3 Dec 2023

We ARE In the Last of the Last Days Before Christ Returns


Biden Omits God from Thanksgiving Proclamation, first time in US history. Without acknowledging God, we’re adrift from the moorings with no destination and no anchor to hold us firm.

Biden’s foster care plan would effectively ban Christians.

All-female Catholic college will admit men identifying as women. The president of St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame cited Pope Francis as inspiration for the policy.

The End Times Church is inundated with apostasy. Many don’t realize they’re in an apostate church.

AND GLOBALIST GOBLINS’ ‘CLIMATE AGENDA’: Ruse for Godless global governance.

UN Demands Americans drastically reduce meat consumption to meet WEF climate goals.


TERROR ATTACK Jerusalem: 4 Israelis were killed and 4 wounded. The two terrorists, who were killed by an IDF soldier and a civilian, were Hamas affiliates and had served prison sentences for terrorist activity.

Islamized UK: At a Birmingham mosque, an Imam called on Allah to kill all the Jews. Protests across UK in support of Hamas have increased. The mosque calls on the government to grant asylum to displaced ‘Palestinians.’ Critics say this exploits the situation to further Islamize the country.

Germany: Two Muslim teenagers with foreign backgrounds arrested for planning terror attack against synagogue or Christmas market.

TikTok’s popular influencer Tallie Dar: His Jihadi Agenda – Erasing Israel, Spreading Sharia, Attacking Christianity, Islamizing the West. He has a TikTok following of 1.4 million.


New York City Jewish teacher forced to hide at school in her locked office while hundreds of students screamed that she be fired for supporting Israel.

Senior CIA official posted pro-‘Palestinian’ propaganda on social media, The CIA and even the Pentagon are full of wokes with leftist views; they hate America and support Islamic terrorists.

Released Israeli was held hostage 50 days in attic of UN Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) teacher, and barely fed. UNRWA has been criticized for connections to Hamas terrorist organization and extreme antisemitism of many employees, including teachers. Its curricula & summer camps teach children to want to kill Israelis.


Gender Doc admits transitioning 7-year-old. Neff works for Louisville, Kentucky’s Baptist Health System.

Boston, Massachusetts, pediatrician sexually abused children over decades. He gave vaginal exams during checkups. If parents were in the room, he’d shield them from view. Since his Nov 2 court date, where he was accused of raping victims one and two, 20 more women have come forward who were sexually abused as children by him, two still minors. Many more are expected to come forward.

Trans-identified & admitted pedophile indicted for repeated threats to sexually assault Christian girls, kill white children (he’s white), bomb churches, and kill Uganda’s Parliament members. He said trans-identified people are “tired of being picked on, and we’re going to go into the schools and kill their f…… children.” He said he took inspiration from the transgender who killed children at a Christian school. He called Republican Party members ‘pus….’ who wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Target’s sexually themed ‘Pride’ Christmas ornaments: more evidence we live in post-Christian society. Eric Thompson, its LGBTQIA+ strategist (‘gaycruella’ on social media), said, “Time to whip out the Glitter & Hellfire flamethrowers and rip that old world to shreds, darlings. Let’s flip that script and rewrite that narrative…” When asked if he would make sales tank, he responded, “Yes…” with heart and kissing emojis. [It’s obvious Target isn’t concerned about lagging sales, just promoting perversion.]

CEOs of X, Meta, Snap, TikTok, & Discord summoned to testify before Senate Judiciary regarding material depicting exploitation of children and use of their platforms by adults to groom minors. Other social media platforms also continue to be used for child exploitation.


‘Irish Lives Matter’ Labeled as Hate Speech by officials in Ireland amid Dublin Protests. The protests began after 5 adults and 3 children were stabbed by a man from Algeria (mostly Muslim country). Their protests are demands for action against the flow of migrants. They want to know who’s coming into their country…. just as those with any sense everywhere should. “Borders matter!”

Whistleblower exposes US and UK creation of sweeping plan For Global censorship. A trove of new documents shows the birth of the Censorship Industrial Complex in reaction to Brexit and the Trump election in 2016. Officials from Dept of Homeland Security and Facebook all worked closely together in the censorship process. Banks were pressured to deny access to financial services to individuals in order to silence them. The WHO used them to counter vaccine criticisms; they were also used by the FBI. Strangely, all 2019 documents were missing. Could it be plans to stop Trump from being elected the next year? Also, Covid began later in 2019.


ICE agent warns that ‘terror groups like Hamas’ are already in U.S. thanks to open border.

Arizona: Tucson sector border patrol to stop posting border crisis photos amid record surge of illegals in order to maximize available staffing.

9,400+ illegal aliens flood over U.S. southern border in last 24 hours (Nov 30 report).

One sector of U.S. northern border saw 550% increase in migrant apprehensions in fiscal year 2023. Even though the 5,000-mile northern border is largely unmanned, numbers at the southern border vastly eclipse those at the northern border. Northern border: 189,402 migrant encounters (sharp increase from 27,000 in 2021 & 109,535 in 2022). Southern border: over 2.4 million.

Europe braces for onslaught of illegals as Niger, backed by Russia, reopens migration routes in hopes of destabilizing the continent.


Democrat-run Chicago: At least 25 shot, one fatally, by Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend.


China Pneumonia Outbreak: Beijing and Liaoning provinces are the epicenters where hospitals are facing large numbers of children with high fever, lung inflammation, and cold. “They don’t cough and have no symptoms; they just have a high temperature, and many develop pulmonary nodules,” a Beijing resident was quoted by a Taiwanese news website. ProMed said, “The report suggests a widespread outbreak of an undiagnosed respiratory illness … It is not at all clear when this outbreak started as it would be unusual for so many children to be affected so quickly. The report does not say that any adults were affected, suggesting some exposure at the schools.”

China’s health ministry claims that a surge in cases of mycoplasma pneumonia, flu, and RSV is behind a dramatic rise in the number of children admitted to hospital. It’s being blamed on low immunity since this is the first winter after many strict lockdowns.

Ohio: Pediatric Pneumonia Spike. Warren County Health District officials announced an extremely high 142 pediatric pneumonia cases since August, which has spread through multiple school districts. The WCHD says it doesn’t believe it’s a new or novel respiratory disease. “Mycoplasma pneumoniae (white lung syndrome), Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Adenovirus” are among the pathogens recovered.”

Massachusetts becomes second state to be hit by wave of ‘white lung’ pneumonia.

Denmark and Netherlands: surge in child pneumonia. Denmark’s State Serum Institute warned of a spike in mycoplasma pneumonia in children.

12-Year-old’s death in France after HPV Vaccine triggers probe into Gardasil safety and School Vaccine Campaigns.

FDA approves Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine despite trial safety signals of increased premature birth.

New movie, ‘Shot Dead,’ tells heartbreaking stories of youth who died after COVID vaccination.

Heart issues skyrocketing in military pilots after Covid vaccination, says a U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps whistleblower.

Study: Natural immunity is better than protection from Covid vaccination.

WHO’s close links to Gates and Big Pharma make the Pandemic Treaty a threat to national sovereignty and personal liberty. Yet another ruse for global governance.


Food Bank demand surges after Americans hit with inflation.

In 2023, JP Morgan Chase has or will close 159 branch locations across the U.S. Also Bank of America, Wells Fargo, & Citi Bank announced similar closures continuing into 2024.

Big banks are shutting down many local branches all over the nation. When financial institutions get into trouble, they lay off workers and close local branches. Latest example: In just one week, U.S. banks decided to shut down 64 branches. More trouble is coming for banks because the real estate industry is a mess; when it falls on hard times, financial crisis is usually right around the corner. Also, major banks all over the globe are getting hit hard. We’re moving into an extremely chaotic time, so maybe you don’t want all your assets in a single place.


Alaska landslide: Five people are dead, and one is missing. The 450 ft. wide landslide occurred during a storm that brought significant rainfall and gusty winds.

Widespread damage and at least 23 fatalities, 12 missing in Eastern Europe after rapid intensification of severe snowstorm Bettina.

Horn of Africa floods displace over 2 million. Almost 300 people have died in Somalia, Kenya, & Ethiopia. Heavy rainfall linked to El Nino weather pattern [also it’s the rainy season] struck as the region is emerging from the worst drought in 40 years that drove millions into hunger. Now it’s floods.

Lightning strikes kill 24, injure 25 in Gujarat, India, amid unseasonal severe thunderstorms.


7.6 earthquake off coast of Philippines prompts evacuations over 1,000 miles away in Japan.


US Air Force Osprey crashed in waters off Japan’s coast with 8 on board; latest in a string of fatal accidents.


Iran may send advanced short-range ballistic missiles to Russia for its war in Ukraine. Iran already provided Russia with armed drones, guided aerial bombs, and artillery shells. Iran is becoming an important Russian partner. [They are partnered in the Ezekiel 38-39 invasion of Israel.]

U.S. Naval Presence Challenged by Iranian-Backed Forces in Gulf of Aden. In a bold confrontation highlighting escalating Middle East tensions, Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists launched an attack against a U.S. destroyer. The incident followed USS Mason’s intervention to prevent seizure of a tanker linked to an Israeli businessman by these militants​. There’s been a trend of attacks by Iranian-backed forces in the region, at least 66 since mid-October. They’ve included actions by Houthis and Hamas, both Iran-supported groups, against Israel​.

Israeli-owned ship attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean.

In ceasefire violation, Hamas terrorists detonated explosives, wounding several Israeli soldiers.

Ceasefire Ends After Hamas Violates Hostage Deal, Fires 50 Rockets Toward Israel. Israel retaliated by hitting 200 Gaza targets.

Israeli hostages that have returned from Hamas captivity tell of starvation and horrific abuse, including of children, by Hamas militants and Gaza civilians. 6 Israelis died in captivity in Gaza. Since Oct 7, over 1,400 Israelis (395 soldiers) have been killed, and over 9,000 have been injured.

Netanyahu ends meeting with Blinken, says Israel has ‘sworn to destroy Hamas.’ Noting that the meeting came shortly after 3 Israelis were murdered in a ‘Palestinian’ terror attack in Jerusalem claimed by Hamas, Netanyahu told Blinken this is the same Hamas that committed the terrible massacre on October 7 and is trying to murder us everywhere.

Israel raids put Damascus airport out of service again. Attacks have intensified since Oct. 7. The Oct 26 raid targeted Damascus International Airport and points of the Damascus countryside.


Israel and the US repeating mistakes of the past. The biggest obstacle to Middle East peace is short-sighted incompetence of Western leaders. Example: America’s history of stopping Israel just short of defeating its enemies. In 1967 & 1973, Israel’s most famous full-scale wars came to a sudden halt when Washington insisted on a truce just as the IDF was preparing its final assault. The First Lebanon War in the early 1980s concluded with Israel pressed to accept a deal whereby Arafat and his PLO could escape to fight another day. The same formula is being discussed regarding Hamas. Generally speaking, jihadists would rather die than admit defeat. Their Quran teaches that “Allah’s” rewards are greater that way. In the near future, the world will see in a huge way what God thinks of its interference regarding Israel.


The re-establishment of Israel signaled that we’re living in the end of the end times. Israel is the major focus of End-Time Bible prophecy. Ezekiel referred to Israel’s revival in the last days as producing “an exceedingly great military force” (Ezekiel 37:10). Zechariah prophesied that God would enable them to “consume on the right hand and on the left” all their enemies (Zechariah 12:6).

Top Bible Prophecy Stories 2023: world longs for the man who’ll guarantee [so-called] peace and stability. Ten reasons (of many) that show we’re in a countdown to the close of the Church Age. Things have taken a dark turn unlike anything seen in modern times. The world has become unhinged. Jesus is coming!

  1. The world decided that Israel became the international burdensome stone (Zech. 12:3).
  2. Israel now longs for peace like never before.
  3. For a segment of society, love has grown cold.
  4. Gog & Magog further align as they unite against Israel.
  5. The church is slipping further into apostasy.
  6. The Jews are coming home in greater numbers and are more open to the gospel.
  7. Strong delusion (II Thess. 2) intensifies and abounds!
  8. Intensified longing for a world leader as American leadership is weak and non-existent in the Executive Branch.
  9. The intensification of perilous times (II Tim. 3), violence, and spirit of the Antichrist.
  10. There is an explosion of global reprobate minds (Romans 1).