It’s the Target and Who Targets Them :: by Daymond Duck

In 1971, several high-level members of President Richard Nixon’s staff established the “Political Enemies Project” to target people who opposed the president. They created an “enemies list” and decided that the president’s “enemies” would be watched, intimidated, investigated by the IRS, denied government grants, denied government contracts, attacked with lawsuits, attacked politically and harmed in various other ways. The “Political Enemies Project” led to a burglary at the Watergate Hotel, wiretapped telephones, broken campaign finance laws and a major cover-up. The Democrats and the news media were outraged. President Nixon was eventually forced to resign. Three of his top-aides were sent to prison and most agree that it was one of the greatest political scandals in U.S. history.

Through the years, Congress, the Justice Department and the media have reacted strongly to the creation of an enemies list. Laws have been passed and court rulings have come down against governments and police forces profiling, targeting or taking action against people according to their race, gender, accent, dress, language, behavior patterns, religious beliefs, etc. Without question these practices are illegal.

But the Obama Administration sees nothing wrong with profiling, targeting, watching and taking action against people. Regardless of what the president’s people say, they have demonstrated that they are in favor of it as long as they get to decide who is to be profiled, targeted, watched, and intimidated, etc. For example, they are against profiling Islamic terrorists (they pretend that it’s a small group of people, workplace violence, etc.) and illegal aliens. But they are for profiling, targeting, watching and intimidating people if they are in a Christian, pro-Israel or pro-life group, or if they use words like “TEA Party,” “Patriot” or “Constitutional” in their name, or if they work for a conservative news organization such as FOX News.

Why is anyone surprised? In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security warned against the possibility of violence in the U.S. by citizens concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion, the loss of U.S. sovereignty and the like. They warned that end- times prophecy teachers (people with religious beliefs) could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition and weapons.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was running against George H. W. Bush for President of the United States when a member of Clinton’s staff, James Carville, coined the phrase, “It’s the economy stupid.” I’ve never liked that phrase because it demeans people, but it will help me make the point I want to make. It’s not the targeting or profiling of people that is unacceptable to the Obama Administration. It’s the target and who does the targeting, stupid.

For example, Muslims and illegal aliens are on the Obama Administration’s list of unacceptable targets and no action must be taken against them. But Christians, Jews, pro-lifers and conservative newsmen are on their list of acceptable targets and President Obama wants them silenced. Targeting people is unacceptable if conservatives such as President Nixon and some of his staff are doing it. But targeting people is acceptable if liberals such as President Obama and some of his staff are doing it.

There is a great deal of concern among many conservatives over where this is going. If the government is willing to target its political enemies and use the IRS to threaten them, silence them, drag them into court, deny them tax exempt status, etc., as it has been doing, will the government transform Obamacare into a weapon for the IRS? Will the government direct the IRS to threaten people with the denial of healthcare?

Will the government direct the IRS to delay the approval of surgeries the way it delayed the approval of tax-exempt status for those on President Obama’s enemies list? Will the government put reporters who write the truth on its enemies list and direct the IRS to deny or stall their healthcare? Will the death panels that Sarah Palin talked about actually exist and will the government use the IRS and Obamacare to eliminate the opposition and freedom of speech by delaying healthcare to those on his enemies list?

Is it just me or should I be concerned about the use of drones to kill American citizens on American soil? Attorney General Eric Holder said that President Obama can do that under extraordinary circumstances. Should I be concerned about all the bullets, guns and armored vehicles the Department of Homeland Security is buying? Should I be concerned that they want to take away the guns of returning troops, TEA Party members, conservatives, prophecy teachers, etc.? Should I be concerned about this all-out attack on “Stand Your Ground” laws? Should I be concerned that this sounds like some of the actions of the Antichrist whose satanic government will target people during the Tribulation period for their religious beliefs?

The right to buy and sell will be granted to those who take the mark, name or number of the Antichrist, but those who refuse to take the mark, name or number will be targeted, denied the right to buy and sell (can’t purchase healthcare, food, water, utilities, guns, bullets, etc.), and ultimately, they will die or be put to death. It will be too late. But the left and media (same thing) are going to regret their complicity and silence. Could it be that this IRS scandal is coming out of the pits of hell instead of Cincinnati and Washington, D.C.? Could it be that it is being orchestrated by a control-freak who is clearly a type of the Antichrist or perhaps worse (the real man of sin)?

FYI: Coming soon: God Has Spoken (And We Know It) by Daymond Duck.

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