30 Aug 2023

Hurricane Idalia now an extremely dangerous Category 3 storm ahead of historic landfall, catastrophic impacts
Hurricane Idalia’s landfall in Florida is hours away as catastrophic storm surge and destructive, life-threatening winds are expected where the storm’s core moves onshore in the Big Bend of the state.

Prigozhin Is Quietly Buried, With Fitting Subterfuge
Yevgeny Prigozhin was a buried in a private service on Tuesday, and the Washington Post notes that it was especially fitting in one respect: The burial came amid the same kind of secrecy and subterfuge in which Prigozhin traveled while alive.

Nancy Mace Issues Direct Warning to Biden: ‘We’re Coming For You’
Republican South Carolina Rep and House Oversight Committee member Nancy Mace warned President Joe Biden on Monday that House Republicans are “coming for” him amid the investigations surrounding his son, Hunter Biden.

Brics summit: Why the US dollar will remain dominant despite bloc’s push to de-throne it
Talk of de-dollarisation has gathered pace, as members of the Brics economic group meet this week in South Africa for a summit, but the US currency is unlikely to lose its crown as the world’s international reserve currency.

IRS lost millions of taxpayers’ personal data, report says; GOP rep. responds
Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) gave a scathing rebuke of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after the Treasury Inspector General reported that the IRS lost millions of taxpayer’s personal information. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released a report earlier this month that revealed the IRS was not able to account for millions of taxpayers’ personal information that had been stored on microfilm.

Turkish, Russian leaders to meet ‘soon’ for grain deal: Ankara
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet soon to discuss the resumption of the grain deal, both Ankara and Moscow have confirmed, as well as efforts to end the Russian-Ukrainian war that has been continuing since February 2022. Ömer Çelik, the spokesman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has announced that Erdoğan is planning to go to Russia’s resort city of Sochi very soon to meet Russian President Putin.

Pentagon To Develop Drone Swarms With Eye Toward Future China War
At a conference hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said Washington is initiating a program to launch thousands of land, air and sea drones simultaneously.

Student Kicked Out Of Classroom For Wearing Gadsden Flag Patch Because It’s “Racist”
Jaiden, a 12-year-old student at The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs; a charter school which is 90% publicly funded but privately administrated. He wears a Gadsden Flag patch on his backpack to show his support for the ideals of constitutional liberty. However, the Director of Operations at Vangaurd sees that flag very differently. This student was kicked out for the Gadsden flag on his backpack in Colorado

Joe Biden Used Pseudonyms In At Least 5,400 Emails
The jarring number was revealed in a letter from the Archives to the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), which last year filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for any documents that referenced three pseudonymous email accounts:

“A Very Dangerous Moment” – Hungary’s Orbán Warns Tucker “A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door”
what exactly is going on in Ukraine right now (given the propagandic opacity of news in America). “It is not just a misunderstanding, it is a lie,” Orban begins, when asked about the fact that American media continue to claim that ‘Ukraine is winning’ the war. He criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris for suggesting that Ukraine could join NATO, saying it was an unrealistic proposal that escalated tensions.

Generating A False god: ChatGPT Goes Viral With ‘Fake Bible Passage’ Portraying Jesus ‘Accepting’ Transgenderism
According to a Reddit post that went viral, a trans-identifying individual posted, “I was feeling sad today,” and so this person turned to AI for encouragement by asking ChatGPT to write a “fake Bible passage about Jesus accepting trans people.”

Republicans Raise Questions About Purported State Department Memo Published in Iranian Media
An alleged State Department internal memo informing US Iran Envoy Rob Malley that his security clearance had been suspended which was released on Sunday by Iranian state-affiliated media is raising concern among American lawmakers. On Monday, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) questioned how the Iranian outlet received the memo. “How did Iran’s regime get this SBU memo? [The State Department] owes US Senators answers to these & many other critical questions.”

Ukraine liberates Robotyne village, Russia launches Black Sea strikes
The military said last week that its forces had raised the national flag in Robotyne, but also said at the time that they were still coming under fire in the settlement.

X will allow political ads from candidates, parties ahead of US election
X, the social media company formerly known as Twitter, said Tuesday it would now allow political advertising in the US from candidates and political parties and expand its safety and elections team ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Before billionaire Elon Musk acquired the company in October, Twitter had banned all political ads globally since 2019.

Oslo protocols declassified: Rabin doubted Palestinian elections
The Oslo I Accord, also called the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, provided for the establishment of an interim Palestinian government which would eventually lead to a permanent peace agreement. The agreement would be in effect for a transitional period of at most five years. Rabin told the cabinet that he believed that the chances of Palestinian elections being held and the council actually being formed were “small.”

Rare blue supermoon to appear with Messianic undertones
A rare blue supermoon will appear on Wednesday night. The third supermoon of the year, it will be the brightest and largest moon of the year. In kabbalistic terms, this is an emphasis of the feminine aspect as a necessary part of the Messianic process. The blue moon of August 2023 will also be joined by a special guest in the sky. Saturn … .

While Netanyahu visit still not set, Lapid to head US next week, will meet with senior officials
Opposition leader and Yesh Atid party chair Yair Lapid will visit the U.S. capital in Washington, D.C. next week, according to a Walla! news report on Tuesday. He is expected to meet with seniors officials in the White House and the U.S. State Department.

Tropical Storm Idalia, Hurricane Franklin. What’s happening in tropics
The National Hurricane Center is tracking three systems in the Atlantic basin: Tropical Storm Idalia, Hurricane Franklin and a tropical wave  expected to move off the coast of Africa.

Hurricane Idalia rapidly intensifying as Florida braces for catastrophic impacts, life-threatening storm surge
A dire situation is likely to unfold along Florida’s Gulf Coast in less than 24 hours as Hurricane Idalia continues to rapidly intensify in the Gulf of Mexico as the cyclone  has strengthened to a Category 2 storm.

‘Widespread fuel contamination’ reported at some Florida gas stations as Idalia looms
Florida officials are warning of a “potentially widespread fuel contamination” that may have resulted in people getting fuel from some Florida gas stations that could harm or disable their engines just as Tropical Storm Idalia may put residents on the road or in search of gas to power their generators.

Third-Largest U.S. Oil Refinery Forced to Shut Down Following Devastating Fire in Garyville, Louisiana 
A towering inferno erupted at a south Louisiana oil refinery on Friday morning, sending plumes of black smoke and forcing an emergency evacuation of residents within a two-mile radius. Although no injuries were reported, the incident has reignited concerns about the safety of such facilities, especially as it’s the third fire to hit the plant in less than a year.

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Who Disclosed Myocarditis Spike in Military After COVID Vaccine Rollout Goes Public
A service member who earlier this year blew the whistle and disclosed data from a Pentagon medical database showing a spike in the rate of myocarditis in the military in 2021, after the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, is going public.

China Is Harboring a Mysterious New Secret on This Tropical Island
China has begun building what appears to be an airstrip on a disputed island in the South China Sea, according to satellite images taken this month and shared with The Daily Beast.

Biden Regime’s DHS Doled out $770 Million in Tax Dollars to NGOS, Sanctuary Cities to Encourage More Illegal Immigration
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced earlier this week that he’s sending an additional batch of millions in American taxpayer dollars to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and several sanctuary cities for facilitating illegal immigration across the United States.

Biden Attempted To Form an Agreement With TikTok That Would Give The US Government Unprecedented Access
…It’s clear why people are concerned about China’s ultimate control of the TikTok app; they don’t want their data to be spied on by the Chinese Communist Party or to have the same party influence content on the platform. But people are also concerned about the growing access to the data that the US government has on apps too.

Biden Regime ‘Welds Open Floodgates’ at Arizona Border to Allow Illegal Aliens to Pour Into U.S.
The Biden regime is allowing thousands of migrants to illegally invade America every day through “welded open” floodgates on our southern border in Arizona. The open floodgates in Tucson are now “the busiest point of illegal entry into the country,” according to the New York Post.

Florida Surgeon General: Do Not Cooperate With Mask Mandates 
As mask mandates return in certain parts of the country, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo is telling people to not comply.

FAA investigating nearly 5K pilots accused of hiding conditions that would make them unfit to fly: report
The pilots – who are military veterans – allegedly did not disclose they were receiving disability benefits for potentially disqualifying medical conditions

EU’s Social Media Censorship Laws Are Now Officially Enforceable
The European Union’s draconian new laws on social media content have officially come into force. The internet has created a global platform allowing almost anyone on the planet to access and share huge amounts of information, so it’s hardly surprising that governments and globalists want to be able to filter what is being said and what is heard….for their own benefit.

New textbook backlash continues with protests, book burning
Protests against the new textbooks being provided for the upcoming school year by the Education Ministry (SEP) continued over the weekend in at least two Mexican states.

Parent Slams California School For Holding ‘No Whites Allowed’ Kids Playdate
A parent at a California elementary school has slammed officials for sanctioning a playdate for kids that essentially segregated them by race, and excluded white children.

Study calls for a shareholder-based carbon tax as 69,700 of the wealthiest US households are found to be “super emitters” of CO2
A new study that analysed US household income data over the last three decades found that the bottom 90 per cent of households’ share of emissions has fallen, while the top 10 per cent’s share has increased. The wealthiest 10 per cent are the source of 40 per cent of US national greenhouse gas emissions, according to research published in the journal PLOS Climate  on 17 August 2023.

Did Stanley Johnson’s report for the UN initiate the US depopulation policy and The Kissinger Report?
In 2018, long-time environmental campaigner Stanley Johnson said on BBC Newsnight that he had called for limiting population growth to become government policy in the past.  But historically, has he only called for “limiting” population growth or has he called for depopulation?

Smart Cities Connect Conference, Is Your City Included?
The 2023 Smart Cities Connect Spring Conference & Expo occurred May 16-18, 2023, in Denver, Colorado. According to its website, Smart Cities Connect provides “meaningful content and connect a thoughtful community of decision-makers to empower smart cities at all stages of growth. We accelerate the adoption of smart technology solutions, aid in problem solving, and amplify city resources for the betterment of cities, communities, and their citizens.”