1 Jan 2023

The Point of No Return


At least 13 Dead, 46 injured in nickel plant explosion in Indonesia, third fatal event this year at Chinese-owned nickel smelting facilities in Sulawesi province, Indonesia’s largest nickel reserve.


Christmas Eve in lawless California as youth riot in streets. In today’s imploding Western society, run by incompetent politicians, radicals have waged war on the family structure. A central tenet of Marxism is to dismantle the family structure.

Police seek suspect in fatal Florida mall shooting in Ocala. The suspect is Albert J. Shell Jr. Authorities believe it was a “targeted act of violence.” The victim was David N. Barron. A woman was shot in the leg, and several people were injured in the chaos while trying to get away.

Baltimore police shot a man in the leg after he charged at them with a machete-like weapon and another knife.


Christianity Today Magazine posted article claiming Jesus was Asian. Christianity Today magazine has moved to the left and represents the agenda of the elitist liberal wing.

Occult and Satan Worship

Kansas High School approves Satan Worship Club despite pushback from students and parents.

Globalist Goblins’ Godless Depopulation Agenda

Climate change insanity reaches new heights. U.K. study claims human breathing “contributes to global warming” and that Africans and women are most likely the worst ‘methane producers.’

Green cult destroying farmland to reduce population; that’s what going “carbon zero” actually means.

Scientists Propose Radical ‘Sunshade’ Plan to Fight ‘Climate Change.’

WHO head Tedros declares war on meat and traditional farming to fight ‘climate change.’


This year, Americans have become hungrier, lonelier, and more desperate. Hunger and homelessness have been exploding, the suicide rate continues to go higher, and there’s chaos in the streets almost nightly. We’re headed for a nightmare; at this point, everyone should be able to see that.

Banks terminate 60,000 workers in one of the bleakest years for the industry since 2008.

New “electric vehicle” battery replacement costs more than car itself.

Islam, Its World Takeover Agenda, & Its Useful-Idiot Enablers

Radical liberal arts professor at University of Minnesota calls to “decolonize” & “dismantle” U.S. Melanie Yazzie made the remarks during a pro-‘Palestine’ event.

Sharia in Australia: Al Madina Dawah Center’s calls for death to non-Muslims are ignored while Covid mandate violators are imprisoned.

Europe on high alert as Christmas terror plots foiled in France, Germany, Austria.

Terror Alert: Christmas and New Year’s Eve under threat by ‘most dangerous’ terrorist organization sending jihadis to Europe disguised as ‘war refugees.’


Four Canadian churches BURNED just before Christmas.

Nigeria: Christmas Massacre Death Toll 195, 10,000 Displaced, Over 1,000 Homes Burned Down. The death toll is likely higher. Fulani Muslims want to eradicate Christians.


Video: San Francisco State University students supporting, even offering donations to help kill Jews.

Dem Dark Money Giant funding anti-Israel demonstrations received $81 million in taxpayer dollars.

Israel finds Hamas bomb belts adapted for children.


CoComelon Lane, Netflix program tied to Disney, features toddler boy dancing in drag for his two gay “dads.” Children are encouraged to wear clothes for the opposite sex. The children’s show’s owner is tied to the porn industry, also the Chinese Communist Party which runs TikTok.

Disney worker charged with 32 counts of child porn in Florida. Disney has a pedophile problem which is deeply concerning considering their whole business model centers around children. Dozens of Disney employees have been arrested over the years for sex crimes involving children.

Church nativity scene in Italy features two mothers of baby Jesus instead of Mary and Joseph.

Collegiate ‘transgender’ (male posing as female) sprinter shatters records in women’s division. Camden Schreiner, now “Sadie” Schreiner, switched from competing against males to joining women’s track and field. Schreiner would have landed in 41st place if he were still competing against males.

ICE arrests 26 illegal alien sex offenders, including pedophiles, in California.

New California law requires ‘gender-neutral’ toy sections at major retail shops.

Canada: free tampons made available in all men’s restrooms.

Britain: Children as young as age 3 referred to ‘Gender Identity Development Service’ transgender clinic; hundreds of young children referred in past decade.


Democrat ‘squad member’ Ayanna Pressley encouraged Americans to celebrate Christmas season by “supporting your local abortion fund.”

Abortion Clinic Owner Brags She Kills Babies Up to 34-Week Gestation.

Hypocrisy on an appalling scale: Biden, his cohort Kamala, and other political leaders spoke against the atrocity that occurred in Israel by Hamas, including many babies beheaded. YET they support murdering babies—humans made in the image of God—in their mothers’ wombs. In the U.S., around one million babies a year. Worldwide, in 2023 alone, about 44 million.

Britain BANS PRAYER Near Abortion Clinics.


Maine’s Democrat Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, removed Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot.

Democrat Left can’t accept Supreme Court’s conservative majority, so they try to undermine its legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

Louisiana’s Democrat Gov. pardons 56 inmates; 40 are convicted murderers. John Bel Edwards has pardoned dozens of prisoners, including a man on death row; another who stabbed a woman 39 times.

Lincoln Memorial, statue hit by anti-Israel vandals, who painted “Free Gaza” and “Free Palestine” on stairs leading to the memorial. “These barbarians are not only antisemitic but also anti-American.”


Migrant caravan in Mexico heading to U.S. border. Authorities estimate 8,000 more per day. Up to 10,000 were detained every day this month. UPDATE: Largest migrant caravan in over a year heads to open U.S. border – 15,000 illegal migrants and growing daily.

“Mass migration blueprints” reveal NGOs “carefully planned” U.S. migrant invasion.

Wales: Its Labour government used taxpayer dollars to use underage girls to attract military-age illegal migrant men from Africa and the Middle East.

Catholic Church, akin to Soros, under scrutiny for involvement in financing illegal invasion of Europe.


Teen tourists stabbed at Grand Central Station in New York; attacker yells, “I want all the white people dead.” The two teens are expected to survive.

German TV Promotes Great Replacement Climate Plan: Stop Having White European Children – ‘Aryan CO2 Emitters’ – Import Third World Migrants Instead. This insanity could also be in the Godless Globalist Apostasy & Doctrines of Demons category or the Deliberate Border Disorder Category. Good grief!


Your car stores your text messages – law enforcement can retrieve them anytime following federally rejected lawsuit.


Increase of Illicit Nitazenes (synthetic opioids) nicknamed “Frankenstein,” 10 to 20 times more powerful than fentanyl, coming into the U.S., manufactured in China and brought in by Mexico cartels, added and laced into other pills, even added in addition to fentanyl. Already, deadly fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine.


CIA sued for covering up Covid records. Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project is investigating claims made by a CIA whistleblower that accuse the agency of covering up the pandemic’s origin.

Author of study used to vilify the unvaxed had ties to Pfizer; new peer-reviewed research shows why the study was flawed.

Japan study suggests COVID “persistently infects the heart opportunistically… potentially predicting a post COVID-era heart failure epidemic. The paper made no reference to COVID vaccines and heart failure despite a plethora of evidence suggesting the vaccines have caused spikes in heart issues worldwide.


California: At least 8 injured as massive waves flood coastal towns.

Australia: Wild weather leaves at least 10 dead in Queensland and Victoria.

Congo: Floods and landslides claim more than 60 lives.

Netherlands: rivers swell to record highs; flooding in many parts of the country following heavy rains.


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un calls to ‘accelerate’ war preparations following so-called ‘confrontation moves’ from U.S.

U.S. launched multiple airstrikes against Iran-backed terrorist groups in Iraq after a drone strike against U.S. forces at Erbil Air Base left three U.S. service members injured on Christmas. According to U.S. Central Command, the U.S. launched airstrikes in response to “multiple attacks” against U.S. and coalition forces in both Syria and Iraq.

Israel attacked in north and south as war in Gaza rages on. An Iranian drone from Iraq and a barrage of Hezbollah rockets hit the north as U.S. naval forces shot down a wave of Houthi drones over the Red Sea in the south. Sirens sounded in northern Israel when at least 34 rockets were fired from Lebanon.

Israel’s Defense Minister: Since the war’s beginning, we’ve been attacked on 7 fronts.

Iran threatens to close off Mediterranean Sea if the West continues to support Israel in the Hamas’ war.

Iran officials and allied military groups vow revenge after death of high-ranking general by Israeli airstrike in Damascus.

Syria claims Israel carried out air strikes in Damascus overnight on Thursday.

Iran arms Hezbollah ahead of wider conflict with Israel. The frequent strikes on Syria in recent days, attributed to Israel, were for the most part intended to thwart such transfers from Iran, which were meant to increase the number of precise missiles, anti-tank missiles and air defenses, including the Iranian-made surface-to-air 358 missiles also called SA-67) that can intercept drones, planes low flying aircraft and missiles, available to Hezbollah.

Two of the Ezekiel Trio to Plot Together: Iran’s President Raisi to visit Turkey’s President Erdogan for talks on the situations in Gaza and Syria as well as bilateral ties.

Iran accelerates production of near-weapons-grade uranium. Iran already has enough high-enriched uranium, if enriched further to 90%, to make three nuclear bombs.

Netanyahu visits IDF inside Gaza and vows new ‘intensifying’ phase of war. “Citizens of Israel, we are intensifying the war in the Gaza Strip. We will continue to fight until absolute victory over Hamas.”

European M.P.s visit scene of Hamas massacre in Israel. Italian Senator Francesco Arcieri said, “What we saw with our own eyes today is the result of this terrorist attack. I believe the ferocity of Hamas is the ferocity of another world, and that is why I believe Hamas should not live in this world.”

Hamas warns Arab countries against aiding voluntary migration of Gazans. Hamas cares nothing for its own people, using them as human shields and placing tunnels, etc., in or near hospitals and schools.

Hezbollah missile from Lebanon hits Galilee church in Israel; 1 civilian, 9 soldiers wounded.

Opinion: U.S. must help Israel deal with Hezbollah before it’s too late. Simultaneous with its operations to eliminate Iran-backed Hamas, Israel must also deter and prepare to fight an even more capable Iran-linked enemy in Lebanon – Hezbollah – which has launched hundreds of attacks against northern Israel using rockets, drones and anti-tank missiles. These strikes have displaced 80,000 Israelis living 6.2 miles from Lebanon’s border. They can’t return home as long as Hezbollah maintains a presence in southern Lebanon from which it can continue to launch missiles or repeat the Oct. 7 attacks.

2024 will be a year of catastrophic war in the Middle East. We’re much closer to a point of no return than most realize. Netanyahu publicly stated he plans to finish the conflict with Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza before dealing with Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, but he may not have a choice. Hezbollah forces continue to fire at targets in northern Israel, and the IDF carries out strikes in response. Hezbollah will never pull back to the Litani River willingly, so a catastrophic conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is coming. There are currently 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, almost a quarter of the global population. They’ll play a major role in the unprecedented chaos coming to our planet. So this war in the Middle East won’t be the end of the story. Instead, it will be just the beginning…


Wild dogs from Gaza swarm across abandoned Israeli border towns. And this isn’t a new problem. Last year, over 25,0000 wild dogs roamed the Negev desert area in southern Israel, especially around Ber Sheva, Dimona, and Arad. Another 10,0000 roam other parts of the country.


NASA launches mission to ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid before it scratches Earth’s orbit. Apophis is over 1,000 feet wide, named for an Egyptian (false) deity, nicknamed “God of Chaos.” It’s expected to pass closer to Earth in 2029 than any other similarly-sized asteroid in recorded history, within 20,000 miles – nearer than some satellites – on Friday, April 13, 2029. OSIRIS-APEX’s cameras will start taking pictures of the asteroid about two weeks before it passes Earth. It will then arrive at Apophis on April 13, 2029, and stay with it for the next 1 ½ years studying any changes caused by the close encounter. They say it won’t strike Earth, but only God knows. Revelation tells us of such catastrophes from the skies in the Tribulation.


It’s five minutes past midnight in Armageddon. The Biden regime continues to dither in how to decisively respond to Iran’s hastening pursuit of nuclear weapons. Now, Washington finds itself in overtime and losing. Iran is in a position to achieve a nuclear breakout as soon as New Year’s Day.

Regardless of how chaotic our world appears, God will accomplish his purposes. Trust Jesus! During these turbulent times, it’s essential that we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and believe His promises to us. The Gospel message includes both forgiveness of sins and the hope of Jesus’ appearing to take us to glory.

“The creation waits eagerly for the sons of God to be revealed; for the creation was made subject to frustration — not willingly, but because of the one who subjected it. But it was given a reliable hope that it too would be set free from its bondage to decay and would enjoy the freedom accompanying the glory that God’s children will have. We know that until now, the whole creation has been groaning as with the pains of childbirth; and not only it, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we continue waiting eagerly to be made sons — that is, to have our whole bodies redeemed and set free” (Romans 8:19-23, Complete Jewish Bible).

We pray that unbelievers would turn to Christ while there is yet time.

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