6 Sep 2021

Chaos, Corruption, and Calamities


Hurricane Ida: Some Areas in Louisiana Still Weeks from Power Restoration. At least 9 deaths are blamed on the Category 4 which hit on August 29, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Northeast U.S.: At least 46 dead after flooding. Deaths from remnants of Hurricane Ida’s blast through the Northeast rose Thursday after fierce downpours and flooding. At least 46 people died Wednesday and Thursday (23 in New Jersey, 16 in New York, 5 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Maryland and 1 in Connecticut.

Hurricane Larry forecast to be Category 4 hurricane with top winds reaching 140 mph by Sunday night. It could eventually threaten Bermuda or North America (northeast U.S. or Newfoundland near the Canadian coast), but so far no coastal warnings. Forecasters are keeping a watchful eye.

Southwest U.S.: Triple-digit temperatures to hinder firefighting, challenge records.

California: 10 Largest Reservoirs Drought Status. As deadly floods inundate major sections of the southeast and east coast, bone-dry conditions and raging wildfires persist throughout California and the west. Cities throughout California have tightened water restrictions in an effort to navigate extreme drought. Caldor Fire Lake Tahoe. The fire that broke out Aug. 14 had burned 212,907 acres as of Friday with 857 structures destroyed. The fire is 29% contained. Thousands of firefighters still battling Dixie fire as it nears 900,000 acres burned.

Spain: Severe flooding after storm. Coastal towns in Catalonia bore the brunt, also parts of central Spain.

South America: drought-hit Paraná river at 77-year low.


Updated Toll from Haiti’s Aug 14 7.2 earthquake: At least 2,207 people were confirmed killed as of 22 August 2021, and over 12,000 injured. At least 136,800 buildings were damaged or destroyed in this deadliest earthquake and deadliest natural disaster of 2021.


Extreme drought conditions impact U.S. and worldwide crop productions – price surges ahead. Wall Street Journal reported, “Drought is blistering key U.S. cash crops, further elevating prices for staples including corn and wheat. We shouldn’t be surprised as the world is close to the Tribulation hour. This is but a foretaste to Revelation 6:5-6.


California teacher boasts no American flag, tells students to pledge allegiance to gay pride flag.


MSNBC Says Pro-Life Americans are Like Suicide Bombers Because They Oppose Abortion. On its Politics Nation show, MSNBC again showed hostility to pro-lifers when Al Sharpton allowed a guest to liken opponents of abortion to “suicide bombers.”

Biden Outraged That Texas Stopped Murder of Unborn Babies at 6 Weeks Old; Vows To Restore Life-Ending Abortion Services. America in 2021 is a nation run by the New World Order, with death-demanding Democrats bobbing up and down like marionettes at a Punch and Judy show. The spirit of Antichrist freely roams the halls of Washington, seeking whom he may devour.


An explosion of genetically modified animals. Advances in genome-editing technologies like CRISPR have dramatically simplified the process of creating genetically modified organisms, leading to an explosion in the number and types of genetically modified animals produced around the world.


California: ‘Cash for Criminals.’ San Francisco Will Start Paying People Not to Shoot Each Other.


So-called ‘Woke’ U.S. Army soldier likens citizens to the enemy. She said she’d treat U.S. citizens like the enemy if they refused to comply if ever the army enacted martial law. Commentator Rowan Dean said, “There’s a sinister totalitarianism behind all this woke stuff, and you saw it right there.”

Democrats Tuck Female Draft into Defense Bill. Republican bids to eliminate critical race theory, protect all-male draft shot down in late-night debate.

Arizona state representative Mark Finchem exposes National Association of Secretaries of State for plotting in a cabal to prevent future forensic audits from taking place throughout the country. The only one who voted against these sinister recommendations was West Virginia’s Secretary of State. Missouri’s Secretary of State abstained. Every other active secretary of state at the meeting voted in favor of the recommendations. This shows the depth of corruption within the electoral system.

General Reportedly Cancels Troop Evacuation, Demands Soldiers Clean the Base for The Taliban Before Leaving. (FYI: Soldier’s response has graphic language.)

Biden Pressured Afghan President To “Create Perception” Taliban Wasn’t Winning “Whether It Is True or Not.”

Biden claims he visited scene of synagogue shooting in 2008; Synagogue says, “Nope!”

Military Flying TERRORISTS Out of Kabul — and INTO America. While American citizens stuck in Afghanistan were required to fill out an online form to be evacuated, a report states massive numbers of Afghans are being flown out of Kabul without proof of identification. At least 100 of these refugees are on terror watch lists, and one evacuated man apparently works directly for the brutal Islamic State, infamous for burning people alive and drowning them in cages. Of the 100,000 people evacuated thus far from Afghanistan, only 5,000 have been American citizens.

“Don’t Forget Me”: Interpreter Who Helped Save Biden In 2008 Stranded In Afghanistan. The Demo-crat leadership should get all Americans out and choose Afghan Christians and those helpful to the U.S. The interpreter, identified as Mohammed, helped rescue then-Sen. Biden and two other U.S. lawmakers when their helicopter made an emergency landing in the Afghan mountains in 2008. Mohammed is stuck in the Taliban-held country after U.S. troops withdrew Aug. 30. He appealed to Biden for help. “Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here.”


Virginia: Third-Grade Lesson on State Education Website Appears to Glorify Communism. Also, the lesson plan is full of typos, which implies it was written by illiterate educators.

California: Teacher Busted Bribing Students to Attend Antifa Events. “I’m probably as far left as you can go,” says A.P. Government Teacher, Gabriel Gipe. “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries…. Scare the f*** out of them,” he later added.


Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease; Doctor Says Pfizer Vaccine Could Be Responsible. Eleven days after her second Pfizer vaccine, Cheryl Cohen developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and died 11 weeks later. Dr. Andrea Folds submitted a case report Sept. 2 to the American College of Physicians Journal. She said, “…clinicians need to consider neurodegenerative diseases such as prion disease…in their differential diagnoses when a patient presents with rapidly progressive dementia, particularly in the setting of recent vaccination.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of Covid vaccine complications, coroner finds. Shaw, 44, complained of headaches a few days after her first AstraZeneca vaccine and was diagnosed with a blood clot. Despite hospital treatments, including cutting away part of her skull to relieve pressure on her brain, she died.

Scientists question evidence behind U.S. COVID booster shot drive. The Biden administration’s plan to provide boosters is based on (so-called) concerns that a decrease in the vaccines’ ability to protect against milder infections could mean less protection against severe illness, a premise yet to be proven.

Natural Immunity: Israeli Study Suggests COVID Vaccine Policies Should Change Now. After adjusting for comorbidities, there was a 13-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection following vaccination instead of reinfection after recovery from Covid. Vaccinated subjects had a 27-fold increased risk for symptomatic COVID than the previously recovered.

Shortages Are Global; We’re Warned They’ll Intensify. Over 18 months into the pandemic, the disruption to global supply chains is getting worse, spurring shortages of consumer products and making it more expensive for companies to ship goods where they’re needed. We’ve moved into crazy times, and they are only going to get crazier.

Americans Traded Their Freedoms for Safety From COVID; Now We Have Neither. That safety never came, never will. What came was a slew of arbitrary and often ridiculous mandates and decrees from politicians who think government force can stop a pandemic. Despite the economically devastating draconian lockdowns that killed countless small businesses, also with vaccine passports and mask mandates, Covid returned. Freedom comes with risks, and it’s up to us to assess those risks and make our own choices. Governments can’t eliminate risk; only tyrants claim to be able to do so as it gives them complete control over your life.

New York: Woman Arrested at School Board Meeting After ‘Improperly’ Wearing Mask, refusing to fully cover her nose.

Australia: News reports indicate the country has gone insane, becoming a draconian surveillance state of the likes that has never before been seen. A report from Australia’s 9 news appears to be out of a dystopian fiction novel, with the news anchor and other guests using the media to publicly attack Australian citizens who are not complying with every government rule or mandate. Australian gov’t app forces residents to submit photos proving their location or police will respond.

Australia: 4 Newborns Die After Being DENIED Life-Saving Heart Surgery Because It Was Unavailable; They Could Not Be Transferred to Another Facility Due to Australia’s Draconian Covid Travel Restrictions.

Australia: Satan works in mysterious ways: Newscast (ABC) interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony (VIDEO). The blunder was linked to a current court case about teaching Satanism in schools. The segment about a call to make it a criminal offense to injure or kill police dogs and horses unexpectedly cuts to a satanic ritual. A person in a black robe proclaims “Hail, Satan,” while flanked by a large illuminated upside-down cross.


Fake Christian Kanye West Pretends to Set Himself on Fire For ‘Donda’ Listening Party, Then Invites Satanic Singer Marilyn Manson To Join Him On Stage.

Hatred of Christianity

In India: 16-year-old boy suffers burns over 60% of his body in suspected anti-Christian acid attack in Bihar. The family suspects Hindu nationalists are behind it because the boy is a leader in a local church, and the area they live in has anti-Christian sentiments.

Harvard selects an atheist for chief university chaplain. Chief Chaplain Greg Epstein said, “We don’t look to a god for answers. We are each other’s answers.”

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

Hatred Of Jews and Israel and Plans to Divide God’s Land

Soros group caught lying about Israel starving ‘Palestinians.’

“A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape” (Proverbs 19:5).

U.S. senators talk about [so-called] two-state solution on Israel visit.

Mahmoud Abbas praises Biden, left-wing US Jews, and anti-Israel churches. Palestinian Authority President Abbas met with Egyptian President al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah. The three pledged “to work together to refine a vision to activate efforts aimed at resuming negotiations, and work with brothers and partners to revive the [so-called] peace process.” Abbas stressed that the position of the current U.S. administration is a good one regarding the two-state [so-called] solution, etc., and described the American mood describes Israel as the racist, aggressor, and committing war crimes.

Is Hurricane Ida divine retribution for Biden’s treatment of Israel? This linked article explores this event as possible divine retribution and points to others through the years when calling for dividing Israel.

Islamic Terrorism and Its Intent to Take Over the World with An Islamic Caliphate

The West must wake up to the threat of Jihad. If there was anyone who was still unsure what radical Islam is, now it is abundantly clear to all.

“He will be a wild donkey of a man, with his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, living his life at odds with all his kinsmen” (Genesis 16:12).


Rise of the Kings of the East

Taliban calls China its ‘main partner’ in rebuilding Afghanistan.

China mocks ‘Daddy America’ and threatens to ‘freak out’ Taiwan as invasion fears grow. The U.S. has responded to China’s aggressive military actions by increasing naval patrols in the region, also authorizing weapon sales to Taiwan. The naval maneuvers drew a stinging response from the editor-in-chief of a Chinese newspaper under Communist Party control. U.S. actions were dismissed as empty posturing. “In the Taiwan-Straits and the South China Sea, the U.S. is gradually losing its momentum and confidence to flex its military muscle in front of China,” the editor wrote.

Gaza conflict with Israel: 5 Muslim Bedouins arrested for ‘highway lynch’ attacks during Gaza Conflict. The suspects attempted to kill Israeli drivers at least three times on Highway 6 during the most recent conflict with Hamas.

Leading Up to Fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39

Syrian missile launched towards Israel; debris found in Tel Aviv. In response, Israel hit targets in Damascus, including “Iranian targets” in Damascus International Airport. One of the targets was allegedly a warehouse where “strategic weapons” were stored. Russia claims that Syria shot down most of the Israeli missiles.

Iranian fuel ship enters Syrian waters to help Hezbollah terrorist group.

Iran has taken over Syrian Golan and is now at Israel’s border, top Middle East expert says.


Massive asteroids will fly past Earth in September. On Sept 9, Asteroid 2010 RJ53, will fly past Earth. Its diameter is about twice the size of the Empire State Building in New York. Asteroid 2021 NY1 is set to fly past on Sept 22. Its diameter is equal to the size of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Despite the impressive size of these asteroids, it’s said to be unlikely that any will get close enough to collide with Earth. The American space agency says that in the next 100 years, nothing large will fall to Earth. However, scientists believe that could change if the trajectory of some space objects changes.

And they will for the left behind in the Tribulation (Revelation 8:8-11).