Well, I’ve Got News for You :: By Donna Wasson

There are just some things that get me instantly fired up with a sense of righteous indignation. I’ve been outspoken about defending the things of God since I was a child. That’s not to toot my own horn to say how wonderful and holy I am; far from it. It is something I cannot help. Objections fly out of my spirit faster than I can stop to think if they’ll offend someone, and I get plenty of heat for it at times, but I really don’t care.

As you’ve probably heard, Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow, announced on his Twitter account that he was cancelling an appearance at the First Baptist Church of Dallas Texas, on April 28th due to some “new information” that had been brought to his attention. Since Mr. Tebow didn’t elaborate on exactly what that new information was, it is widely assumed that he decided to distance himself from the controversial things the Pastor of that church has said in the past.

Tebow wrote, “While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas, in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all your love and support. God Bless!”

Pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress is no shrinking violet when it comes to standing firm in his declarations of what the Bible has to say, including remarks against homosexuality. He’s on the record for his comments stating that gays should not be allowed in the military, that the re-election of BO will “lead to a rise of the antichrist,” and how gay activists have been attempting to conceal “the link between homosexuality and pedophilia.”

First of all, like most Christians, I have admired Tim Tebow for his unapologetic love of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t care who knows what is in his heart, and is not afraid to bow his knee in the middle of a stadium filled with people who are poised to ridicule and mock his displays of devotion. His strong profession of faith is SO unusual and rare for a young man in professional sports, it has made him a star. Even those who usually denigrate him have come to a certain level of grudging respect, because he not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.

But he blew it in a big way in this situation!

American Family Association spokesperson, Bryan Fischer stated on his radio program, Focal Point, that by pulling out of the speaking engagement, Tebow put his eternal salvation in jeopardy. Huh?? I didn’t get that memo! He went on to say, “The bullies and bigots of Big Gay landed on him like a falling safe.”

While that is most likely exactly what happened, we really don’t know for sure why Tebow backed out. Dr. Jeffress addressed his congregation about the controversy and stated that Tebow was under incredible pressure and his church would never condemn the Jets quarterback.

I want to take a GIANT step back, away from who said what and when and to whom. This isn’t about Tim Tebow or Dr. Jeffress. This is about a satanic attack against both parties, designed to humiliate, mock and tear down their relationship with God.

I want to state that I’ve been blown away by the courage and gentleness of Tim Tebow, to stand for his Christian beliefs in the face of pressure that would make 99% of today’s so-called Christians run for their lives. His testimony is clear and unafraid, yet he doesn’t go around blasting other players or sports media when he is ridiculed for his faith.

However, for whatever reason, it appears this time he buckled under the crushing pressure of the loud mouthed politically correct crowd. He capitulated to demands no one had any right to place on him and I predict before all is said and done, he will weep tears of sorrow and regret over his decision. Rather than blast him for his uncharacteristic choice, we need to remember him in prayer. He faces more pressure daily than most of us will in a lifetime.

We also need to hold Dr. Jeffress up in prayer and ask the Lord for His protection against the barrage of satanic attack he endures. I firmly stand behind Dr. Jeffress in his declaration that sex belongs between a man and a woman who are joined in marriage. What a fantastically unpopular and outlandish thing to say in today’s world!

When those in the world rant and rail against the precepts solid Christians stand for, they don’t stop to realize we aren’t their target. They are insulting and rebelling against the Holy Spirit that lives within us. They cannot stand it when anyone disagrees with the slippery rules they live by and they DARE anyone, under penalty of overwhelming criticism, to tell them they are morally wrong. Who wants to be told what they’re doing is ‘wrong,’ especially in an age where ‘right or wrong’ can mean so many different things?

They are really attacking the Almighty God, who decided what the rules should be in the first place. His statutes and thinking doesn’t change with the times. He doesn’t have to ‘get with it’ or bend to societal demands to update what is right and wrong. The world hates this God and would rather serve the one they conjured in their heads. That god is progressive, and doesn’t mind what they do, “as long as they don’t hurt anyone else.”

I hope Tim Tebow isn’t sinking into the sickly sweet goo the mainstream church of today is drooling; that Jesus loves you and wants you to have the best life ever. He said in his statement, “I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day.”

Well, Kumbaya Tim! Groovy. Like you said, ‘Christ’s love is unconditional,’ so spreading faith, hope and love will be just the thing to usher the lost into the Kingdom of God. NOT! Making the Almighty out to be some all accepting Deity who will readily forgive the UNREPENTANT is a satanic lie! Christ DOES indeed love everyone, as is evidenced by His willingness to lay down His life and take the punishment for sin that we deserve. Yep, I’d certainly call that love.

However, being accepted by God is NOT ‘unconditional!’ This will be an unfortunate shock to those who aren’t saved, who think they’ll make it to heaven because they’re a ‘good person.’ On the contrary, being accepted is VERY conditional! The ONLY way we are acceptable to God is to admit our sin, turn from it (repent) and throw ourselves on, and trust in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.

God may love everyone, but He’s not going to allow everyone to share heaven with Him for eternity.

So, I’ve got news for the big, bad world out there, as well as Tim Tebow. As long as there is breath in my body, I will continue to stand firmly on what the Word of God declares is truth. Is that truth offensive? You’d better believe it is! Do I care? Nope. I don’t serve the god of this world. I serve the God who CREATED this world.

And Tim, honey…you’ve done a great job up until now. But if you start bowing down to politically correct pressure, those puppies are gonna shrink to nothing! Stand back up, and be the strong man of God you were called to be.

author: bensmomi99@gmail.com