20 June 2024

The Church Age Is Winding Down—And The World Is Running Out Of Time
Time flies. Years race by. But, 2024 has been a stunner in many ways. And many events remind me that the world is running out of time before the last act of a major drama plays out. In other words, the Church Age is winding down. Let me highlight ten events from this current year that have convinced me of this.

In Tijuana, shelter for Muslim migrants on US doorstep
From Algeria, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, citizens of distant, Muslim countries wait for US asylum at a shelter in the Mexican border city of Tijuana — more used to seeing migrants from Latin America than the Middle East. At the Assabil Inn, Mexico’s first shelter catering for US-bound Muslim migrants, the backstories of the guests are as varied as the assortment of languages they speak.

Canada declares Iran’s IRGC a terrorist group
Canada on Wednesday listed Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity while calling on Canadians in the Islamic Republic to leave. “Our government has made the decision to list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist entity under the Criminal Code,” Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc told a news conference.

The Deadly Fruit Of Anti-God Education: Brutal Violence Against Teachers Rises To ‘Crisis’ Levels
Teachers are under attack — literally. Violent and indoctrinated students in government schools across the United States and beyond are increasingly beating not just each other, but even their teachers, according to a flurry of nationwide reports based on a survey of teachers that found startling levels of violence against educators.

US students say they won’t work at Google, Amazon due to Project Nimbus
Over 1,100 students from more than 120 universities sign pledge not to accept jobs or internships because of project providing cloud computing services and infrastructure to the Israeli government.

Hamas Official Says Terror Group ‘Would Do Oct. 7 Attack Again’ if Possible to Go Back in Time
Hamas would carry out its brutal Oct. 7 invasion of and massacre across southern Israel again if it could travel back in time, according to the Palestinian terrorist group’s representative in Lebanon. “We would do it again!” Ahmad Abd Al-Hadi said with a smile in an interview last week with Lebanon’s Annahar newspaper when asked whether Hamas would repeat its onslaught. “If we could go back in time, we would do it again,

UN Committee Says Not Enough Evidence to Declare a Famine in Gaza
In a report released earlier this month, the committee responded to a claim by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) — a US-created provider of warning and analysis on food insecurity — that a famine was likely underway in northern Gaza. FEWS NET said that northern Gaza began experiencing famine in April and projected that the embattled enclave would endure famine until at least July 31. The FRC rejected the assertion that northern Gaza is experiencing famine, citing the “uncertainty and lack of convergence of the supporting evidence employed in the analysis.”

NATO chief says Russia, North Korea pact shows mutual support by authoritarian powers
NATO Sec.-Gen. Jens Stoltenberg said North Korea had provided “an enormous amount of ammunition” to Russia while both China and Iran were supporting Moscow militarily in its war against Ukraine.

Houthis sink Greek-owned ship in the Red Sea
The Houthis claimed that the ship was attacked because its owner ignored warnings not to sail to Israeli ports. A senior Houthi official told Al Jazeera that “this is an attack on a ship belonging to a company that is one of the largest that violates the ban we imposed on sailing to Israeli ports.”

Nasrallah vows ‘no place’ in Israel will be safe if war declared, threatens Cyprus
With tensions growing between Lebanon and Israel, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened that, in the case of an all-out war, “no place in Israel” will be safe, and Cyprus may also be attacked. Nasrallah vowed attacks by the air, ground, and sea and declared the“situation in the Mediterranean will change completely.”

Israeli FM says PA ‘can’t rule Gaza’ after war
Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority cannot be allowed to rule post-war Gaza, citing its ongoing financial support for terrorism. “7% of the Palestinian Authority’s budget goes to murderers of Israelis. More killings = more money. The Palestinian Authority cannot rule Gaza,” he tweeted.

The Key to a Trump Victory in 2024: The Noahide Laws
As a Jew, I am deeply grateful for everything Trump did for Israel during his term in the White House. From the outset, Trump made his connection to Jerusalem clear. His campaign victory in 2016 and successes as president resulted from the blessings he received for his connection to Jerusalem. Biden is quite the opposite. His state department has established a de facto Palestinian embassy in Jerusalem, greenlit the Iranian attack on Israel, withheld vital intel from the IDF, and embargoed weapons shipments to Israel during the war. But even if Biden were pro-Israel, it seems clear to me that another Biden term in the White House will result in global destruction as compared to Trump’s presidency, which marked one of the most prosperous and peaceful periods in recent years.

Legal Experts: Biden Executive Anti-Settler Order is “Anti-Democratic Attack on Free Speech”
The sharply worded letter decried the Executive Order as vague and unsubstantiated, describing it as an attempt to stifle free speech and the right to protest. The legal team called upon the US government to explain the basis for the sanctions and the practical implications for Tzav 9 and Regavim, one of several civil society organizations that helped the Tzav 9 activists organize.

IDF approves operational plans for Lebanon fighting as Hezbollah resumes attacks on Israel
Senior commanders of the Israel Defense Forces approved operational plans for the continuation of the fighting against Hezbollah, while the terror group resumed its attacks against Israel by launching at least seven strikes on Tuesday. Northern Command OC Maj.-Gen. Uri Gordin and Operations Division Commander Maj.-Gen. Oded Basiuk approved plans for a potential attack against Lebanon

IS ANOTHER 9/11 ATTACK COMING? Number of Mideast terrorists trying to enter US skyrocketing — already 360 this year
“The United States faces a serious threat of a terrorist attack in the months ahead.” That’s the blunt and chilling assessment of former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell.

4 dead, over 120 injured after M4.9 earthquake hits northeastern Iran
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M4.9 hit northeastern Iran’s Razavi Khorasan Province at 09:54 UTC on June 19, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Tornado sweeps through Carlepont, Oise, damaging 44 buildings, France
A damaging tornado swept through the village of Carlepont in the Oise department, France, at around 17:30 LT on June 18, 2024, damaging 44 buildings and 2 powerlines. 55 firefighters and 25 engines were deployed to the scene to assess the damage.

South Fork Fire destroys over 1 400 structures, forces over 8 000 to evacuate immediately, New Mexico 
The federal Bureau of Land Management is leading a team of six investigators to determine the cause of the South Fork Fire, a process that Governor Grisham stated “will take time.”

More than 550 hajj pilgrims die in Mecca as temperatures exceed 50C
At least 550 pilgrims have died during the hajj, underscoring the gruelling nature of the pilgrimage which again unfolded in scorching temperatures this year.

HISTORY MADE: Louisiana Becomes First State to Require the Ten Commandments be Displayed in ALL Public Classrooms
Louisiana became the first state to require the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every public school classroom. But the battle has only begun.

Job Replenishment – Migrants Secured 75% Of ALL New Jobs Under Biden 
Steven Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies produced a new study published by Breitbart that explains the truth behind America’s seemingly low unemployment rate. Millions of migrants have entered America under Joe Biden. The jobs reports may seem strong each month but Fed Chair Powell himself said he has not been impressed by the incoming data. One major reason that the data is skewed is because migrants have secured an overwhelming 75% of all new jobs created in the United States in 2019.

New Jersey doubles down on their unconstitutional policy of keeping blood drawn from every baby
Today, New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin and the New Jersey Department of Health doubled down on their unconstitutional policy of keeping blood drawn from every baby born in the state. A group of New Jersey parents, who filed a class action lawsuit against the state, announced they will fight on until the policy is fixed.

Kansas Attorney General sues Pfizer for misleading Kansans on covid vaccine
Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is suing the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, alleging it deceptively marketed its covid “vaccine.” The legal complaint filed on Monday claims that, beginning shortly after the vaccine’s rollout in early 2021, Pfizer concealed evidence that the injection was linked to pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, as well as inflammation in and around the heart, known as myocarditis and pericarditis, according to a report by Reuters.

Hezbollah bigger challenge than Hamas to Israel: ‘Crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror’
…The Islamic Republic of Iran finances the Mideast terrorist movements Hamas and Hezbollah, who have declared war on Israel and who are also responsible for committing numerous terrorist attacks against American civilians and military service personnel.

Hezbollah terrorists launch massive rocket attack on Israel amid mounting tensions
The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist movement on Wednesday pummeled Israel’s northern border, including Tiberias, where Jesus performed miracles, with rockets after the Jewish state eliminated a senior Hezbollah commander responsible for military operations.

Nowhere In The Bible Does It Say God Will Establish A ‘Fake Israel’ In Her Ancestral Land
…The truth is that the modern state of Israel is biblical Israel. God has and continues to call His people Israel back to their land and all of this is in preparation for the rise of Antichrist, and the Tribulation period, which is clearly focused on Israel.

PM slams Biden, says ‘inconceivable’ to withhold arms from ‘closest ally’
Quoting a famous remark by Winston Churchill during World War II, Netanyahu stated, “Churchill told the United States, ‘Give us the tools, we’ll do the job.’ And I say, give us the tools and we’ll finish the job a lot faster.”

The Truth About What Is Happening To The Petrodollar
…the petrodollar is not dead.  It is certainly in trouble, but it is not dead.  Today, most oil continues to be sold in U.S. dollars, and most global trade continues to be conducted in U.S. dollars.  But that could change as other countries lose faith in our currency.  In particular, we will want to carefully watch what the BRICS nations choose to do.

8 Signs That Extremists Are Taking Over Our Country
…Our nation is being radically transformed by people with extreme ideologies, and that should deeply alarm all of us. According to Google, an extremist is “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action”. Sadly, that definition accurately describes many that hold prominent positions of power in our society today. In so many cases, individuals that have political beliefs that most ordinary Americans would consider to be very radical are going to extraordinary lengths to impose their views on all of the rest of us.…

Islamized Sweden: Parks Transformed Into Mecca
As Sweden’s Islamization accelerates with leftist support, the growing power of the Muslim community, marked by anti-Western celebrations attended by left-wing politicians, raises serious concerns about women’s rights, public safety, and animal welfare.

Putin’s first North Korea visit in 24 years kicks off with vow to tighten ties | AP News
Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday signed a new partnership that includes a vow of mutual aid if either country faces “aggression,” in a pact that came as both face escalating standoffs with the West.

Bill Gates funded bio-terrorist activities to develop a bird flu that could infect humans
The Gates Foundation gave US$9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka to modify H5N1 viruses to preferentially recognise human-type receptors and transmit efficiently in mammals. “This indicates that the Gates Foundation funded bioterrorist-like activities involving H5N1, providing blueprints for other bad actors who may want to create a bioweapon,” Dr. Peter McCullough tweeted.

Chemtrails are part of the depopulation agenda
What are they spraying into the sky? Who’s doing it? Why are they doing it, what are their motives?  And what can we do to put an end to this? These are questions Richard Vobes put to two pilots last week who have been conducting in-depth research into chemtrails.

Guernsey doctor who resigned in protest to children being given covid injections says vaccines must be suspended and harms investigated
Doctors for Patients UK submitted testimonies to the People’s Vaccine Inquiry from several doctors.  One of them was Dr. Scott Mitchell, an emergency department doctor until he resigned in September 2021.   All doctors take an oath, he said. “First, do no harm.”  When he raised his concerns about giving children covid “vaccines,” instead of his concerns being addressed he was put under investigation.