15 May 2023



Texas Mall Shooting. The man who fatally shot 8 people and wounded others at a mall on May 7 before being killed has been emphasized by some liberal media as belonging to a neo-Nazi white supremacist group. Yet, he was Hispanic. The reality is he subscribed to a “mishmash” of ideologies, including being against women and racial minorities.

Florida Man who left Neo-Nazism for Islam then murdered his two roommates for insulting his new religion, was sentenced this week in court. America is suffering from a pandemic of people who lack rational thinking skills.

California: Mayhem in Oakland as Soros-Backed Dem DA fails to enforce law and order. There have been similar occurrences recently in cities like Baltimore and Chicago, where groups of young people wreak havoc on city streets. Stay out of the Dem cities.

Missouri: Soros-Backed Dem Attorney Refuses to Charge Shooting Suspect. DA Kimberly Gardner claims “lack of evidence.” This despite Amber Booker and another suspect being seen on video holding guns and firing at a street party May 6 that left two injured. During her tenure, St. Louis homicide rates have reached a 50-year high, and fewer offenses are prosecuted.


Godless, Nature-Worshiping Global Warming Religion and their dark agenda of a totalitarian government that will enslave the masses.

> ‘Net Zero’ Grid Batteries Alone Would Bankrupt America. Their net-zero agenda is not clean, green, affordable, ecological, or sustainable.

>Dutch government to seize up to HALF the country’s farmland. The war on farmers in the Netherlands and beyond under the pretext of “nitrogen” and “climate change” is actually a war on the food supply, freedom, and humanity itself, as land is handed over to organizations controlled by global elites.

>Scientific American magazine article refers to UN’s forecasting that dozens of countries’ populations will be reducing by 2050 as “good news,” that “we should all be celebrating population decline.”

Wokeism begins with devaluing scripture. Turn away from so-called Christian pastors who move the church away from its foundation upon the Word of God. Also see The need to keep the masses afraid is behind elite embrace of wokeism and censorship. Wokeism is basically a religion, a false one, of course. News media and social media elites took Wokeism from a marginal cult into being the dominant ideology of every major institution, from NBC and the CDC to the AMA and the CIA.

I ran across a September article in Baptist News Global, of all places, in which the writer defended drag queen story hour for children. Susan M. Shaw is a professor of women, gender, and sexuality studies at Oregon State University. She is also an ordained Baptist minister and holds degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She said, “In God’s community, we are all welcome to live as our authentic selves, neither male nor female, male and female.”

Minnesota: Catholic University of St. Thomas allows biological males who identify as women to share living spaces with females. It’s done discreetly in order to avoid upsetting parents. Transgender students can qualify for lower room rates and ‘in demand’ rooms. The university also offers a Queer Straight Alliance, a “Lavender Graduation Celebration,” and training for faculty on how to “work toward a more LGBTQ+-inclusive community.” The university is one of the largest Catholic colleges in the nation, with over 9,000 students and eight campuses.

UK’s first ‘three-parent’ baby born using DNA replacement technology.

Islam’s takeover and terrorism: In Vienna, Austria, a fourth knife attack occurred within 48 hours by Syrian migrants aka terrorists.


Nationwide Campaign to Deplatform and Harass Christians. That can mean having their social media accounts “deplatformed,” and also mean being “de-banked” by financial institutions. JPMorgan Chase has done this to quite a few Christian organizations. Many others have also shut down accounts of outspoken Christian groups and individuals.


Target releases latest ‘Pride’ collection for babies on up, including children’s books promoting the LGBTQIA etc. agenda.

‘Trans kids’ prescribed MORE anti-psychotic meds after beginning gender transition than before. A 2021 study of military youth revealed that not only were minors with severe mental illness allowed to embark upon experimental medical sex changes, but also prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs actually increased after hormonal interventions were initiated.

Massachusetts: 12-year-old sent home for wearing ‘there are only 2 genders’ T-shirt confronts school board. No students complained to him about being upset over the shirt, and some said they agreed with him and wanted a shirt as well. But this doesn’t fit the agenda of the liberal-left education system.

They’re still messing with baker, Jack Phillips: Jack Phillips Appeals’ Gender Transition’ Cake Case to Colorado Supreme Court. Earlier this year, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop is required to make cakes celebrating “gender transitions.”

Kansas City, Missouri, which has 5th Largest Murder Rate, Declares it’s a “Transgender Sanctuary City.” Shouldn’t the city first offer sanctuary to the people already living there from being murdered? And yet the sanctuary cities like Chicago or New York City tend to be phenomenally dangerous places. It’s almost like the more dangerous a Democrat hellhole is, the more likely it is to declare itself a sanctuary.

The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) recommended using “wimmin” in place of the word “women” since the latter contains the word “men.” Feminists prefer the non-standard spelling to avoid the word ending in ‘-men.

Lengthy list of Hellywood celebrities joined LGBTQ groups for worldwide broadcast of ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’ Telethon on May 7 that raised over half a million dollars for the cause of perversion. Charlize Theron said she’d “F… up anyone who messes with” drag queens. Marcia Gay Harden proudly announced that all her children “are queer.” Jesse Eisenberg said “demonization of drag culture has been greatly upsetting and completely shocking to me.” Queen lead singer Adam Lambert said anti-grooming laws are aimed at stopping drag shows from bringing “joy” and “light to the world.”

Undercover video: Biologically male inmates who claim to be women and transfer into women’s prisons are purposefully impregnating female accomplices to scam the system. The inmates’ ulterior motive is then to sue the US government, and taxpayers are on the hook for it.

FDA updates rules allowing more gay and bisexual men to donate blood. According to amended standards, most homosexual and bisexual men in a committed relationship with another man will no longer be required to refrain from sex in order to give blood.


Abortion Champion: The Biden regime has secured its place as the most forceful defender of murder in the nation’s history.


Biden claims that at his age, he ‘knows more than the vast majority of people,’ and declares himself a top candidate in US History.

Exposing Cult-Like Marxist Brainwashing in American Universities (Video).

Weaponization of the Federal Government. The intelligence community, along with law enforcement agencies, DOJ, and others at the highest levels have been working to weaponize their agencies against the American people and certainly for political gain. Former CIA Director Brennan, one of 51 intelligence officials who falsely suggested Hunter Biden’s laptop could be Russian disinformation, spoke to a House subcommittee Thursday as the panel investigates the origin of the “spies who lie” missive.

America First Legal released internal DHS documents revealing the government is funding trainings intended to target conservative Americans.

Shocking Facts About WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The director-general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-influenced World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is not a medical doctor and is a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party that analysts have listed as a perpetrator of terrorism.


The media’s lies get innocent people killed and may incite more anti-white violence than ever. Twitter was used in the past to incite anti-white hatred, but under Musk, it’s countering hate hoaxes and disinformation. But the bought-and-paid-for media minions will never admit that.


Texas deploys special border force to defend the border against anticipated migrant surge when Title 42 ends. which Gov. Greg Abbott warned will cause a “catastrophic disaster.”

INVASION: As Title 42 ends, Biden admits border ‘chaotic,’ but lying that ‘we’re doing all we can’ to protect Americans. Nothing but lies and alibis from the Dem regime. By letting 5.7 million illegals enter the US since he usurped the Oval Office, Biden has opened floodgates to terrorists, drug runners, and human traffickers. With millions illegally pouring into US, the risk of Middle East terrorists exploiting the border chaos is rising. A federal judge imposed a two-week restraining order on the Biden administration policy, which would see migrants released on “parole with conditions.”


‘Bolshevik’Bernie Sanders (who is a Jew but is against his own people) steps in to help antisemite Rashida Tlaib hold anti-Israel event in Capitol.


Americans are suffering sharply higher levels of financial anxiety.

UK food price inflation at 46-year high.


Lead and Cadmium is in dark chocolate, some above so-called safety levels.

CDC investigating possible monkeypox resurgence amid dozens of new cases nationwide, less than a month after officials had hailed the weekly pace of new infections slowing to zero nationwide. Of 13 newly confirmed or probable cases in Chicago, nine were among fully vaccinated men. Four disclosed recently traveling outside Chicago: to New York City, New Orleans, and Mexico.


US: Oklahoma farmers say wheat crop is worst in decades.

Canada: 100 wildfires ignited last week in Alberta, and as of Friday, 73 are still burning, with 20 out of control. Also, 7 wildfires are burning outside the forest protection areas. Hot, dry weather along with powerful winds are anticipated in the days ahead, elevating wildfire risk. Over 16,000 people remain displaced, down from 31,000.

Russia: Devastating wildfires claim lives and property. At least 21 people are dead, and over 5,000 buildings have burned to the ground.

Congo: Severe floods and landslides; over 420 fatalities and 5,000 missing, with more rain forecast.

New Zealand: State of emergency in Auckland following heavy rainfall and flooding.

China: Nearly 500,000 in Jiangxi province affected by heavy rains; estimated 520 million yuan ($75.2 million) in direct economic losses.


Escalation: Israel kills sixth militant Islamic Jihad leader in a week. Israel’s Operation Shield and Arrow began on May 9, “striking Islamic Jihad targets” in Gaza after a wave of rockets were fired towards cities in Israel, including Jerusalem, in the past month. Israel said the militant group had been planning attacks. Since the first strikes, Islamic Jihad has fired close to 1,000 rockets into Israel. But of course, Israel gets condemned for the escalation rather than the perpetrators that are intent on wiping Israel off the map. One person was killed in Israel this week and five injured when a rocket struck a residential building.

One of the now-dead terror chiefs said, “Our only role is Jihad, blowing up all Zionist entity cities.” Al-Bahtini called for Jihad against Israel, praised “martyrdom” for Allah, vowed to educate ‘Palestinian’ children to “hate the Zionist entity,” and urged to “blow up all of this Zionist entity’s cities.” Al-Bahtini also stressed that “negotiations” are not an option.

Netanyahu said Israel is ready for multi-front war against Iran and terror proxies. “It’s clear that 95% of Israel’s security problems come from Iran,” he said. “We are dealing with an attempt by Iran to start a multi-front campaign against us. I instructed the IDF and security forces to be prepared for this fight.”


See Jude 1-25 and Romans 1:18-32.

8 May 2023


2 Timothy 3 is in full effect: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent [without self-control], fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” (2 Timothy 3:1-5).


Oklahoma murders: Sex offender shot wife, her three children, and two of their teen friends before killing himself. He was due to show up in court for a jury trial on charges of soliciting sex with a minor and possession of child porn. He was previously convicted of raping a 16-year-old in 2003. He was released in 2020, despite new child porn charges in 2017.

California police arrest former UC Davis student after string of deadly stabbings that left two dead and another injured. The suspect was recently separated from the college due to academic reasons.

Man killed 3, then self in rural Georgia town. He shot his manager at a McDonald’s and is also suspected of killing his mother and grandmother before killing himself.

Police Body Cam shows type of Sociopath society is producing. A girl killed two people while driving drunk, and all she cares about is if she can get her car back to allegedly go to school the next day. When told how awful it is that she seems to care less that she killed two people, she has the gall to ask, “Can you say that to me as a cop?”


SatanCon 2023 opening ceremony: ripping up a Bible and “Thin Blue Line” flag representing police.

Hypocritical Pope Francis Promotes Christian Europe While Pushing to Flood it with Muslim Migrants.

Courage to Speak Openly: UK Christians Arrested, Fired for Standing on Biblical Truth.

Godless Global Warming Goblins and Their Agenda

Biden’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Testifies It’s Better to Get Rid of Jobs in USA, Live in Poverty and Save the Planet – Even if Rest of The World Doesn’t Do It.

Part of the So-called ‘Great Reset’ Goblins’ Global Warming Agenda: Convincing Children to Eat Bugs. For years, the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum (WEF) – self-appointed administrator of the Great Reset – has been pushing for consumption of insects as part of its climate change agenda.

“Green sustainable energy” is a euphemism for depopulation.

Author of The Club of Rome’s 1974 book, The Limits to Growth, still promotes genocide of 86% of the world’s population. The ideology of Dennis Meadows (honorary member of the Club of Rome and member of the World Economic Forum) hopes genocide of 86% of the world population could be accomplished peacefully under a “benevolent” dictatorship.

Green hypocrisy: Germany shuts down its last 3 nuclear power plants only to end up buying nuclear-generated electricity from France.

Not-So-Green Reality Behind the “Hypocritical” Green Agenda. Solar panels, windmills, or electric cars can’t be built without mining more copper, lithium, iron and aluminum. That means vastly more scraping and digging of ocean floors, rainforests, and tundras on a scale inconceivable to most environmentalists.

Takeover By Islam

The European peoples have trampled on basic biological and cultural laws that regulate the birth, rise, decline and death of a civilization, celebrating their own euthanasia. For many of them, the “cure” will be the crescent. Or as former Turkish PM Erbakan, Erdoğan’s mentor, said in a speech, “Europeans are sick, and we will give them medicine. The whole of Europe will become Islamic.” The way things are going, Belgium will be the first Muslim country in Europe.


‘Frog and Toad’ children’s series becomes latest kids’ show to push LGBT agenda. In addition to creating new LGBT storylines in long-running children’s franchises, activists are also attempting new, perverse retellings of old classics – or claiming these classics contain queer subtexts that were there all along.

In the US: North Carolina’s Leading Medical Institutions “Duke, UNC, and ECU” Offers ‘Transgender’ Treatments to 2, 3, and 4-Year-Old Children.

In the US: ACLU Tells School Board It Has a ‘Legal Obligation’ to Conceal Students’ Gender Transitions.

In the US: California Dems Push Bill to Mandate’ Gender Diversity’ Books in Schools. The legislation would force every school in the state to stock books that are centered around LGBTQ themes and “people of all gender expressions.” What begins in California is known to spread like a plague.

US Navy hires active-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce” and combat plunging recruitment. Seriously?!

In the UK: ‘Transgender Ideology’ Has Virtually Taken Over the Entire Secondary School System. Figures show at least 70% of secondary schools now have pupils identifying as ‘transgender.’

In the UK: Groomers at work: Pupils as young as age 7 urged to wear a badge displaying their pronounsbe it male, female, or non-binary. The Daily Mail has seen lesson plans in Key Stage Two – covering age 7 to 11 – that teach about not conforming to traditional beliefs about gender. The lessons are part of “Schools Diversity Week” to be held June 26-30 in all primary and secondary schools across the UK. The event is coordinated by the LGBTQ+ charity Just Like Us (JLU). According to the event guide, over 5,000 schools have already signed up.

Maybelline Cosmetics Partners with Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Abortion Abomination

Justice Alito has ‘good idea’ who was behind Roe v. Wade leak; believes motive was to cause intimidation, even assassination to stop the draft from becoming the court’s decision, but said he doesn’t have the level of proof needed to name someone.


More Dems caught insulting parents and their children. Democrats in school boards, local government, & teachers’ unions around the US have been caught on hot mikes and in political bloopers ragging on parents and kids. They don’t believe parents should have a say in protecting their children.

The Left’s involvement in colleges and universities has corrupted those institutions and has led to poor educational outcomes. As four-year institutions continue to push a far-left agenda, students are not learning the practical skills needed in the workplace.

Chinese communism survivor warns lawless Dems: prepare to be victims of your own destruction…

Orwellian Society

Attack on freedom of speech and thought to forcibly shape society continues. Last week, Ireland passed legislation intended to control people’s thoughts and words. The week before, 9 teachers in Belgium were suspended and are being investigated for so-called “hateful” messages shared in a private WhatsApp group. In the UK, internet users may not be able to access Wikipedia due to the proposed Online Safety Bill. In the US, the big tech/corporate media/federal government propaganda machine is attacking the Supreme Court for being conservative. And AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton said he’s now scared of the technology he helped usher in.

Deliberate Border Disorder

90,000 migrants cross US southern border in 10 days as panic over Title 42’s end sets in. Officials say this provides a preview of what’s to come when Title 42 ends. Texas Governor Abbott said the federal government is expecting up to 13,000 illegal immigrants to cross the US-Mexico border each day after it expires. Title 42, the federal pandemic-era policy which has allowed officials to send millions of migrants back to Mexico, will expire May 11.


“Huge Biological Risk” as Sudan Fighters Seize Lab Containing Deadly Pathogens. The top-ranking WHO official in Sudan called the development “extremely dangerous because we have polio isolates, measles isolates, and cholera isolates in the lab.”


Lawyer Testifies That Canadian Military Doctors Were Told Not to Report Vaccine Injuries.


First they came for your energy, then your gas-powered cars, your freedom of movement, your cheap flights – Now they’re coming for your food. Globalist social engineering took another step forward in New York City. The Dem-witted mayor and environment protection commissioner said the city aims to cut food-based emissions 33% by 2030 by keeping a greenhouse gas inventory.

Global Rice Shortage Looms, Set to Be Biggest in Decades.

Biden Regimes “Punishes Responsibility” as New Mortgage Equity Program Begins. Federal Housing Finance Agency’s mortgage pricing adjustments will increase fees for borrowers with high credit scores while reducing costs for those with subpar credit scores.

16 Large US Companies Have Just Announced Mass Layoffs. Also, during the first 3 months of this year, job cuts in the US were 396% higher than the same period a year ago.


Illinois Dust Storm Causes Multiple Pileups of 72 Vehicles; 7 dead, 37 hospitalized. Excessive winds blew dirt from farm fields across the highway, leading to zero visibility.

60+ percent of US is experiencing drought. Nearly all of Kansas and portions of northern Oklahoma are already in severe drought. Parts of Missouri are in moderate drought. If the drought continues through the summer, corn and other crops could fail and prices could rise.

Historic EF-3 tornado swept through Virginia Beach, leaving a trail of damages.

Italy: Widespread floods hit Emilia-Romagna, claiming two lives, with another missing.


Israel: IDF tanks shell terror assets in Gaza amid ongoing rocket barrages from Gaza into Israel, targeting Israeli civilians.

Ignorant Islamist Allegation: Iranian president says Israel can’t defend itself against its enemies. He said, “Today, it’s clear to everyone that the Sharm al-Sheikh, Camp David and Oslo agreements cannot supply Israel with security. The Zionist entity knows very well that it can never clash with Iran.”


“For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil” (1 Peter 3:12).

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? …. He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” (1 John 5:4-5, 10-12).

Jesus said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33b).