4 Mar 2024

Crazy Like Never Seen Before


Pipeline of Criminals into the US. A relentless crime wave is raging. Politicians have become so soft on crime, and violent criminals are often put right back into the streets even if they manage to get arrested. Now, our streets are teeming with predators, and conditions are worse with each passing year.


Journalist on MSNBC attacks those who believe rights come from God.

Attacks On Churches Spike Nearly 800% In Six Years As Left Pushes Anti-God Narrative on Americans, all with political overtones, and at least 12 include satanic imagery or symbols.

Psychopathic religion of Globalists shapes their decisions and actions. It plays a significant role in the war they’re waging on the minds of populations. Globalist ideology revolves around Luciferian ideals, as seen in their association with writings of Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky.

Taylor Swift is engaging in satanic rituals in live shows, Christian artist claims: ‘Music is dangerous.’ Shane Lynch said, “She has two or three different demonic rituals to do with pentagrams on the ground, to do with all sorts of stuff on her stage. But to a lot of people, it’s just art. “There’s a “lot of hidden satanic” messaging in music today, yet most are oblivious to it.


15 Catholics killed at Mass by Muslim jihadists in Burkina Faso during Sunday Mass in the persecution-fraught African nation.

In Nigeria, 8,000 Christians were killed last year alone by Islamic militants. Dem Secretary of State Blinken removed Nigeria from the “countries of particular concern” list in 2021 after it was added by the Trump administration.


Jewish Students Threatened & Assaulted at UC Berkeley; Forced to Evacuate Through Tunnels. A violent mob of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protesters shut down their speaking event, assaulted Jewish students, and broke windows.

Singer Charlotte Church Leads Choir, Including Children, in Genocidal Song Calling for Eradication of Israel at a “Sing for Palestine” event in South Wales.

Jewish Dentist Fatally Shot By Muslim Former Patient, 2 Others Injured.

Reuters, A.P. sued by Nova festival victims’ families. “Those journalists infiltrated Israeli territory alongside Hamas operatives. Nothing can justify someone documenting a heinous crime in real time.”

Antisemitism is reaching WWII levels says rabbi in Norway.


New York Elementary School Hands Out ‘Black Lives Matter’ Coloring Book Promoting Transgender Affirmation.

In Llano, Texas: High school to take 22 years to review all sexually explicit books in library. A high school principal slow-walked a review of nearly 200 books in the library that parents flagged for sexually explicit material, setting a timetable of 22 years to reconsider them.

School boards are silencing parents who object to pornographic materials in their child’s education.

Over the past decade, public schools have become purveyors of state dogma, and the curriculums have been rewritten by LGBT activists.

Social media giant Meta allowed parents to exploit their kids by having pedophiles pay to see them in bikinis on Instagram.

Transgender Space Force Colonel Says Using Pronouns in Emails Will Help Win Wars.

‘Transgender’ male powerlifter calls for ‘painful death’ and ‘eternal suffering’ of female competitor. “May your generation die painfully,” male powerlifter ‘Anne’ Andres told those who oppose men dominating women’s sports.

Trans, HIV-positive male ‘breastfeeds’ infant with help of Canadian medical clinics. The biological male has taken a number of drugs to develop “boobs” he alleges are capable of lactating.

U.K. hospital group claims milk from transgender ‘chestfeeding’ is ‘as good for babies’ as a mother’s.

In Kiryat Tivon, residents elect Israel’s first transgender city councilor.


Abortion Pills to Be Sold at CVS and Walgreens.


67 ‘Prominent’ Muslims in Minnesota Arrested in Biggest U.S. Pandemic-Era Fraud Scheme, Many Attempt to Flee to Islamic Countries Amid $250 Million Scandal. Scores of prominent Islamic migrant figures, most with deep ties to the Democrat Party, alongside a celebrated left-wing journalist, business owners, and government workers, are accused of wire fraud, money laundering, bribery, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. They allegedly funneled millions of federal dollars, earmarked for feeding underprivileged children, into personal luxuries – lavish homes, high-end cars, even a beach resort.

Biden Blasted After Claiming Crime Rate Has Fallen To 50-Year-Low. He claimed that during the Trump Administration, “America saw the largest increase in murders ever recorded,” while “Under the Biden-Harris Administration, there has been a significant decrease in crime, including one of the largest yearly declines in homicides ever.” Respondents noted that Biden completely ignored a huge spike in violent crime in large, mostly Democrat run, cities. Others noted that the drop in overall crime can be attributed to a massive reduction in reporting crime stats and making things previously criminal no longer crimes.

Biden’s proposal would increase water costs by $10,000 per household.


Technocensorship: When Corporations Serve as Front for Government Censors. The government has become expert at disregarding constitutional roadblocks intended to protect rights of the citizenry. Eventually, as George Orwell predicted, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act.


Illegal immigrant kidnapped & killed student at University of Georgia while she was out jogging. The suspect is a Venezuelan citizen who unlawfully crossed into the U.S. in 2022.

MASSIVE Groups of Military Age Males from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, & More Filmed Traveling Through Darién Gap in Panama to be Flown into U.S. by Biden Regime. Correspondent Ben Bergquam is in the Darién Gap reporting on the international human smuggling operation coordinated by cartels, globalists, and the Biden Regime.


California requires pharmacists to undergo training bashing Christians, males, white people, straight people for license renewal.


European Union Proposes to Ban Repairs on Cars Over 15 Years Old. The aim is “to encourage Europeans to buy new, environmentally friendly vehicles,” thus forcing people to buy newer cars, and more often. Many will be priced out of car ownership, which will satisfy what’s arguably the real aim – planned immobilization of the people.

Farmers From 10 Countries Protest EU Green Tyranny.


Nationwide U.S. Recall Issued For “Deadly Outbreak” of Listeria In Dairy Products – Costco, Walmart, More

300% Surge in Death of Homeless People in L.A. Amid Fentanyl Crisis; over 2,000 lost their lives in 2023.

California Seized Enough Fentanyl In 2023 To Kill Global Population ‘Twice Over’

CBP U.S. CBP Agents Find Over $3 Million Worth of Cocaine Hidden in a Shipment of Limes

‘We’re never going to get them back’: Over 56K barrels of radioactive waste dumped off U.S. coast. Pollution in the Pacific off California’s coast could be more dangerous than originally thought. What was once thought to be thousands of barrels of DDT may actually be low-level radioactive waste, and the DDT that was detected wasn’t contained in barrels but rather poured directly into the ocean.

Peru declares health emergency in most provinces due to number of dengue cases occurring at a time of higher than usual temps caused by El Nino weather pattern. The number of cases registered during the first seven weeks of this year is twice as high as the same period in 2023, with over 31,000 cases.


Case of sudden visual loss due to brain tumor after mRNA injection. A 60-year-old woman experienced sudden visual loss in her left eye three days after receiving her 4th dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid injection. Her acute visual loss was due to an expanding pituitary adenoma, in other words, a brain tumor. The Covid injection represents a new potential contributor to enlargement of the pituitary gland.


Smokehouse Creek Fire becomes largest wildfire in Texas history and second-largest in U.S. The Smokehouse Creek Fire expanded beyond 404,686 ha (1 million acres) in Texas. The blaze, which also extended into Oklahoma, has claimed the lives of at least two people and continues to pose a significant threat to homes, cattle, and livelihoods in the Texas Panhandle.

Over 100 record highs likely this week as temps soar to summerlike levels. A volatile week of weather is setting up for the U.S., with extreme temps, severe thunderstorms, and widespread fire weather risk all set to affect millions from coast to coast.

A massive storm forecasted 6-10 feet of snow and high winds in the Sierra Nevada through the weekend of March 2-3. The storm may bury and isolate communities for an extended period.

Record-Breaking Natural Disasters We’re Witnessing in Texas & California Are Truly Historic. Over the past few years, the U.S. has been getting pummeled by one major natural disaster after another. The number of billion-dollar natural disasters in 2023 established a new all-time record high for a single year, and 2024 is certainly off to a roaring start.

Tornado outbreak in February? In the Great Lakes? Storms leave trail of destruction. Fortunately, no injuries.

Mexico City could be months away from running out of drinking water. The megacity of about 22 million has suffered from moderate to exceptional drought since 2024 began. In an effort to conserve, officials have restricted access for many to an hour or so of water every few days.

Widespread flooding and landslides in Italy; Alto Adige avalanche killed one and seriously injured two. Severe weather led to evacuations due to rising river levels and landslide risks.

England’s farms suffer as one of the wettest winters devastates crops. Farmers across the country are reporting catastrophic losses.

The total is now over 2 million animals perished in Mongolia’s harshest winter since 1975. The extreme weather event has intensified due to a preceding summer drought, severely impacting herding communities.

Australia: Tens of thousands in Victoria urged to evacuate due to catastrophic fire danger, with temps forecast to reach 45 °C (113 °F).


11 Christian missionaries and others killed in multiple vehicle crash in Tanzania.


Taking Nuclear War Seriously: Gingrich. The U.S. Dept of Homeland Security has degenerated into a mess of enormous incompetence. Today, it can’t cope with unarmed civilians at the border; it would likely be totally incapable of dealing with a nuclear event. Yet, nuclear war is becoming increasingly possible.

Putin vows to boost Russian special forces’ ability to strike. “We will continue to strengthen the Special Operations Forces, increase their mobility and striking potential, and arm them with new-generation weapons and equipment,” Putin said ahead of Feb. 27 Special Operations Forces Day in Russia. Putin Warns of Nuclear War If West Sends Troops to Fight in Ukraine.

Precision strikes on Iranian, Hezbollah assets in Syria send stark warning to Iran. In 2024 alone, 35 members from Hezbollah, IRGC, & pro-Iran militias were eliminated in Israel-linked strikes in Syria.

IAF aircraft strike Hezbollah launch site in Lebanon. Israeli fighter jets struck a launch site from which dozens of launches were carried out by Hezbollah toward the Golan Heights an hour prior.

IDF chief of staff says Hezbollah ‘will pay very heavy price’ after rockets strike strategic base. “Our forces are positioned here in order to locate the enemy and strike it. We are not waiting for anything. What we are saying is this: on the evening of October 7, Hezbollah decided to join in, and for that, it must pay a heavy price.”

‘October 7, part two:’ Iran plans for terror during Ramadan, Israel charges. Defense Minister Gallant warned that Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas are trying to use Ramadan to inflame the region so as to achieve another October 7 disaster against Israel.

Israel will be just ‘weeks away’ from ‘total victory’ over Hamas after Rafah operation, says Netanyahu. “We’ve already destroyed 18 of the 24 Hamas terrorist battalions. Four are concentrated in Rafah. We can’t leave the last Hamas stronghold without taking care of it. Obviously, we have to do it.”

Explosions rock Damascus in apparent Israeli airstrike on Wednesday.

IDF Releases Footage of Stampede in Gaza in Which Dozens Died. Palestinians mobbed aid trucks, resulting in dozens killed in the ensuing chaos. According to the IDF, the vast majority were killed while trampling each other to get to around 30 aid trucks. A second incident occurred, where unidentified armed Palestinians fired on the trucks and stole supplies. It was unclear who or how many people may have been injured at this stage, but IDF forces did not fire on anyone. In a third incident, a group of civilians who swarmed the trucks surprised Israeli combat soldiers nearby, ignoring warning shots, causing the soldiers to feel threatened. “During this incident, an estimated 10 Palestinians were killed. It was unclear if these Palestinians had aggressive intentions or were caught up in a chaotic moment.


The Level of Crazy In Our Society Has Reached Heights Never Seen Before.

The Rapture: Perhaps The Most Important Piece of Prophecy for Us to Understand since it could very well impact us personally. This article will help you examine what the Rapture is, defend it biblically, and explain its personal and practical importance.

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