5 Aug 2023

Australian Intelligence Agency Funding Research To Merge Human Brain Cells With AI
A team of researchers collaborating with Melbourne-based startup Cortical Labs received a $600,000 grant to merge biology with AI. The team has already demonstrated how roughly 800,000 brain cells in a Petri dish is capable of playing a game of “Pong.”

Was the mass poisoning of Russian officers part of the Ukrainian counter-attack?
An official in Ukraine reported that two Russian officers were killed and 15 others were hospitalized in serious condition after a poisoning incident during a festive event that took place in the city of Mariupol. Was this part of the Ukrainian counterattack? An official in Ukraine reported tonight (between Thursday and Friday) that two Russian officers were killed and 15 other servicemen were hospitalized after a “mass poisoning attack” that occurred during a festive event in the city of Mariupol.

Palestinian Authority: Biden administration ‘weak,’ won’t reverse Trump decisions
The Palestinian foreign minister on Thursday attacked the Biden administration as weak and passive in the Middle East, as violence between Israel and the Palestinians surges to its highest levels in nearly two decades.

Hebrew Media Claims Christians Brought Red Heifer to Israel to Establish Antichrist
“The Antichrist, the ‘Satan’ one might say, needs to come here and defile the Temple,” notes Persico. “Then the war of Gog and Magog begins, in which two-thirds of the Jews die, and one-third of them convert to Christianity. The world doesn’t exactly last either.

Iran and Belarus increase military cooperation, may produce drones together
The agreements were announced after the visit of Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin to Tehran on July 31 and could potentially be a step toward the production of Iranian-designed drones in Belarus, ultimately benefiting Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Cops Rule on Obama Chef’s Death Despite Stonewalling Public Information Requests
Police have declared the recent death of former President Barack Obama’s personal chef an accident, but the mystery appears to be deepening.

Massive Solar Eruption Cuts Across Earth, the Moon, and Mars Simultaneously
A significant solar eruption has recently struck Earth, the moon, and Mars simultaneously, marking an unprecedented event in history. The eruption occurred on August 2, 2023, and had far-reaching effects across the celestial bodies. The eruption originated from our Sun … .

Archaeologist Excited by Recent Finds in Ancient Shiloh, Biblical Site of Ark, Tabernacle
The book of Judges in the Bible tells us Shiloh was a significant place in the history of the Israelites when they came into the Promised Land. He continued, “Jerusalem remains a pagan city for another three hundred years. The Ark is here. The Tabernacle is here, and this where you came to connect with God.”

2 US Navy sailors arrested for alleged Chinese-linked nat’l security crimes
U.S. Navy Sailor Jinchao Wei, 22, assigned to the San Diego-based USS Essex, was arrested on Wednesday for alleged espionage. U.S. Navy servicemember, Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, 26, was arrested after a federal grand jury indictment “charging him with receiving bribes in exchange for transmitting sensitive U.S. military information to an individual posing as a maritime economic researcher, but who was actually an intelligence officer from the PRC.”

AI flies Air Force plane with no human on board
The U.S. Air Force successfully completed its first unmanned flight with the use of artificial intelligence, marking a significant breakthrough in the Air Force’s advancement of military technology. The three hour sortie by an XQ-58A Valkyrie conducted using algorithms programmed by artificial intelligence took place on July 25 at the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, according to the Air Force Research Lab. .. the successful sortie was the result of a four-year partnership with Skyborg Vanguard and the Autonomous Aircraft Experimentation programs.

Cyberattack hits multiple US hospitals; emergency rooms closed, ambulances rerouted
A cyberattack has caused major disruptions at hospitals in multiple U.S. states, forcing emergency rooms to close and ambulances to be rerouted. The attack targeted Calif.-based Prospect Medical Holdings, which has healthcare facilities in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas. “Upon learning of this, we took our systems offline to protect them

2 US military veterans killed in Ukraine
Army officer Andrew Irvin Webber and former Marine Corps machine gunner Lance Lawrence were killed during an operation in eastern Ukraine, Stars and Stripes reported. Lance Lawrence was killed during fighting recently on our last operation.

Pope Francis says new council unnecessary as Vatican II ‘has not yet been implemented’
the 86-year-old pontiff downplayed such a suggestion, arguing instead that the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) had yet to be enacted. But there is always that fear that we all have been infected, unseen, by the “old Catholics” who, already at Vatican I, claimed to be “depositaries of the true faith.” All these proposals of “bad lactose” must be brought down with clear arguments. It is important to go out to meet the sophisms.

Canadian Muslims invite everyone to join ‘Million Person March’ against LGBT indoctrination in schools
Canadian Muslims are planning to hold a “Million Person March” to combat LGBT indoctrination in schools.  On September 22, 2023, Ottawa businessman and Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh hopes to gather Canadians of all faiths to march against LGBT ideology being pushed on children in the nation’s schools.

Biden admin pressured Big Tech to suppress criticism of COVID mandates, new ‘Facebook files’ reveal
Joe Biden’s administration worked closely with Facebook to censor dissent about COVID and related policies, according to the latest set of emails released by Congressman Jim Jordan. The emails provide further evidence that Big Tech works not as an independent, private company, but as an extension of the federal government.

Hartnett: US Debt To Rise By $5.2 BIllion Every Day For The Next 10 Years
The endgame is here.

California’s largest wildfire of the year continues to scorch nearly 100,000 acres of the Mojave
California’s largest wildfire of the summer season so far is now nearly fully contained, but not before torching nearly 100,000 acres and burning some of America’s most iconic plants that live in the Desert Southwest.

Robust August storm to trigger severe weather across 14 states from Midwest to Northeast
The FOX Forecast Center is tracking a potent storm system that has the potential of producing rounds of showers and thunderstorms across most of the northern tier of the country over the weekend and during the start of the upcoming workweek.

The Next Generation Is Being Groomed For Destruction – Here’s Why They Are Vulnerable
…the end game for progressive elites and globalists – Use young useful idiots as a weapon to forcibly introduce massive social upheaval, then lock them up in a slave camp and call it Utopia.

Hull breach sends 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel into Lake Michigan 
Roughly 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel is believed to have spilled into Lake Michigan through a hull breach on a stricken freighter.

Soon the USA will be under medical martial law imposed by the world health organization! Ebola small pox will run rampant through America
The actual pathogen that will be ravaging the world is much more deadly than the flu-equivalent of Covid-19.  It is called Crimea-Congo-Hemmorhagic-Fever.  Make no mistake this is Ebola with a small pox additive which will exacerbate the spread.

Pfizer Employees Confirmed to Receive ‘Special Batch’ of COVID-19 Jab?
Pfizer representatives appeared before the Australian government at a Senate hearing, and their exchanges with senators got testy.

‘Is It Safe To Go Outside?’ The Media Say No.
A series of recent news articles suggests that it may no longer be safe to go outside due to climate change.Why do the media seem intent on scaring Americans into staying home? Everyday activities like working, commuting, and exercising should be reconsidered amid high temperatures, smokey air, and rising waters, according to leading newspapers and news networks.

They Voted for it: Situation in New York City is starting to look apocalyptic… 
The scene in New York City is becoming increasingly apocalyptic, with hundreds of illegals sleeping on the streets. Instead of addressing the issue by sending these people back home, because the US is unable to care for then, we are allowing them to take over our cities and sidewalks. Joe Biden’s America and Eric Adams’ New York City are descending into dystopian hellholes.

Prescription for Pink Slips: CVS Health to Cut 5,000 Jobs
CVS Health said Monday it is cutting approximately 5,000 jobs to focus more on healthcare services for its customers.

Bishop Strickland: World Youth Day is helping ‘to secularize the Catholic Church, de-emphasize Christ’
Tyler’s Bishop Joseph Strickland has publicly criticized the current World Youth Day for having “fallen prey to the current trend to secularize the Catholic Church and de-emphasize Jesus Christ.”

Germany: New 128-apartment social housing complex exclusively reserved for asylum seekers in Berlin
A new social housing apartment complex is slated to finish being built and opened in May 2024, but the facility will only be available to non-German illegal aliens.

Study Huge Numbers Of Kids Permanently Damaged By Lockdowns
Yet another study has found that the pandemic lockdowns had devastating effects on the development of children, with half of all parents in the UK reporting serious deterioration in emotional and social skills of their kids.

Biden Border Policies Open Loopholes For Human Traffickers, Insiders Say
“Child trafficking affects every country in the world…”

Third World Sweden: Violent Migrant War at Eritrean Festival, Accusations of Regime Ties
Violent clashes raise concerns over regime-loyal Eritreans’ presence in Sweden; urgent deportation and action needed to deal with unaddressed mass immigration issues.

Next On the Agenda Towards Totalitarianism…..Climate Lockdowns!
…Now that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic is over, the World Health Organization (WHO) is busy plotting its next tyrannical scheme in the form of another round of lockdowns, this time to stop “climate change.”

Pandemic….What Pandemic?
As recently as yesterday the 3rd of August 2023, over three and a half years after its first utterance “Covid is Airborne” was trending on Twitter! The hashtag fills most of us with despair. However, even within the “truther” community there is divided opinion on the origins of this so-called “novel virus

HAARP is of global concern because of its far-reaching impact
…One of the most far-reaching accusations against HAARP is that the organisation deliberately creates destruction on a global scale, causing earthquakes, cyclones, flooding, snowstorms, and other disasters, around the world.

Confiscation: Why Isn’t the Far Left Honest About Their End Game On Guns? 
Leftists keep on lying about their true goals on guns to get everyone to accept the intermediate steps to confiscation