Choosing to Be an Abomination Unto God :: By Daymond Duck

On Apr. 17, 2023, Benny Johnson (Turning Point USA) released a short clip of an interview he did with Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Johnson asked DeSantis about men taking the role of women.

DeSantis said:

  • The ideology is a total fraud.
  • I think there is the issue of are we going to be a society based on truth? Or are we going to be a society based on deceit?
  • If you take a man and they dress up as a woman, and you tell me I have to accept that they’re a woman, then you’re asking me to be complicit in a lie, and I just refuse to do that.
  • So, we’ve got to tell the truth, you know, I think the truth will set you free, and let’s just be honest about what’s going on here.

The Book of Proverbs says, “These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him” (Prov. 6:16-19).

  • “A proud look,
  • A lying tongue,
  • Hands that shed innocent blood,
  • An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,
  • Feet that be swift in running to mischief,
  • A false witness that speaketh lies,
  • And he that soweth discord among brethren.”

God is a God of truth (Psa. 31:5).

Jesus is truth (Jn. 14:6).

Satan is the father of lies (Jn. 8:44).

A nation that chooses to abandon the truth and become a nation of fraud, lies, and deceit is also choosing to become a nation that is an abomination unto God.

A nation founded on the Scriptures cannot choose to abandon God and follow Satan and get away with it forever.

God will call for repentance by allowing hardship to come upon that nation, but a lack of repentance will ultimately stir the wrath of God.

Here are some recent events that seem to indicate that the Rapture and Tribulation Period are close.

One, concerning abandonment of the truth, deceit, and persecution: a street preacher that heads a group called Warriors for Christ expressed his concerns on social media three times about a church in Oklahoma that was endorsing same-sex marriage, drag queen shows in front of children, and more.

When one of the gay church members told the local city council some of the things the street preacher was saying were not true, the street preacher produced photos and video clips to verify what he was posting.

The church petitioned the county court for a restraining order to silence the preacher, and the court threatened to arrest him and jail him (for up to 5 years) if he posted any more Bible verses on social media that condemn homosexuality.

The Rutherford Institute is appealing the court order on behalf of the preacher.

According to John Whitehead, head of the Rutherford Institute, this case is an effort to criminalize speech, thoughts, and actions that are not politically correct.

Two, concerning abandoning God and not getting away with it (making bad decisions): on Apr. 22, 2023, Germany shut down its three remaining nuclear power plants (producers of so-called dirty energy).

These three plants produced only about 6% of Germany’s power, but for a nation that was already experiencing major energy shortages, a 6% reduction makes a bad situation worse.

The idea that Germany could produce enough solar and wind power to meet her clean energy needs has turned out to be wishful thinking.

The destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline and sanctions against Russia have made Germany’s energy situation worse.

With insufficient energy, Germany’s economy is headed for big trouble, and her wound is mostly self-inflicted, but many people are going to suffer.

Three, concerning abandonment of the truth and choosing to follow lies: on Apr. 23, 2023, the Expose reported that data released by the Office of National Statistics in the UK shows that 92% of England’s Covid-19 deaths in 2022 were people that had been fully vaccinated (people that had received three or more jabs).

Four, concerning the coming false religion (Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth): on Apr. 19, 2023, it was reported that Bishop Manuel Sanchez Monge of Spain submitted an op-ed that was printed in a regional Spanish Newspaper.

Monge’s op-ed was titled “The 2030 Agenda and the New World Order.”

Here is some of what Monge said (in my words as I understand it):

  • The Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are anti-Christian, and they are designed to change the religious beliefs of everyone on earth.
  • Globalists want to establish an unelected and undemocratic world government.
  • Globalists want to transfer the responsibility of raising and educating children from the parents to the government (parents will have no say).
  • Globalists want to determine what people should believe (about abortion, LGBTQ issues, secularism, the definition of tolerance and intolerance, etc.) and how people should live.
  • Agenda 2030 will create a new civilization with everyone living and believing the way the globalists tell them to live and believe.

(My opinion: The Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals became global laws on Jan. 1, 2016. The globalists that are pushing them are anti-Christ, anti-Bible, and anti-Israel. A person cannot reject Jesus, the Bible, Israel, etc., and be saved. The stage is being set for a one-world government, a one-world false religion, persecution, and the Mark of the Beast.)

Five, concerning church members departing from the faith in U.S. churches: on Apr. 24, 2023, it was reported that a 2020-2023 survey of 2,000 people who identify as born-again Christians found that only 44% believe that Jesus lived a sinless life.

The study was conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and was supervised by George Barna, a well-known pollster.

Six, concerning the tracking of all buying and selling: on Apr. 20, 2023, it was reported that two U.S. Senators (Sinema of Ariz. and Lummis of Wyoming) introduced a bill (Senate Bill 884) on Mar. 21, 2023, to create a digital identity for every U.S. citizen.

Eight days later (on Mar. 29, 2023), the bill cleared the proper Senate Committee and was passed on with a favorable recommendation.

A digital ID will allow everyone to be tracked.

It can be linked to one’s bank account, healthcare records, driver’s license, social security information, etc., and used to control them.

(FYI: Patrick Wood, editor of, reported that Sinema attended the 2022 Bilderberg meeting and the 2023 World Economic Forum meeting.)

(My opinion: The fact that a bill to track all buying and selling is pending in the U.S. Senate as you are reading this should help you understand the reality of Bible prophecy and the need to be ready for the Rapture.)

Seven, concerning corruption in the White House: on Apr. 19, 2023, it was reported that two members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee (Greene of Geo. and Mace of So. Car.) said they have seen bank documents at the U.S. Treasury Dept. that contain “jaw-dropping” evidence of Biden family involvement in foreign business deals, human trafficking, and prostitution rings.

On Apr. 20, 2023, it was reported that Greene tweeted that she “reviewed more than 2,000 pages of financial records revealing a crime syndicate involving Biden’s family and countries such China, Russia, and Ukraine.”

Green said the Bidens established fake shell companies to receive money from foreign countries.

Concerning human trafficking and prostitution: this report said a Florida Grand Jury found that drug cartels are claiming and seizing children from Mexico and exposing them “to horrifying health conditions, constant criminal threat, labor and sex trafficking, robbery, rape, and other experiences.”

Based on the Grand Jury findings, the Fla. Attorney Gen. has sent a letter to the U.S. House and Senate requesting an investigation of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services involvement in these crimes.

Eight, concerning world government: an international advocacy group of entertainers, politicians, corporate executives, and others (called Global Citizens Now) with billions of dollars in commitments meet each year to discuss ways to advance the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the big names that will gather in New York on Apr. 27, 2023, include Canadian Prime Min. Trudeau, French Pres. Macron, EU Pres. Ursula von der Leyen, John Legend, Hugh Jackman, and others.

Other groups that plan to have people present are Verizon, Cisco, P&G, Ford, PepsiCo, and Rockefeller.

It has been reported that they will “combine major announcements on policy initiatives with discussions about immediate steps that can be taken on climate change, food insecurity, gender inequality, and other issues.”

Nine, concerning antisemitism in the U.S.: on Apr. 13, 2023, 14 Democrats urged Pres. Biden and Sec. of State Blinken to condition U.S. aid to Israel (money, weapons, equipment, etc.) on ending gross human rights violations.

When asked if they would support conditioning U.S. aid to the Palestinians on PA respect for Israel and Jewish civil rights, none of them responded.

Ten, concerning the coming economic collapse: on Apr. 26, 2023, Gary Bauer (Campaign for Working Families) reported that the interest on America’s national debt last year was $475 billion (about $1 billion, $300,000 per day).

Higher interest rates will make it worse this year, Biden wants to keep increasing our national debt, and he is refusing to negotiate with Republicans that want to try to avoid a collapse.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.


This Is Reality, Not a Conspiracy Theory :: By Daymond Duck

Concerning world government: on Apr. 13, 2023, The Gateway Pundit posted an article by Joe Hoft, author, and contributor to their website, concerning a Steve Bannon interview of Michele Bachmann on The War Room.

Hoft reported that Michele Bachmann (attorney, Dean of Robertson School of Government at Regent Univ., first Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota) said:

  • In July 2022, Pres. Biden was pushing an amendment to an agreement (on international health regulations; IHRs) with the UN World Health Organization (WHO) that would “prevent Americans from doing anything that the World government didn’t want to be done and would, in essence, take away all rights of Americans in an emergency like COVID,” but “a couple of small African countries stopped it.”
  • “We have had a one-year reprieve, thank God.
  • “We’re exactly where we were one year ago.”
  • “The Biden Administration is trying to push all 194 nations to give up their sovereignty on health care (at the upcoming WHO Assembly meeting on May 21-30, 2023), which is really just give up your sovereignty to the World Health Organization…”

According to Bannon, China owns the WHO, and America’s Bill of Rights means nothing to these people.

Here is a link to the Hoft article:

Leo Hohmann (author and independent journalist) wrote an article about this for a ministry called Absolute Truth from the Word of God.

As I understand it, Hohmann said:

  • The Biden regime is pushing amendments to the IHRs that will give the WHO the power to dictate U.S. policy whenever there is a declared public health emergency of regional or international concern.
  • By declaring a public health emergency, the WHO will be allowed to force every nation to require their people to wear a mask, obey lockdowns, and be vaccinated.
  • The agreement will prevent Americans from doing anything that the United Nations world government apparatus doesn’t want to be done.
  • In essence, the agreement will take away all rights (freedom of speech, religion, etc.) of Americans in an emergency like COVID.
  • The Biden administration is trying to avoid a vote in the U.S. Senate by calling the agreement an “accord” instead of a “treaty.”
  • The agreement means the death of the American republic as we know it.
  • According to Hohmann, Bachmann said, everyone on earth will be given a digital identity with a QR code that will be linked to their electronic medical records, and ultimately to a digital currency that will be controlled by the UN through the WHO.
  • Hohmann added that Bachmann said, “Once you give up freedom, you don’t get it back.”

As far as I am concerned, what Hoft, Bachmann, and Hohmann said is reality, not a conspiracy theory.

(Important: Be aware that if world leaders approve the amendments to the IHRs, and they probably will, the nations will be granted a short period of time to acquire the people and equipment to put them into effect.)

Here is a link to the Hohmann article:

Here is more evidence that the prophesied world government is near.

One, concerning the decline of America and a possible digital global currency: on Apr. 12, 2023, it was reported that the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and So. Africa) have agreed to create a new common currency, and they have scheduled a meeting in Aug. 2023 to discuss the issue.

  • First, they will start trading with each other in their own currencies.
  • Second, they will create a new common currency (the yuan or perhaps a digital currency) and start trading in that.
  • Third, after their new common currency is established, they will seek to get other nations to use it.

The goal is to improve trade among themselves and to weaken the U.S.

Two, concerning natural disasters increasing in frequency and intensity at the end of the age: Fort Lauderdale, FL, has been averaging 3.52 inches of rain in the month of April.

On Apr. 12, 2023, the city received 20 inches of rain in 12 hours.

It was characterized as an extreme, historic, record-breaking, life-threatening event.

Three, concerning corruption in the White House: on Apr. 13, 2013, it was reported that China has given records to U.S. Senate Republicans that are investigating the Bidens.

According to the report, Sen. Ron Johnson said the records show that Chinese banks gave millions of dollars to Hunter Biden.

For years, the Democrats claimed that Pres. Trump had ties with the Russians, and their claims have been proven to be false.

Now, U.S. Senate has solid evidence that the Biden family had ties with communist China, the information confirms the information on Hunter’s laptop and from other sources, but the Democrats don’t seem concerned about it.

Four, concerning the signs of the end of the age: on Apr. 10, 2023, one of America’s greatest prophecy teachers, Jan Markell, posted an article titled “The Set-Up: Ten Indicators the Hour is Late.”

Jan’s incredible list should convince anyone that knows very much about Bible Prophecy that the Tribulation Period is looming.

Jan’s Ten Indicators are bolded below (and my response is in parenthesis).

  • The world lacks a leader. (Several world leaders are now calling for a new form of leadership.)
  • The rise to prominence of a globalist outfit—the World Economic Forum (WEF)—that is paving the way for a one-world government. (Under the influence of the WEF, a group of wealthy unelected leaders has bought or seized control of several governments.)
  • The Bible prophesies a coming cashless society. (The cashless society is developing now, and it only needs to be global by the middle of the Tribulation Period.)
  • The last three years, the frightened masses chose to trust in government due to fear of a health crisis and pandemic. (Beginning with the Covid-19 pandemic, deceit is reigning all over the world.)
  • We now have artificial intelligence that is as intuitive and as intelligent as humans. (It is now possible for the False Prophet to build a statue of the Antichrist that talks.)
  • There is civil unrest and lawlessness in two-dozen nations. (Jesus said there will be distress of nations with perplexity at the end of the age.)
  • Wars and rumors of wars are stirring. (Wars and rumors of wars make the news every day.)
  • The days of Noah haunt us. (In the days of Noah, there was corruption of all flesh, and the earth was filled with corruption and violence.)
  • There is a stunning rise in darkness, as predicted in II Timothy 3:13. (Today, there is a drastic decline in adherence to Biblical truth.)
  • There is Temple fever among the religious in Israel. (Today, there is a growing desire for the orthodox Jews to rebuild the Temple.) 

Before leaving Jan’s list of indicators, Jan noted that five perfect red heifers were shipped from Texas to Israel in the fall of 2022, and she reported that four of them remain perfect enough to be sacrificed.

Five, concerning persecution increasing at the end of the age: on Apr. 13, 2023, LifeSiteNews posted an article by Jean Mondoro that said a Family Research Council (FRC) study shows that violent attacks against U.S. churches are increasing.

According to the FRC, in the last five years, there were 420 documented acts of hostility (vandalism, arson, gun incidents, hate crimes, etc.) at 397 churches in 45 different states and Washington, D.C., and these incidents are on the rise.

Jesus and other writers of Scripture reveal that the hostile acts will continue to increase, and people who become believers during the Tribulation Period will pay with their life.

But they will be raised from the dead at the Second Coming and reign with Jesus during the Millennium.

Six, concerning the Tribulation Period: Jesus said, “And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” (Matt. 24:22).

I have long believed that this prophecy could be fulfilled using nuclear or biological weapons.

It now seems that there is another threat.

On Apr. 17-18, 2023, Elon Musk warned that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has “the potential of civilization destruction.”

Seven, concerning world government: it has been my opinion for several years that the final Gentile world kingdom (Dan. 2) will have one central government with one powerful leader called the Antichrist.

But before the Antichrist rises to power, the world will be divided into ten regions or ten toes or ten groups of nations.

There will be a leader over each group for a total of ten leaders that are called the ten horns or ten kings in the Bible (Dan. 7:24; Rev. 17:12).

It has been my understanding that the globalists have a three-step plan:

  • Divide the world into ten regional trading blocks of nations (a financial or economic New World Order).
  • Change the rules to convert the ten regional trading blocks of nations into ten regional political blocks of nations (a political New World Order).
  • Merge the ten regional political blocks of nations into a one-world government.

The three nations on the North American Continent (the U.S., Mexico, and Canada) would be merged into one region patterned after the EU.

This region has been called the North American Union (NAU), and the USMCA (the U.S., Mexico, and Canada).

There are many things that I don’t have space to go into (a NAU flag, currency, etc.), but I want to briefly mention something that happened on Apr. 14, 2023.

On that day, according to the New American, “the first freight railway linking the United States, Mexico, and Canada – essentially a USMCA Super Railway” came into being, “making it a key supply chain within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).”

In 2001, Keith Creel (the CEO that now heads up the railroad) said, “This de facto USMCA Super Railway is a major step in the globalist’s plan for a North American Union, as it further integrates a major component of the economies of all three countries along regional lines. Such regional lines result in the erosion of national sovereignty and the individual economic identity of all three countries.”

Merging the three North American nations into a regional trading block (a single economic unity) is a necessary step toward the arrival of one of the Ten Kings.

Here is a link to the article.

Eight, concerning world government: it will be headed up by a Satan worshipper called the Antichrist (Rev. 13:4-8).

In a Mar. 30, 2023, article by Jon Watkins, he quoted Michael Snyder:

“Today, Satan has become one of the hottest spiritual figures in America, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.”

“The following comes from a Newsweek article entitled …The Devil is front and center in movies, TV shows, podcasts, and even children’s books. There are Satan After School Clubs, while the proliferating Satanist groups have their own political divisions.”

“On top of everything else, a major convention is coming up. It is being billed as the ‘largest Satanic gathering in history,’ and it is being held in Boston at the end of April.”

Here is a link to the article:

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God, who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.