11 Dec 2023

Willfully Blind, Greedy, and Reprobate

“Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness” (Ephesians 4:18-19). “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate” (Titus 1:16).


Evolutionists say “Jurassic World” might exist on another planet.

Charles “Great Reset” King demands $5 trillion per year to tackle so-called climate change. The “sustainable future” he speaks of is where we own nothing, and they own and control everything.

Opposition to natural gas proves climate activists aren’t pro-environment; they’re anti-human.

Lying Wonders of the End Times: Society Is Running Headlong Toward Spiritism and Sorcery.


Cosmopolitan magazine endorses Satanic’ ritual abortion’ provided by Satanic Temple. Cosmo writes that for The Satanic Temple, “abortion is a religious ritual, one they argue deserves legal protection.” Cosmo says, “All faiths are welcome at *Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic in New Mexico.” Cosmo then describes their abortion ritual, presented in slides with upside-down crosses. [*The abortion clinic was named thus as a sick joke against the conservative Supreme Court Justice.]

Biden administration trying to remove funding from pro-life pregnancy centers that provide legitimate pregnancy help/support and alternatives to abortion.

India: police crack down on abortion ‘racket’ killing unborn girls. Sex-selective abortion based on preferences for boys persists throughout Asia; men in China and India outnumber women by 70 million.


Disney Kid’s Christmas film “Naughty Nine” features homosexual parents and sexually charged dialogue. A family with “two dads” is treated as perfectly normal. Two boys talk about “hot” guys.

Florida Gov. DeSantis confronted California Gov. Newsome about porn in classrooms. “This is pornography. It’s cartoons. It’s aimed at children, and it’s wrong.”

Canadian military bases mandate menstruation kits in men’s bathrooms.

Trans advocate in Congressional hearing claims preventing men (who identify as women) from competing against female athletes is unfair and “transphobic.”

Transgender bathroom battle heating up state by state.

FDA shows interest in study that could lead to official approval for transgender hormones. Its approval could help force insurance plans to approve cross-sex hormones and lead to courts striking down bans on chemically ‘transitioning’ minors.


Over 100 House Dems refuse to vote for resolution condemning antisemitism.

Leaders at Harvard, MIT, and Penn tell Congress that calling for genocide of Jews does not necessarily violate their campus code of conduct – unless it leads to actual genocide.

Minnesota: Group of 13 Democrat legislators publicly condemned a Jewish colleague who spoke against the BDS movement. Sen. Ron Latz said the movement “seeks to dismantle Israel.” “Palestinian children are taught at U.N. (UNRWA) schools that Jews should be killed. Their summer camps teach kids how to be terrorists. They play ‘kill the Jew’ on the streets of Gaza. Children’s T.V. shows glorify killing of Jews, and UNRWA-run school playground toys are plastic AK-47s. Palestinian youth dream of the opportunity to achieve glory, even martyrdom, by killing as many Jews as possible.”

Israel’s U.N. ambassador slams Soros for donations to ‘pro-Hamas groups’ seeking Israel’s destruction.

Vile incitement of Jew-hatred took place funded and organized by the U.N. at New York City’s headquarters and at its Geneva branch.

UN Sec-Gen invokes a rare article in attempt to force Security Council to act to stop war between Israel and Hamas. Interestingly, he did not do so in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan following America’s withdrawal.


HORRIFIC things were done to Israelis in Oct 7 massacre. Bodies with agonized expressions showed they were mutilated while alive. After watching footage of Hamas atrocities, U.S. urban warfare expert shocked by seeing ‘such joy’ terrorists had in their acts.

President of CAIR – America’s Leading Muslim Org – Cheers Oct. 7 Slaughter of Jews.

France: 1 dead, 2 injured in Paris terror attack. French national Islamist stabbed people randomly while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

New York: Mufid Fawaz Alkhader fired shots outside a synagogue while yelling, “Free Palestine.”

Pakistan: Bible Verse Facebook Post Forces Christian Family to Hide from Islamist Mobs.

Pakistan: 13-year-old Christian, abducted & forced into Muslim marriage, escapes 2 years later. “God had answered my prayers for freedom.” “It’s not safe to be a girl in Pakistan.”

Insane in the Membrane: P.A. envisions ruling Gaza with Hamas as a junior partner. ‘Palestinian’ Authority’s Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said, “For Israel to say that they are going to eradicate or eliminate Hamas, I don’t think that’s a possible goal to achieve, simply because Hamas is not in Gaza only. Hamas is in Lebanon, everybody knows Hamas leadership is in Qatar, and they are here in the West Bank.”


Gunman killed three faculty members at University of Las Vegas and left one injured before being killed. He had a list of targeted faculty, also a list from East Carolina University where he once worked.

U.K.: Jewish woman robbed and left unconscious after brutal attack in London. The two female attackers laughed and declared, “She’s dead,” before stealing her handbag. There is an investigation as to whether it was a hate crime.


The Deep State Agenda Is “Controlled Demolition of America.”

Jan. 6 Committee tapes have disappeared. The disappearance of videotapes of witness interviews conducted by the Democrat-led House Committee on the Jan. 6 so-called attack has alarmed the chairman of the House panel that replaced it. A court denied Trump’s legal team’s request for specific material from the Jan. 6 committee.

Biden’s DOJ fines Tennessee Christian trucking company $700,000 for requiring workers to disclose legal status.

California’s Gov. Newsom cancels public Christmas tree lighting to avoid scheduled ‘Palestinian’ protest.

U.S. diplomat Victor Rocha charged with spying for Cuba’s intelligence services since 1981.

Israeli authorities are investigating claims by U.S. researchers that some investors may have known in advance of Hamas’ plan to attack Israel Oct. 7 and used that information to profit from Israeli securities.


Court orders Texas to remove river buoys meant to stop illegal border crossers.

San Antonio Operating ‘Secret Migrant Camp’ With Taxpayer Funds.

Foreign-born U.S. population tops 49 million in 2023, beating Census prediction by 10 years. House Republican Committee on Homeland Security estimated that the increase in illegal immigrants caused by the administration’s border policies could cost American taxpayers up to $451 billion. “What’s happening on America’s borders is not incompetence; it is a calculated criminal act.”


Facebook’s parent company, Meta, knowingly allows millions of children under 13 to use Instagram. Meta received over 1 million reports of underage users but disabled only “a fraction” of the accounts and instead “continued to collect” children’s personal information — including locations and email addresses — without parental consent.

Some Smart Toys Can Collect Kids’ Iris Scans, Fingerprints, Vital Signs and More.

Children and parents rapidly developed health problems – sleep difficulties, emotional issues, headaches, stomach pain, and skin rashes – when staying at a summer home near a cell tower with multiple 5G antennas.

Rocky Mountains: Electromagnetic radiation emitted from Starlink dishes sickens and kills pets and widlife in animal sanctuary. The custodian said this began after most people in the area installed a Starlink satellite dish. This isn’t the first time health impacts of electromagnetic frequencies (“EMFs”) on animals and humans have been noted. Thousands of scientists and physicians have expressed concerns about the rollout of 5G in at least 60 appeals. Excessive exposure to cell phones and Wi-Fi networks has been linked to chronic diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s and infertility.

In Sweden, a 49-year-old developed concerning heart issues after new 5g antenna installed. Symptoms dissipated when he left the home but returned when he came back.


California: San Francisco faces deadliest year for drug overdoses, most from fentanyl.

Colorado: Denver Health administers 1st shots of Ebola vaccines as preventative measure. While outbreaks have continued across the globe, Ebola is less frequently seen in the U.S., but the disease has a 70% – 90% mortality rate when untreated. During the 2014-2016 outbreak in Africa, 11 in the U.S. were treated for Ebola; 2 died. 9 of the cases were imported into the U.S., and two were contracted by healthcare workers treating the patients.

U.K.: whooping cough (pertussis) cases soared 250% this year. It’s also called 100-day cough because it may last several weeks or months. The NHS notes whooping cough is preventable, and a vaccine protects babies and children. However, vaccine rates for pertussis have fallen to the lowest level in seven years. The NHS urges parents to schedule a doctor’s appointment if they or their child develop symptoms of whooping cough, or have a cold for more than three weeks that is getting worse.

Monkeypox kills 600; largest-ever outbreak in Congo; a further 11,988 are infected. The death toll surpasses 112 global fatalities recorded during last summer’s outbreak when Mpox spread in Western nations for the first time. Experts warn the outbreak is driven by a strain of the virus previously spread through animal to human contact but is now rapidly spreading between humans. “The risk of Mpox further spreading to neighboring countries & worldwide appears to be significant,” WHO said.


DOD blocks U.S. Navy medical officer’s computer access after he exposed alarming surge in heart issues among pilots following Covid vaccination.

New Zealand Health Ministry employee and whistleblower arrested for exposing deaths linked to specific ‘bad batches’ of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. He could face up to 7 years in prison.


Biden’s Inflation Nightmare: staggering cost for average Americans. To maintain the same standard of living Americans had at the beginning of Biden’s term, households have to spend an additional $11,434 per year. Inflation has risen 17%.

California: Bay Area tech layoffs pass grim milestone with new Qualcomm job cuts. During 2022 and so far in 2023, tech companies have revealed plans to eliminate over 30,000 jobs in the Bay Area.


Washington State and Oregon: Record-breaking rainfall caused widespread flooding and two fatalities; extensive property damage across both states.

Tanzania: Severe floods/landslides hit Hanang district, burying 100 homes & killing at least 47.

India: Cyclone Michaung has killed 17 people in Chennai.

Australia: Queensland braces for an unusual tropical cyclone. Cyclone Jasper intensified into a category 4 system on Friday and was on track to approach the coast around the middle of next week.


Indonesia’s Mount Marapi volcano suddenly erupts, killing 23 climbers.


Terrorists strike U.S. embassy in Baghdad (Iraq) with 7 mortars as attacks escalate. The rounds landed in the U.S. Embassy compound during an attack on Friday. U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria were also targeted with rockets and drones at least five more times on Friday; three times at separate bases in Syria, and twice at the Ain al-Asad airbase west of Baghdad.

Pentagon moving toward letting A.I. weapons autonomously decide to kill humans. The U.S. is among countries arguing against new laws to regulate AI-controlled killer drones. Critics are concerned about the development of machines that can decide to take human lives.

China’s high-altitude balloon program linked to its military’s hypersonic missile program; a new command for both systems is prepared to conduct “merciless” attacks in a conflict with the U.S.

U.S. warship & multiple commercial vessels attacked in Red Sea by drones Dec 3, which were shot down. Drones & cruise missiles in recent weeks launched by Iran-backed Houthi rebels signify a serious escalation in maritime attacks in the Middle East. The U.S. is consulting with Gulf allies about potential military action against Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels in response to their increasingly brazen attacks on ships in the Red Sea. The talks are at a preliminary stage, and both the U.S. and partners still favor diplomacy over direct confrontation.

Nigeria: A “mistaken” drone attack on a Muslim holiday gathering killed over 85 and injured over 66. The drones were supposed to “target terrorists and bandits” in Kaduna state’s Tudun Biri village.

Deputy Hamas leader Al-Arouri says no prisoner exchange until end of the war & cessation of fire. The ceasefire ended after Hamas failed to provide a new list of hostages that would’ve been freed Dec 1. Also, Hamas fired rockets toward Israel. In response, IDF struck over 400 terror targets in Gaza over Dec 1-3 weekend. Al-Arouri said Hamas is not opposed to exchanging bodies of terrorists for bodies of Israeli hostages. What else would we expect from terrorists?

Hamas leaders warn that a “war of liberation” bigger than the Oct 7 massacre is imminent, indicating the terrorist group’s plans for another siege on Israeli civilians.

IAF struck Hezbollah terror sites in Lebanon on Tuesday in response to repeated attacks.

Residents of Israel’s north won’t return home until Hezbollah is removed from border, says Israeli defense minister. Hezbollah carried out at least 11 attacks against Israel on Wednesday.

Netanyahu threatens to turn ‘Beirut (Lebanon) into Gaza’ after Israeli murdered in Hezbollah attack on Thursday.

IDF strikes 250 terror sites in Gaza as ground battles intensify. One target was an armed terrorist cell adjacent to a school with a tunnel shaft in the area.

In tense meeting with Blinken, Israeli leaders rebuff U.S.’ concerns.’ Biden administration’s approach to the Gaza war is edging toward its typical fence-sitting; it doesn’t believe Israel can eliminate Hamas’ threat without crossing red lines. Israeli leaders fired back that the entire nation is united behind fulfilling this mission at all costs, suggesting red lines were blurred on Oct 7.

Biden administration said to demand Israel conclude war against Hamas by end of December.

IDF needs about 2 more months in Gaza to wrap up 1st stage of war, Israel believes. A senior Israeli official appeared unfazed by the prospect of a U.S. deadline. He said, “They advised us not to go into Gaza, but we did. We went into Gaza because that was the only way we could destroy Hamas and free our hostages. They told us, don’t go into the terror tunnels. But if we don’t go into the terror tunnels, there’s no way we can destroy Hamas. They told us not to go into the hospitals despite them being used by Hamas as command and control centers, but we went into those hospitals, and we did what we needed to do. And we’ll do what we need to do to reach decisive victory.”


This generation is about to experience ramifications of forgetting the past. George Santayana’s aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” has never been more apropos than now. There are mind-boggling developments at this late hour leading to the return of Christ. Yet vast numbers of people seem oblivious to the madness of the building rage toward the Jews.

The nations will pay, says God. “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it” (Zechariah 12:3).