True Love

A man was invited for dinner at a friend’s house.

Every time the host needed something, he began his request to his wife by calling her “My Love,” “Darling,” “Sweetheart,” etc., etc.

His friend looked at him and said, “That’s really nice. After all of these years you’ve been married, you keep saying those little pet names.”

The host said, “Well, honestly, I’ve forgotten her name.”

Term Paper

Top 10 Worst Things Written on Your Term Paper in Red Ink

10. See me after class.

9. Did you even read the material?

8. It’s a C, but it’s a strong C.

7. Fascinatingly convoluted.

6. My, what nice, big margins!

5. You’ must’ve been up all last night.

4. The book ends differently than the movie.

3. Spelling requires more than just sounding it out.

2. Are you familiar with the term “plagiarism”?

1. Tell your mom to try harder.