They Won’t Track What Doesn’t Exist In Their Mind :: by Daymond Duck

My wife, Rachel, recently had knee surgery. Two days later, she was released from the hospital with a prescription for a pain killer. I went to the pharmacy to get the medicine and the nice lady that waited on me said she had to see my driver’s license or she couldn’t sell me the pills. I showed her my driver’s license and she entered my number into the store computer.

I took the medicine home to Rachel and told her that our government is tracking the buying and selling of your medicine and they will soon be tracking the buying and selling of everything. Rachel jokingly replied, “They can already track everything except illegal aliens.” Of course, she knows they can track our good friends from Mexico, if they really want to. But they don’t really want to do it because Satan wants a world government and God has decided to let him have one during the fast approaching Tribulation Period.

You see, in opposition to God, Satan tried to establish a world government that would worship him at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). When God came down to look at Satan’s pile of burned bricks He wasn’t fooled. He knew what the wicked one was up to. He halted construction on the Tower and created a barrier to restrain Satan’s world government. God’s barrier was a better barrier than the flimsy walls and fences that have been built along America’s border with Mexico. His barrier was the establishment of nations and borders for a scattered people who speak a different language.

Satan hasn’t given up on his ancient dream. He has found a group of Globalists to help fulfill it by tearing down God’s barrier and reversing what God did. Satan is a sly one. He doesn’t want to destroy nations and borders in one giant act because switching to a world government in one night might be too difficult to accomplish. He wants to gradually do it. First, he wants to reorganize the world into ten groups of nations with one powerful leader over each group for a total of ten leaders that are called ten kings and ten horns in the Bible (Daniel 7:7, 24; Revelation 17:12). Second, after he gets his ten horn dictators established, Satan wants to bring in an eleventh horn (a little horn that Christians call the Antichrist) to merge the ten into a one world government (Daniel 7:8).

Anyway, the ten groups of nations are beginning to appear (the European Union, North American Union, Eurasian Union, Gulf Union, etc.). And all of them want to eliminate the nations and borders within their groups under the guise of common economic policies, common defense forces, and letting goods and people move unhindered within their group, etc. Instead of being citizens of a nation (such as England, the United States, etc.), Globalists want people to be citizens of a group (citizens of the European Union, North American Union, etc.) with a perimeter (some call it an external border to distinguish it from wide open or practically non-existent internal borders) around their group. Ultimately, after all ten groups are established, Satan plans to merge them into a world government. And he plans to call their people citizens of the world not citizens of a group or a nation.

Most illegal aliens aren’t tracked in the United States because Satan and his Globalists don’t want to acknowledge that some nations, some internal borders and some illegal aliens exist. His ultimate goal is to reverse what God did at the Tower of Babel by creating a borderless world government with people worshipping him instead of God. What doesn’t exist in the minds of Globalists (illegal aliens) won’t be tracked. Many Globalists (especially in the EU), including many in America’s political parties (especially the Democratic Party), are already calling for the removal of all mention of God from their documents and the Bible tells us who they will turn to (Revelation 13:7-8).

Readers in North America may want to Google “North American Leaders Summit,” “Trusted Traveler” and “Beyond the Border.”

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