9 Oct 2023

Excessive Escalation!

Update: Israel is at war. These prayer concerns were posted before it was known about the horrific attack on Israel. Read about this in the last section. Interestingly (and prophetically), Israel is threatening to destroy Damascus if Hezbollah doesn’t stay out of this declared war. Things are ramping up exponentially, brethren.


Building a Church Devoid of Biblical Truth: The Rebellious Agenda of the Deconstructionists. It’s the dismantling of tradition as well as traditional faith. This makes way for seeing truth as relative rather than dogmatic and allows for more progressive views such as gender fluidity, homosexual marriage, and universalism. Obsessed with making the world accept them, these deconstructionists are willing to tear down a perfectly sound house to build a church devoid of Biblical truth. And devaluation of the truth is exactly the agenda of the deconstructionists.

Pope Francis’ new climate document Laudate Deum dangerously asserts the transference of moral authority to atheistic globalists who serve not God but the Prince of this World.’ Dear Catholics: please read the Bible, not the traditions of men. This so-called ‘Mother’ Church is not the true church, and this Marxist pope promotes a global government and a global religion. The Bible warns against these.

Occult: Top British University’s Arab and Islamic Studies School Offers Degree in ‘Magic and Occult Science.’

Demonic Delusion: Alien life in Universe: Scientists say finding it is ‘only a matter of time.’


Report: Planned Parenthood Gives Teens Sex Change Hormones After 30-Minute Consult.

California: LA elementary schools to celebrate National Coming Out Day with a week of LGBTQ+ lessons.

Minnesota: Parents at a Ham Lake charter school are protesting the school’s partnership with AmazeWorks, which recommends books on gender identity for young students. Example: A book used in kindergarten classrooms at DaVinci Academy is called “Jacob’s New Dress.” The list was sent to families this week and includes about 100 books covering topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.

Former ABC News Reporter James Gordon Meek Sentenced to Only Six Years in Sadistic Child Porn Case. He sent and received videos of “infants and toddlers and content depicting sadistic and masochistic abuse of prepubescent children.”

Satanic Pedophile Extortion Cult Uncovered by FBI After NY Arrest. The group called 764 uses “threats, blackmail and manipulation” to convince underage victims to record videos showing acts of self-harm, animal cruelty, sexual acts, and suicide. Footage is circulated among members, who then further exert control over the victims. Members share “gore” videos depicting all sorts of horrific acts in order “to gain notoriety and rise in status in their group.” See article below for more information.

FBI warns about global satanic pedophile cult. The group 764 is an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a violent, subversive amalgam of esoteric Hitler worship, satanism, and Wiccan tenets. O9A is a terrorist ideology. Followers are encouraged to commit random acts of extreme violence, sexual assaults, and “culling” of human victims to accelerate the breakdown of the current Judeo-Christian Western system. Members communicate mainly on Telegram but also Roblox, Discord, Twitch, and SoundCloud. The group involves people around the world, including U.K. and Germany. The FBI urges the public to exercise caution when posting personal photos, videos, and identifying information online. Also, look out for warning signs indicating a minor might be experiencing self-harm or suicidal ideations.

Pastor accused of producing child porn. Pastor Jose Saez Jr. of Brentwood, New York, confessed to collecting videos from minors engaged in sex acts and told investigators, “I’m sorry that I cannot stop.”


Delta, American, United, and Southwest Airlines have discovered that unapproved jet engine parts with fake safety certificates have been installed inside their planes. The airline companies and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency claim that AOG Technics, a leading global aircraft support provider, sold them the fake parts. AOG Technics falsified the required airworthiness documents for the spare parts and mass-produced artificial safety certificates in order to sell its engine parts to them.

NYC College Hired Unhinged Machete-Wielding Professor. Shelleyne Rodriguez, who is currently listed as an adjunct professor at Cooper Union, was fired from Hunter College earlier this year after belittling and condemning pro-life students and removing their display. After the incident, a reporter went to her apartment asking to comment on the video that emerged. She stormed out with a machete, held it to the reporter’s neck, and threatened to “chop you up with this machete.’ She then chased the reporter and camera crew while holding the machete as they attempted to leave.

Left-wing Philadelphia journalist who mocked concern over violent crime in Democrat cities was shot dead in his home. Josh Kruger was shot seven times after someone entered his home, shot him at the base of his stairs, and then fled. Detectives believe his death may have been the result of a domestic dispute or may have been drug-related.

Oregon: Portland Residents Told Not to Call Police for Help unless their lives are at risk. Given how dangerous Portland has become, it might not affect the volume of calls to police because more residents’ lives are at risk from criminal activity than ever before. Portland officials were proud in 2020 when they defunded the Police Bureau by $15 million instead of increasing it by $3 million. One commissioner was even upset that the council didn’t remove more. They’re reaping what they’ve sown now.


Biden State Dept funds group with ties to ‘Palestinian’ Islamic Jihad.

FBI Creates ‘MAGA’ Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead of 2024 Election.

Hillary Clinton claims Trump supporters are in a ‘cult’ and need ‘formal deprogramming.’


Kenya: Girls’ high school temporarily shuts down due to outbreak of mysterious illness which reportedly paralyzes legs of over 90 students (video).


Former police detective claims half of SIDS cases occurred within 48 hours after vaccination. A former police detective in a major U.S. city revealed staggering percentages of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) occurred within 48 hours to a week after inoculating babies.


US Debt Spiral Is Reaching Terminal Phase. What our politicians are doing to us is truly a crime against humanity. Not just in the United States but all over the world, politicians have been on the greatest debt binge in the history of the human race, and for quite a few years, it seemed like they were getting away with it. But now interest rates are rising, and there is great turmoil in the bond markets…. Now, our entire country is drowning in debt, and our politicians are adding hundreds of billions more to that debt every single month. This is not going to end well, and that should be obvious to everyone. For the moment, our politicians are doing their best to keep the debt spiral humming, but the clock is ticking, and time is quickly running out…


India: Death toll rises to 47 after an icy flood swept through Himalayan northeast. At least 150 people are missing.

Taiwan: Typhoon “Koinu” hits with record-breaking winds, injuring 300 people; one person dead.


Canada Wildfires Send Another Toxic Smoke Plume Across America from Seattle to Miami.


Two 6.3 earthquakes kill dozens and injure many more in western Afghanistan.


‘Leave before it’s too late’: Rabbi warns Armenia ‘is dangerous for Jews,’ urges mass emigration.


True peace will only come when Jesus physically returns to Earth to rule and reign.

Saudi-Israel Agreement: Precursor to Antichrist’s Covenant with Many? Excerpt from the article by Mark Hitchcock: The “big fish” is clearly Saudi Arabia. Netanyahu has called normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel “the deal of the century.” A top Israeli diplomat said a normalization agreement would be “a historic opportunity for a peace process that will change the face of the Middle East and the whole world.” That’s a dramatic statement in light of Bible prophecy. With momentum building for peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the stage is more set than ever before.

The rapture will move the final pieces into place. The antichrist will rise into the chaos and aftermath to bring calm, and part of that will be [confirming] a Middle East peace deal. We’re witnessing the setup for that coming treaty right before our eyes. It’s incredible to see the things that are prophesied so clearly in the Bible. My prayer for myself and all of us is that we will live faithfully in light of the rapture because all the signs are pointing to it coming very soon.

Update: Saudi Arabia is one of three Arab countries who blame Israel for the unprecedented attack by Hamas.


Former Russian President Medvedev said any Brit soldiers training soldiers inside Ukraine would be legitimate targets for Russian forces and “ruthlessly destroyed.”

Syria in-fighting: Syria Bombards Rebel Areas After Drone Strike on Military Academy Kills Scores.


Since these prayer concerns were posted, Israel was savagely attacked by Hamas terrorists on Saturday morning, Israel’s Sabbath day, not just with rockets but terrorists murdering Israelis on the streets, including murdering whole families and taking women and children hostage.

In the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel, the conflict has spread north. The Israel Defense Forces have carried out artillery strikes in Lebanon following rocket fire from the country on northern Israel. The Israeli military has also reinforced its border with Lebanon.

The number of Israelis killed is estimated to have reached at least 900. Most were civilians. Another 2,150 were reported wounded. At least 11 killed were American nationals, and more are missing.

Israeli troops lined up on the territory’s border on Monday after pounding the 140 sq mile strip with 2,400 air strikes – one of the largest ever bombardments in a single day. Other troops were sent north to skirmish with Hezbollah forces on the Lebanese border.

Gaza has been placed under “complete siege,” Israel’s defense minister said, with a vow to cut off all supplies of food, water and electricity in a bid to starve Hamas out. In return, the group warned that if Israel does not end its bombardment, it will execute one civilian on live television for every bomb that is dropped without warning. Videos show that Hamas already killed some of the hostages shortly after taking them captive.

Over 300,000 reserve troops have been mobilized from the Israeli civilian population, and many have been sent to the Gaza border in armored vehicles, in what many analysts interpreted as a sign of an imminent ground invasion.

The leaders of Hezbollah have said they would invade if Israel launches a full ground assault on Gaza. ISRAEL WARNED HEZBOLLAH’S LEADER THAT IT WOULD “DESTROY DAMASCUS” AND TARGET THE GROUP’S ALLY, BASHAR AL-ASSAD, IF IT WERE TO JOIN THE WAR.

Both Hamas and Hezbollah are proxies of Iran.


As we know, Damascus will be destroyed. “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” (See Isaiah 17). Besides Southern Syria, Northern Israel will be in bad shape afterward, and a number of Bible prophecy experts believe this will result in the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 (after the rapture) when Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc., invade Israel (possibly early in the Tribulation).

Take heart brethren: “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth” (Revelation 3:10).

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