25 Mar 2024

Shadows of the Tribulation


Problem in the Church: Slumbering, Self-Serving, Christian Leaders. At the most exciting time of church history, many Christian leaders aren’t interested, even as we clearly see shadows of the Tribulation!

Christian Group Gideon’s Blocked from Distributing Bibles in Georgia Hospital due to new diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.


Migrant from Lebanon to US admitted terror ties. He hoped to make a bomb; destination: New York.

Russia: ISIS claims responsibility for attack that killed 40 (update 62) and injured over 100 (145) at one of Russia’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes.

England: London Most Antisemitic as Islamists and Left Join Forces. Antisemitism in European cities is reaching 1930s levels.

Germany: Kids Denied Drinking Water in Class Because of 3 Muslim Classmates Observing Ramadan.

’Palestinians’ support Oct. 7 terrorist invasion, say Hamas committed no atrocities. 71% surveyed said it was “correct” for Hamas to have massacred over 1,200 Israeli men, women and children.

Armed terrorist killed after gun battle; 7 Israelis wounded. Mujahed Mansour fired at an Israeli minibus.

Netherlands: For Months, a Cow Was Repeatedly Raped by a Turkish Illegal at Petting Zoo.
Now, the cow is highly stressed, wary around people, and isolates herself from other animals.


Dr Meryl Nass: WHO’s Tedros Keeps Lying. Authors highlight WHO’s “false claims” and explain ways that show the WHO is leading us further into fascistic one-world governance.


UN Ambassador says ‘UN Secretary-General is Hamas accomplice.’UN report implies Israel is the one starving the Strip – one more testimony to UN’s biased behavior and embarrassment of the UN headed by a Secretary-General who serves interests of the Hamas terror organization,” Erdan said.

Oy Canada! Trudeau administration to stop arms shipments to Israel.


Has America Run Out of Time? Our culture is now saturated with evil, and large media corporations make billions exporting that culture to the world. We will truly reap what we’ve sown.

Washington’s Democrat governor signs law mandating LGBT history lessons in public schools.

California School District Textbook Claims EIGHT Genders.

New docuseries alleges abuse and ‘sexualizing’ of Nickelodeon child stars.

Hilton Hotel Ad Glamorizes Sin, featuring actors portraying homosexual and transgender characters.

DNA Tests Are Uncovering Prevalence of Incest, case after case of children born to close biological relatives, unprecedented incest in modern society.

Is the Anti-Christ LGBTQ Revolution Irreversible?  Christians must expose today’s deceptive philosophies, have compassion, and warn others of demonic agendas aimed at children.

Planet Fitness Cancels Membership of Woman Who Exposed Male Using Women’s Locker Room (Alaska). She shared video on Facebook of a man shaving in the women’s bathroom when a 12-year-old girl was there. Planet Fitness said members and guests may use facilities that align with their self-reported gender identity.

It must be April Fool’s Day in SNP’s Scotland when calling a male person a ‘man’ becomes illegal. Scotland prepares to enter a dystopian universe where Big Brother is always watching and hate crime is simply saying something another doesn’t like. Hate Crime and Public Order Act takes effect April 1, bringing some of the most draconian curbs on freedom of speech and expression in any free democracy. We’ve arrived at the totalitarian nightmare he feared.

‘Total Abomination’: $1.2 Trillion Bill Funds Teen Trans Programs, Abortion to 22 Weeks.


Footage Shows Planned Parenthood Employee Discussing Brutal Abortion Practices.


While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still in Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Paris.

Nearly 1,000 Americans in Haiti plea for help as gangs unleash attacks.


2025 Dept of Defense Budget Request Disarms America. The press release for the budget request
told a story replete with lofty, aspirational goals. But in reality, almost every important warfighting line item, the numbers of ships, airplanes, and missiles, went down.

Biden regime’s latest move to stab Israel in the back. The Biden regime’s far-left base is enraged over its ongoing ostensible support for Israel. Instead of acting with integrity and standing by a loyal ally in its time of need, the regime is considering leaving Israel short of the armaments it needs to fight Hamas.


Appeals Court BLOCKS Texas from Arresting and Deporting Illegals Hours After Supreme Court ruled in state’s favor. Bush and Biden judges cast deciding votes.

Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps by Democrats & Media, hidden from the public, at a previously operational airfield in Brooklyn. This comes as the metro area has been flooded with upwards of 175,000 illegals in just a few years.

Haitian Migrant Boat w/Guns, Drugs, Night Vision Intercepted off Florida as Caribbean Crisis Spreads.
Haiti’s security has rapidly deteriorated as widespread gang violence and civil unrest plague the failed state. US Dept of Defense says a “mass migration” wave from Haiti to South Florida is imminent.

Riot Erupts After Migrant Swarm Breaches US Border, National Guard Left Helpless in El Paso. A massive swarm of angry illegals broke through the border wall and steamrolled National Guard troops.

What’s Happening in Haiti Will Come Here Too. Politicians in major cities such as New York and Chicago admit they can’t take more migrants because social services for them have been overwhelmed, but more keep coming. We’re creating an explosive environment, and pressure in 2024 and beyond could push things over the edge.

Vicar Exposes Church of England’s Role in Migrants Faking Christianity to Enter the Country. Mostly young Iranians and Syrians, showing little genuine interest in Christianity, leverage baptisms for entry into the country amid allegations of the church’s involvement due to its support of open borders.


U.S. Consumers Have Reached a Breaking Point. Over the past several years, the cost of living has been rising significantly faster than paychecks. Delinquency rates are spiking and bankruptcies have risen to a dangerous level. It’s increasingly difficult to pay for basics, and many Americans have little or no discretionary income to spend. The economic shift since the turn of the decade has been epic. The average monthly mortgage payment for buying a home is nearly double what it was in January 2020.

Engineered Famine: Oregon starts shutting down small farms “to protect the people,” shutting down family farms en masse under the guise of water conservation and groundwater protection.

Caribbean-Spring? Protests Erupt in Cuba Amid Food Shortages, Blackouts. A wave of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions reminiscent of the ‘Arab Spring’ in the Middle East is starting to emerge across the Caribbean region, triggered by civil war in Haiti. The latest uprising unfolded in Santiago, Cuba. Hundreds took to the streets, decrying power blackouts and food shortages.

Germany Is Running Out of Money and Debt Levels Are Exploding. The government needs to change course. However, the dispute over spending is expected to escalate, with budget shortfalls causing clashes among the left-liberal coalition running the country.

Europe Alarmed Enough to Begin Wargaming a Food Crisis. Major factors including the Russia-Ukraine war and impact on grain supplies there, as well as weather events like El Niño and La Niña and their impact on Latin American soy output, and the anti-EU farmers’ protests which have disrupted supermarket supply chains, are cause for alarm. There’s also the example of how drastically a pandemic can interfere with supply chains.

“Dramatic Picture for History Books”: LNG Tankers Still Absent from Red Sea. Ongoing attacks by Iran-backed Houthis on commercial vessels navigating through Bab el-Mandeb Strait have forced liquefied natural gas tankers with destinations to Europe and US to divert routes, which means longer and more expensive routes.


Dengue outbreak in Argentina on track to break records, reflecting wider worry around South America where warmer and wetter weather has led to a surge in cases.


As Eastern U.S. Shakes, Mysterious Earthquake Swarm Returns to South Carolina. The eastern U.S. saw multiple earthquakes over the last week, and a mysterious swarm returned to South Carolina near Elgin. Over the last 7 days, USGS reported quakes in New York, Maine, New Jersey, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Now they’re reporting that another quake rocked Elgin, South Carolina, the third such quake to hit the small town in the last 30 days.


IDF chief says Israel in ‘multi-front war,’ urges vigilance amid Ramadan tensions. Incidents on one front can impact others, with the military fighting in Gaza, West Bank, and along the northern borders.

Israel police ‘training for mass terror invasion’ from Jenin. Intelligence sources warn that terrorists from ‘Palestinian’ Authority-controlled city of Jenin are plotting to storm Israeli residential areas.

IDF kills 40 Hamas terrorists, including top commander, in raid on Gaza hospital.

Arab reports: Commanders in pro-Iranian militias killed in strike in eastern Syria. Five pro-Iranian militia commanders, including a Hezbollah commander, were killed. The report didn’t say who was responsible for the strike.

For the first time: Cruise missile from Yemen fell near Eilat in Israel. The missile approached from the direction of the Red Sea and fell in open terrain.

Putin Warns of ‘Full-Scale WW3’ If West Sends Troops to UkraineIn Putin’s election victory speech (87% of vote), he warned the US and Europe that “full-scale World War III” is “possible” should any Western troops enter Ukraine.

Russian Forces Move Closer to The Mountains of Israel  Russian forces have been in Syria since Sept 2015. They entered Syria’s Civil War basically to save Bashar al-Assad’s hide. Nine years later, they’re still in Syria – Iranian regime, Hezbollah, and Turkey also. Now, reports that Russia is stationing forces closer along Israel’s border are a cause for great concern. There are geopolitical and prophetic ramifications. If Russian forces are in the line of fire when Israel strikes Iran or Hezbollah assets in Syria, things can spiral out of control. A day is coming when Russia, as well as Iran, will lead what Ezekiel calls a latter-day confederation against Israel – the War of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39.


Four European leaders: We’re ready to recognize Palestine. Prime Ministers of Ireland, Malta, Slovenia and Spain say they’ve agreed to take initial steps towards recognizing a ‘Palestinian’ state.


“Massive Altar” For Red Heifer Sacrifice Constructed in Israel. Since Moses’ time, only nine have been sacrificed. Now that the altar for the tenth has been built, there’s speculation it could happen soon.


New York Authorities Warn Residents to Expect Cellular Disruptions During Solar Eclipse, Suggest Residents Stock Up on Food, Water, & Fuel, based on lessons from 2017’s solar eclipse, where some regions experienced a 100% increase in population in days leading to and during the eclipse.

Star Explosion Will Be Visible in Night Sky in the Northern Hemisphere sometime between now and September as bright as the North Star. The last time this star system went nova was in 1946, marked by WWII’s aftermath and the beginning of the Cold War.

‘Devil’ Comet 12P puts on colorful spiral display as it approaches Sun ahead of total solar eclipse. It’s expected to be visible to the naked eye in parts of Mexico, U.S. and Canada by late March or in time for the April 8 total solar eclipse. It earned the name “Devil Comet” because of its hornlike appearance, which faded away in recent months. The image shows the comet’s tail in light blue, outer coma in green, and red-glowing gas around the coma in a spiral.

“Blood Moon Purim Eclipse” of March 25 Will Occur About Same Time “Devil Comet” Becomes Visible. During the next couple of months, many amazing things will occur in the heavens. For example, during the Great American Eclipse on April 8, the sun, moon, and 7 other planets will line up in the sky – as if the entire solar system will be screaming that this is a once in a lifetime event.  But before we get to April 8th, there will be some other incredible things happening in the skies.


Wake-Up Call. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane. That the insane call themselves “progressive,” is a signature of their insanity. Progress toward what better state of things? Toward a supremacy of fiends, sadists, degenerates, and morons seizing riches and power by every dishonest means possible outside the rule of law and common decency? What’s most obviously insane is that the insane party is pretending to nominate the mentally unfit White House place-keeper, “Joe Biden,” for reelection. Sensing the growing impatience with insanity among the voters, the insane party has reached its point of terminal desperation. What will they try next? How rough do they intend to play to prevent the return of sanity and good faith?

“…let us… watch and be sober… putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do” (see 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11).