John Hames

John Hames was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. He traveled extensively through the denomination in the evangelistic field, servicing a fruitful and greatly blessed ministry. In one of his books, Hames said he was greatly indebted to three choice authors, for thoughts and suggestions, namely: Dr. G. D. Watson, Dr. A. B. Simpson and Dr. B. Carradine.

Deeper Things

Chapter 1: A Feast of Fat Things
Chapter 2: The More Excellent Way
Chapter 3: A Bouquet of Christian Graces
Chapter 4: Christ Enthroned Within
Chapter 5: A Sanctified Spirit
Chapter 6: A Sanctified Soul
Chapter 7: A Sanctified Body
Chapter 8: Pentecost and Its Results
Chapter 9: According to the Pattern
Chapter 10: The Tabernacle
Chapter 11: The Holy Place
Chapter 12: The Sweet Incense
Chapter 13: The Holy of Holies
Chapter 14: The Life Behind the Second Veil
Chapter 15: Spiritual Development
Chapter 16: Some Dangers in Not Going on to Perfection
Chapter 17: The Comforter
Chapter 18: The Anointing
Chapter 19: Grieving the Spirit

Spiritual Shocks

Chapter 1 Conscience, Record and Judgment
Chapter 2 Weighed and Found Wanting
Chapter 3 Some Disappointments at the Judgment
Chapter 4 Dangers of Resisting the Holy Ghost

Breaking The Alabaster Box

Chapter 1 Breaking the Alabaster Box
Chapter 2 The Blood of Jesus
Chapter 3 The Blood of Sprinkling
Chapter 4 “When I See The Blood I Will Pass Over You”
Chapter 5 The Holy Ghost: Preserver of Sound Doctrine

Converts Guide

Chapter 1 Getting Properly Started
Chapter 2 Paul’s Conversion
Chapter 3 Satan’s First Attack
Chapter 4 Walking by Faith
Chapter 5 The Value of Secret Prayer
Chapter 6 The Danger of Being Sidetracked
Chapter 7 Untempered Zeal
Chapter 8 Obeying the Checks
Chapter 9 When and How to Seek Holiness
Chapter 10 Carnality
Chapter 11 The Double Portion Blessing
Chapter 12 How to Listen to a Straight Sermon
Chapter 13 How to Treat Doubtful Things
Chapter 14 Beware of Jesting
Chapter 15 “Taking Up the Cross”
Chapter 16 On Being True
Chapter 17 How to Determine Our Calling
Chapter 18 How to Keep Free in the Meeting
Chapter 19 The Curse of Disobedience
Chapter 20 Going Back to the Altar
Chapter 21 Untimely Matrimony
Chapter 22 How to Treat Inspiration
Chapter 23 The Change from Joy to Soul-Burden
Chapter 24 What to Expect
Chapter 25 The Chastening of the Lord
Chapter 26 Planted in the Proper Soil
Chapter 27 “The Evil Day”
Chapter 28 Beginning the Day with God
Chapter 29 What to Do When Tied Up
Chapter 30 Spiritual Lessons from the Trees
Chapter 31 Bringing Christianity into Disrepute
Chapter 32 Administering and Receiving Reproof
Chapter 33 Seed Thoughts
Chapter 34 The Starting Promise
Chapter 35 Why Some Are More Spiritual Than Others
Chapter 36 The Ear of God
Chapter 37 Hidden Manna
Chapter 38 The Little Child Spirit

The Heavenly Race

Chapter 1 The Heavenly Race
Chapter 2 The Heavenly Dove
Chapter 3 The Heavenly Anointing
Chapter 4 God’s Palm Tree Saints
Chapter 5 The Sign of a Ripening Saint

Sunrisen Blessing

Chapter 1 The Sunrisen Blessing
Chapter 2 Spring In The Desert
Chapter 3 Christ Enthroned Within
Chapter 4 Undeveloped Capabilities
Chapter 5 A Well Rounded Character
Chapter 6 Signs of a Growing Soul