Converts Guide – By John Hames

Chapter 16

On Being True

“We are true men” (Gen. 42:11).

The word true is used as an adverb when establishing a fact, statement, or declaration, but here in the text it is used as an adjective, referring to principle, genuineness, uprightness and sincerity.

We are well acquainted with what it means to have an untrue timepiece, untrue mirror or untrue friend, etc. Some of these things have, no doubt, caused many of us quite a bit of trouble and disadvantage.

In the following lines will be found a few of the characteristics of a true Christian.

1. One face. The business, the political, the social and the religious world, today, are so honeycombed with dishonesty and falsity that it is quite difficult to find a really true, reliable person. We are glad to say, however, that the grace of God is a perfect cure for dishonesty and guile. It will take all of the deceit and two-facedness out of people and make them the same everywhere.

2. A true Christian cannot be bribed or turned away from what he honestly believes to be right for all the money on the globe.

3. As far as he has light and understands, all that he does is worthy of imitation. His life and conduct are as straight as a string. From the time he was saved there is a clean, straight record clear up to the present moment.

4. All of his purposes, intentions and thoughts are of the class that could be placed upon a billboard for the inspection of three worlds. He at no time entertains a thought that he would be ashamed to entertain in church or in heaven on the front seat. Of course, Satan sometimes suggests evil things to his mind but he at once repels them by lifting his heart to God in prayer, therefore, he is kept pure and holy continually.

5. The next characteristic of a Christian is that he is fully turned over to Jesus without the least reserve. He is consecrated to work, give, suffer and die for the cause of Jesus Christ. Strictly speaking, he claims nothing upon earth as his own, and yet through Christ he is heir of all things.

6. At the present moment he is as much in the center of God’s will as he knows how to be. He is ready to go to heaven today as he ever expects to be.

“Where duty calls or danger,