Converts Guide – By John Hames

Chapter 21

Untimely Matrimony

“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul” (1 Pet 2:11).

In looking the field over there seems to be no end to the wily methods Satan has adopted to wreck the human race. His warehouse seems to contain devices fitted to every walk and condition of life.

A careful observation for many years has assisted us in arriving at the conclusion that untimely matrimony is one of Satan’s most successful ways of destroying young converts. We are willing to admit that marriage in its proper place is one of God’s greatest gifts to the human race, but on the other hand, when it is misused it often becomes a curse as boundless as eternity.

If Satan cannot impede the progress of a newly saved soul any other way he will fill his mind with the idea of getting married. There is scarcely anything that we could mention that will more quickly rob a soul of the spirit of prayer, destroy a heavenly mind and open the floodgates for a thousand temptations than this thought.

People who have walked with God for many years rarely ever cross this plot of the enchanter’s ground without suffering some spiritual loss. Consequently our advice to those starting out in the Christian life is, defer this matter until you become more established in the things of God.

Nowadays, almost as soon as single persons get converted, a troop of matrimonial devils get on their track to marry them off. Previous to their getting saved these persons may have been old maids and bachelors for years, but as soon as they get saved and commence living for Jesus the devil will send someone around who is on the lookout for a good companion. Oftentimes he will send some fellow who will even go to the mourner’s bench and pretend to get converted just to succeed in carrying off some good, Christian girl.

Oh, may the Lord open our eyes on these lines so that we may protect our converts from these vultures of hell.