12 Feb 2024

Manipulation and Indoctrination of the Nations

Manipulation: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose.
Indoctrination: teaching someone to fully accept only ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group.


Pope Francis calls it hypocrisy to oppose blessing same-sex couples. He said, “I bless two people who love each other.”


Real Nature of Satan Clubs: to Indoctrinate Children Against a Biblical Worldview. The claim that they support “children to think for themselves” is ludicrous. Their whole motivation is to indoctrinate children into an anti-God religion – teaching them that man is his or her own god (Romans 1).

‘So Oddly Blatant’: Satanic Tapestry Featured at World Economic Forum. The world’s richest, who travel by private jet burning fossil fuels to and from resort homes, complain that the ‘people’ don’t want to buy expensive, unreliable electric cars to “save” the planet, do things differently. For example, represented as “art” at a WEF gathering – “satanic” tapestry. “The tapestry begins with birth of a baby along a river of blood that eventually flows into the Devil’s waiting mouth, ending in death of an old man.”

Democrat Senator promotes satanists in Arizona State Capitol as taking ‘noble action’; says he’s ‘graced’ with their presence.


Taxi driver Paul Mackenzie led Kenya starvation cult that killed 400. He ordered followers to starve themselves and their children to death so they could go to heaven before the world ended.

Godless Globalist Agenda

U.S. Allots $15 Million to Help Islamic Nation that Hates America Fight Climate Change. Bangladesh, well known as a terrorist group recruiting ground.

Climate Scientists Want Umbrella the Size of Argentina to Block Out the Sun. They want to launch enormous umbrellas into space to fight so-called climate change.

Evils of Islam

Parliament member Mike Freer resigned due to escalating Islamic and left-wing threats/violence directed at him and his family, primarily because he supports Israel and condemns antisemitism in the UK.

Paris Islamic Migrant Knife Attacker Reveals Premeditation while authorities hide behind his mental health. Kassogue, armed with knife and hammer, embarked on a stabbing spree inside a train station, leaving three victims in his wake, one of whom faces a life-threatening condition. His online activities on platforms like TikTok, where he vented grievances and expressed “hate” toward France and the Western world, have drawn attention to whether migrants are adequately vetted and monitored. Despite these clear indications, French authorities have not yet confirmed direct links to terrorism.

Erdoğan’s Conquest: Turkish-Controlled Dutch Party Infiltrates Netherlands Police, New Sharia Uniforms for Officers Mark Pivotal Step in Islamization.

Hordes of Muslims launch violent attack in Haldwani, India, over demo of illegal madrasa and mosque.


Calling Evil Good and Good Evil: What in The World Is Happening on College Campuses? When presidents of three of America’s most prestigious universities appeared before Congress’ hearing on rising antisemitism, they refused to state clearly whether or not calls for genocide of Jews on campuses would constitute bullying or harassment.

Harvard to host radical professor who defended Hamas Oct. 7 massacre of Israelis.

Iranian Assassins Disguised as Refugees Tried to Kill Jews in Sweden.


‘Sex Week’ invites students to send Valentines to abortion providers. Ohio State University’s event also warns students against going to pregnancy centers.

Thousands of reports of AI-generated child abuse content in U.S. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says, in 2023, it received 4,700 reports of content depicting child sexual exploitation generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Montana CPS takes 14-year-old girl to Wyoming for gender ‘transition’ against parents’ will.

Syphilis is surging in the U.S., reaching highest numbers in nearly 75 years. There’s an “alarming trend” in STDs in general, specifically syphilis, over the past decade. Decline in protected sex, particularly among younger people, is a factor in the increase. A rise in illicit drug use has also led to more risky sexual encounters, thus higher risk of STIs. Most cases of syphilis affect men who have sex with men.

Trans-Identifying Volleyball Players Take Over Women’s College Game

125 German Catholic priests, religious and lay employees publicly come out as L.G.B.T. Also see German seminary rector says he allows openly homosexual men to enter, become priests

And the Abortion Abomination

Biden claims abortion for ‘3 trimesters’ is not ‘on demand’: ‘Does Biden think there’s a 4th?’


3 dead & 3 presumed dead in Philadelphia after house erupts in flames; 2 officers shot by suspect.

Squatters taking over homes all over the nation; turning them into crime dens. With online listings, it’s easy to identify vacant properties. Many states’ laws make it difficult to get them out. In some cases, they’re able to live rent free in homes for months or years. It’s a massive problem, especially in certain areas. For example, squatters have taken over 1,200 homes in the Atlanta area.


12 Absolutely Insane Examples That Show Just How Far the U.S. Has Fallen.

Astonishing Predictions from Dr Richard Day 1969: “Plans Much Bigger Than Communism.”
“Plans much bigger than communism’ have been set in motion,” the eminent professor revealed in 1969! The plan was “to enter the 21st century with a running start. Everything is in place, and nobody can stop us now…” Also, see Part 2 and Part 3.

Orwellian Society

School Assignment Asks Children to ‘Declare Independence’ from Parents. A government schoolteacher in Maine asked students to confess their “unconscious biases” and asked them to write a “Declaration of Independence” from “something problematic” in their lives, such as “parents” or “authority.”

One-World Totalitarian Government

World’s governments rushing toward one-world system. They may employ multiple global crises such as new “Disease X.”  The global summit at Davos revealed many of their plans. They see the world as one.

Deliberate Border Disorder

Border Patrol Chief Declares Border Has Never Been Secure Over Last 3 Decades. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said that in his nearly 30 years serving in the agency, the border has never been secure. He said the agency needs more technology, infrastructure, equipment, and manpower.

Ted Cruz Blasts Senate ‘Border Security’ Scheme.

New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams is launching a $53 million pilot program to provide pre-paid credit cards to illegal immigrants whom the city is already footing the bill to house in New York hotel rooms.

ICE Arrests Migrants Suspected in NYPD Attack. They arrested a group of illegal immigrants at a Greyhound Bus Station in Arizona, who were seen in a video beating New York Police Dept officers. The Hispanic suspects were then released without bail.

Migrant Gang in New Jersey gets $6,000 a person to smuggle Illegal Immigrants into U.S. from Canada.

Governors Rally at the Border, Taking a Stand Against Federal Failures: This is a striking display of bipartisan unity and resolve against the federal government’s mishandling of the border crisis.

Trump says, ‘I Believe We’re Going to Have a Terrorist Attack 100%,’ Possibly Due to Chinese Immigrants.

When the Stealth Invasion of America goes mainstream: and nobody cares. You know we’re in the final stages of an invasion when even corporate media reports on thousands of Chinese nationals streaming across the U.S. southern border.

Thousands Fill Dublin, Ireland, Streets in Protest Against Migrant Invasion.

Escalating Violence in Netherlands: Shocking Attacks by Migrants at Dutch Train Stations. The sequence of violent incidents underscores the pressing need for border closure, deportation of threats, and enhanced security measures to combat the challenges posed by migrants.

Exposing Islamization of the West & Unfolding Great Replacement. Éric Zemmour’s visit further uncovered the Left’s successful globalist population replacement scheme. He’s shed light on substantial challenges Western societies grapple with today due to mass Islamic migration. He said that in Islam, mosques aren’t just worship places but instruments of territorial conquest.

Open Borders Germany: School Warns Parents, ‘Don’t Let Your Daughters Walk To School Alone.’ Berlin reported around 20 rapes per week last year, while North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, witnessed an alarming average of eight rapes per day.


US lawmakers requested that Attorney General Garland provide info on illegal marijuana growing operations in U.S. linked to Chinese Communist Party.

And The Planned-Demic

Professor gives Australian Senate Committee “powerful reasons” to establish royal commission into response to Covid: why safe and effective treatments such as vitamin C, D, Zinc, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were not used to treat Covid.


American banks shutter 41 locations in a single week.

U.N. ‘secretly working with banks’ to destroy American food industry. Farmers not sufficiently ‘woke’ can have accounts shut down without notice. Farmers are under attack in multiple food-producing nations. Days ago, a video showed empty stores in France, where a climate agenda threatened production processes for farmers, and they more or less staged a strike.

Farmers in Europe are protesting because they’re being destroyed.


Trillions of gallons of rain have fallen on California, and more continues to fall. Billions of dollars in damage has been done, but of greater concern is what this could mean for southern California’s fault lines. The additional weight flooding puts on fault lines can help trigger earthquakes. “The Big One” is way overdue in southern Cal, and when it happens, it’ll be a disaster unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

California braces for another storm after historic atmospheric river claims 9 lives. California, still reeling from a historic atmospheric river that left nine people dead and hundreds of mudslides, faced a new threat this week from a fast-moving storm.

Non-stop rainfall causes over 8M gallons of raw sewage to spill onto LA streets, beaches.

Widespread floods and landslides in Philippines claim 14 lives.

Death toll from Chile’s wildfires reaches 131, and over 300 people are missing. Dry weather and strong winds contributed to life-threatening conditions.

Canadians forced to dig through five feet of snow after blizzard hits Nova Scotia.


US, Britain strike targets in Middle East. They struck 36 targets of Iranian-affiliated Houthis in Yemen.

US Strikes Killed At Least 39, Allegedly Including Civilians: Iraq Warns Stability On “Brink of the Abyss.”
Widespread reports say at least 39 were killed in last Friday’s US airstrikes on Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria, which used over 125 bombs & munitions. There are reportedly civilians among the dead.

American Bases attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles within hours of retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraqagainst Iranian-backed militias.

Medvedev Warns Russia Has ‘No Choice’ But to Unleash Nuclear ‘Apocalypse’ If Attacked By NATO.

Chinese State Media Issues Ominous Warning About ‘World War’ With NATO.

IDF Hits Hard After Hezbollah Wounds Three Israeli Soldiers. The Hezbollah strikes came from Lebanon into Israel, after which Israel retaliated.


Recognizing Palestinian State in Aftermath Oct. 7 Would Reward Worst Kind of Evil. Some media outlets reported that the State Dept is considering recognizing a Palestinian state. To do so in the aftermath of their October terror attacks on Israel would encourage every rogue group to follow that wicked path. It would bring chaos to this planet, the likes of which have never been seen before!

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry said Palestinian statehood and cessation of war were pre-requisites to normalizing relations with Israel.


PsyOps (Psychological Warfare): Historical, Modern, And Spiritual Warfare Tactics Used To Manipulate The Mind, convincing people to accept an alternate reality.  We must counter that by staying connected to the Word of God, speaking to Him in prayer, and seek the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Psychological warfare is about to get a lot worse. Many may be tempted to wait until after the rapture, wrongly believing they’ll be compelled to turn to Christ once they see this all unfold. However, there are no guarantees. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 warns, “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

Don’t wait! Today is the day of salvation!


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