Imminent Danger and Dead Fish :: by Daymond Duck

I recently received an e-mail from a man (name withheld) who wrote:

The trouble with America is that there are so many Muslims in high positions and they are given a free hand to control so many aspects of American society, including influencing the negative treatment of Jews. Americans are still oblivious of the imminent dangers ahead. . . But Americans voted for a Muslim president so Americans will get what they ask for.

The Muslim threat to America has been around for awhile, but it seems to me that it greatly accelerated when the Democratic Party deliberately did not vet, and then nominated Barack Hussein Obama for President of the U.S.

Among other things, this man is the son of a Kenyan Marxist, he followed the tactics of a well-known American born radical named, Saul Alinski; he had used at least five different names or aliases; he had used a stolen social security number, a forged birth certificate and a forged selective service card; he had admitted he used marijuana. He sat under a preacher who proclaimed that America should be damned by God, and found no wrong in it.

He called himself a Christian, but he supported abortion and gay rights, and it was reported that he is a lifetime member of a gay bar; he was involved in a questionable deal with a Syrian born real estate developer named Antoin “Tony” Rezko. He also had close ties with Iranian born (of American parents) Valerie Jarrett; he had said the Muslim call to prayer is, “One of the prettiest sounds on earth.”  He wears a wedding ring with, “There is no god but Allah” engraved on it.

He denied and played down his relationship with some of his Muslim relatives in Kenya who have accused him of lying, etc., but the Democratic Party deliberately overlooked all of this, nominated him, funded him, promoted him, helped him cover it up and demonized anyone who said anything about it.  And the Republican Party, the courts and the mainstream media cooperated with Mr. Obama’s lies, deceit and fraud. They could have exposed it, but many chose to remain silent.

It is hard to believe that President Obama does not know that most of the terrorist acts in the world are caused by Muslims; that Christians are being persecuted, killed and driven out of several Muslim nations; that women are second class citizens under Islam; that CAIR is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood; that the terrorist group Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood; that the Muslim Brotherhood has sometimes aligned itself with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, and that the U.S. has been waging a “War on Terrorism” for several years now.

Nevertheless, after he was elected, President Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State despite the fact that Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff was the daughter and sister of Muslim Brotherhood leaders; he saw that Muslims received high positions in his Administration (Egypt has said there are 30 Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the White House), and one of these men, Mohammed Elibiary (a man convicted of raising funds in the U.S. for the terrorist group Hamas), was given a job and later promoted to a senior position in the Department of Homeland Security.

And not long after President Obama took office, groups of U.S. citizens (former soldiers, prophecy teachers, Fox News, etc.) started appearing on domestic terrorist lists; the FBI, the Department of Justice and the military were ordered to rewrite their training manuals and remove everything that links Islam to jihad or terrorism; the “Allahu Akbar” terrorist attack at Fort Hood was called “workplace violence.”

The Barak H. Obama Foundation (a group named after President Obama’s father that is tied to state-run terrorism in Sudan) run by President Obama’s half-brother, Malik, received fast-track tax exempt status in the U.S., and more recently, John Brennan (a Muslim) has been sworn in as the new Director of the CIA. New York schools are going to observe some Muslim holidays.

New head gear is being considered for female marines to accommodate Muslim women; and President Obama has unilaterally changed immigration policy to allow people with limited ties to terrorist or insurgent groups to enter the U.S. It is no wonder that Mohammed Elibiary, the man that was promoted in the Department of Homeland Security, sent out a tweet that said, “I do consider the United States an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution.”

The Muslim Brotherhood cronies of President Obama in the White House and Hillary Clinton in the State Department have not only affected America’s domestic policies they have also affected America’s foreign policies. In Egypt, they betrayed President Hosni Mubarak and helped Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power in an election marred by fraud.

Mr. Morsi teamed up with radicals, established Sharia Law, criminalized dissent, beat, jailed and killed unarmed protestors and persecuted Christians, but President Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored it. The people rose up and the military arrested Mr. Morsi and several Muslim Brotherhood members. They seized Mr. Morsi’s records and leaks say they found secret documents showing that President Obama has given Mr. Morsi eight billion dollars (probably illegally).

President Obama immediately demanded that these documents be kept secret and that Mr. Morsi and his associates released and restored to power. Mrs. Morsi started working for her husband’s release. She told a paper in Turkey she was recruited by Hillary Clinton in the 80s and has recorded all of their conversations.

She told the paper Mrs. Clinton is trying to help her overthrow Egypt’s current government and Mrs. Clinton asked Mrs. Morsi to help her win the next U.S. Presidential election the same way she helped President Obama win both times. Egypt has filed charges against Mr. Morsi and his associates, but the trial was delayed. Reports say the U.S. is still interfering in Egyptian politics.

Concerning Syria, the rebels fighting President Assad are from many different terrorist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood. As far as I know, the information is classified, but there have been reports that the U.S. has sent funds and arms to some rebel groups especially those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. And President Obama almost touched off WWIII when he drew a red line and threatened to bomb Syria over the use of chemical weapons against them. He backed off when Russia deployed ships and planes to Syria and President Assad agreed to the destruction of his chemical weapons.

Concerning Iraq, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden recently met in the White House with a group of Iraqi parliamentarians accompanied by a Muslim Brotherhood interpreter with known terrorist ties. The purpose of the meeting was said to be a discussion of problems in Iraq and ways the U.S. can help Iraqfight off Al-Qaeda.

The man who sent the e-mail is rightly concerned because we have an untruthful Muslim (or at least a Muslim sympathizer) in charge at the White House.  He has promised fundamental change; he betrays people; he trains troops to fight against American citizens; he ignores the Constitution; he has almost three years to go; he has put a Muslim in charge of the CIA, a Muslim in a senior position in the Department of Homeland Security, other Muslims in high positions, and he is purging our military.

I recently saw another e-mail that said only dead fish go with the flow. Unfortunately, it looks like America is in imminent danger and many of the Republicans, Democrats, judges and mainstream media are acting like dead fish.

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