t forget that Henry Kissinger said that Pres. Obama has been chosen to bring in the New World Order.

Third, Warren , Mass reported that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was seeking bids to purchase stock material for 34 million ID cards because they believe Pres. Obama plans to let millions of Hispanics into the U.S. over the next five years (, Oct. 20, 2014). This begs a question about how long Pres. Obama plans to stay in office, but nevertheless it indicates that the current suit over five million illegal immigrants is just the start of a coming tsunami of Hispanic immigration.

Fourth, Judi McLeod reported on a Feb. 28, 2015 interview Mark Levine had with talk show host Susan Payne (, Mar. 3, 2015). Ms. Payne and others reportedly were allowed to listen in on three conference calls between White House officials (and others) as they discussed a plan to bring millions of Hispanic immigrants into the U.S. to develop a country within a country and fundamentally transform the U.S.

The White House plans to protect these Hispanic immigrants from deportation and classify them as refugees so they can qualify for government handouts until they become U.S. citizens (and the same plan will be followed to bring in multitudes of Muslims).

Existing laws and rules will be changed to force communities to accept these Hispanics and Muslims; to deny grants, benefits, etc. to those who oppose this; to allow those who oppose this to be sued; and at some point, to give these Hispanics and Muslims preference over existing U.S. citizens. Put another way, in the future there will be two nations inside the U.S.

1) A nation of Hispanic and Muslim immigrants with preferred status and benefits, and 2) A nation of second class citizens who have lived here all their lives and won’t qualify for preferred status and many benefits. Pres. Obama plans to force the Border Patrol and ICE to keep the border open and not deport illegal aliens, and he plans to ignore court rulings that go against this scheme. This will fundamentally transform America.

Fifth, Tony Lee reported on Mar. 3, 2015 that USCIS officials told a Senate subcommittee they processed almost seven million immigration-related applications in Fiscal Year 2014 alone (, Mar. 3, 2015). They don’t have the resources to check out seven million people so many of these applicants faced very little scrutiny.

Seven million immigrants in one year will change the demographics of the U.S. in a hurry. Giving them benefits costs a ton of money and there could be a lot of terrorists in a group that size. On this same day, the Republican controlled House approved full funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

Sixth, Stephen Dinan reported that Pres. Obama’s lawyers have admitted that they misled the court on how many amnesty applications have been approved under Pres. Obama’s new program (, Mar. 5, 2015).  It is difficult to imagine what is coming, if the president thinks he doesn’t have to obey the courts or that he can lie to the courts and get away with it.

Seventh, although I haven’t seen an article along these lines, I suspect that Pres. Obama, Eric Holder and George Soros brought in Al Sharpton and others to intervene in the Trayvon Martin (Sanford FLA) and Michael Brown (Ferguson MO) cases because they want to insure the support of the African American community when they elevate the status of the Hispanic and Muslim immigrants and lower the status of non-black existing citizens.

I see no other reason for Mr. Obama and the others to pre-maturely condemn innocent men, stir up African American opposition to the police and non-blacks, cry racial profiling and to call for new mechanisms to deal with police misconduct. If I was a betting man, I would bet that these new mechanisms are Muslim-friendly.

Eighth, it grieves me to admit that I believe that the purge of America’s military leaders, the efforts to weaken the New York police department, the dismantling of the Ferguson MO police department, the ambush-style shooting of two Ferguson MO policemen, the efforts to ban guns and certain kinds of ammunition, the efforts to change the morality of this country and Pres. Obama’s belief that the U.S. flag is a symbol of oppression are tactics that figure into all of this.

In summation, the demographics of the U.S. are deliberately being changed so that many who are working hard, living right, and helping build and defend America may soon be America’s new lower class citizens. And many who contributed nothing or very little may soon reap the benefits and dominate them.

Everyone should be very concerned especially women, gays, non-Muslims, young people and those who can be threatened with losing their government benefits if they refuse to toe the line.


Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck