A Nation in Trouble :: by Daymond Duck

On April 14, 2015, Rev. Franklin Graham, clearly one of the most famous and loved Christian leaders in the world, said, “America is in trouble…I’ve lived long enough to learn that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can turn this country around; no political party or politician is the answer. The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ.”

America is no longer the nation it used to be. As a youth, I knew many church members who attended church every time the door was open. They loved Jesus and His Church, prayed beautiful prayers, witnessed to their neighbors, took people to church with them and professed to believe everything the Bible says. They attended Wednesday night Bible Study and all of their revival services and visited during revivals at other churches.

Their homes were havens of safety. Their doors and windows were open day and night because there was no air conditioning. There were no gangs. Their children could play outside at night. No one was ever hurt. Nothing was ever stolen.

Many teachers had a Bible on their desks that they read to their students. Many schools had a chapel service at least once a week and different preachers preached. Divorce was almost unheard of. Abortion and gay marriage were never considered.

Times were harder then. Many had no money. Those who lived out in the country were just getting electricity and telephones. Many didn’t have indoor plumbing. Television was just coming on the market, but many had never seen one. Some wore patched and second hand clothes. Some raised everything they ate.

It was God who brought these people through those hard times. He gave them electricity to make their lives better. It was God who gave them life, health and good jobs. It was God who gave them victory over their enemies; He let them gain wealth, get a better education, etc.; He was answering their prayers and blessing their service and faithfulness.

Henry J. Kaiser said, “When wealth accumulates, men decay.” I will add that when men get educated the wrong way, men decay.

God’s blessings piled-up and some who were blessed started sleeping late on Sunday. Others started spending the day at the golf course. Many took their expensive boats to the lake. And on Sunday night and Wednesday night they were in front of their big screen TV’s. Instead of getting closer to God with each passing day, they got farther and farther away.

It wasn’t long until the educated wanted prayer out of the schools. Then they wanted the Bibles and Ten Commandments to go. Then they wanted to stop all mention of God. And their daughters started getting pregnant before marriage; and it has evolved to their sons marrying other males; and nudity  crept onto their big screen TV’s; and pornography became readily available on their latest smart phones.

Divorce became rampant in their air-conditioned houses. Their grandchildren began smoking legalized marijuana and many don’t even know who their fathers are or where they live. They had driven God away and there was and still is, no shame.

At the most prestigious religious schools there has been a growing trend of professors with multiple degrees who don’t know God and don’t believe the Bible. They compromise the Word of God by teaching tolerance and inclusiveness turning out students (after their own image), instead of the image of Jesus.

Many of those students have gone to stand behind pulpits, expound on the Scriptures, serve the Lord’s Supper and exercise authority in the Church. But they do so without a personal relationship with Jesus. Instead of crying out against sin, some are involved in sin.

Instead of preaching the way of the Lord, some are preaching the way of political correctness. And instead of growing their church spiritually, they have led their flocks away from God and watched their churches decline.

Now America is reaping the results of this sinful demise in moral character, and the anemic commitments made to our Lord and Savior. We have built wealth without building people spiritually. We have put suits and aftershave on students and call them preachers when they don’t  know how to get a sermon from God. They have been taught to preach inclusiveness and tolerance at the high price of abandoning God and His Scriptures.

So America really is in trouble. The Democrats and the Republicans can’t turn America around. Those multi-degreed professors and their clueless students can’t turn this country around.

Almighty God and His Son Jesus didn’t leave America. America left them. Many in the religious community have participated in this. And if we don’t go back to Almighty God and His Son Jesus quickly, America’s future is on a fast track to a greater demise.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck