22 Jul 2023

Hamas reveals new anti-tank weaponry against Israel in West Bank
‘Shawaz 1’ appears to level the playing field in the asymmetrical war between superior Israeli tank forces and the outgunned Hamas operatives

FBI allegedly covered up VP Biden’s $10 million bribe, more corruption, files show: ‘Worse than Watergate’
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and House Oversight Republicans released an FD-1023 form Thursday showing a confidential informant provided the FBI with details on President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a bribery scheme while he was vice president. Republican lawmakers say the document provides additional evidence of the Biden family’s corruption.

China’s military schools step up recruitment of high school graduates
China’s military schools are stepping up their recruitment of recent high school graduates in a bid to upgrade the armed forces’ capacity to wage high-tech warfare, according to the country’s Ministry of Defense. “We will be recruiting an extra 2,000 high school graduates this year, making a total intake of 17,000 … for 2023,” a training and education official from the ruling Communist Party’s Central Military Commission said

Woe, The Humanity: How AI Fits Into Broadly Rising Anti-Humanism
Sam Altman, … recently warned that artificial intelligence poses an “existential risk” to humanity and warned Congress that artificial intelligence “can go quite wrong.” … history is littered with apocalyptic predictions, the new alarms are different because they are taking place amid broad cultural forces that suggest human beings have lost faith in themselves and connections with humanity in general.

CRE Storm: Over $800 Billion In Office Space In Nine Cities Could Become Obsolete By 2030
By late March, Morgan Stanley warned clients of an upcoming maturity wall in commercial real estate, which amounts to $500 billion of loans in 2024, and a total of $2.5 trillion in debt that comes due over the next five years. In a recent Bloomberg interview, Barry Sternlicht’s Starwood Capital Group warned that the CRE space is in a “Category 5 hurricane.

Ukraine To Receive F-16s By End Of Year, Kirby Says
Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby suggested in a Fox News interview Thursday that Ukraine could received US F-16 fighter jets way ahead of schedule. “Most likely, the F-16s will arrive in Ukraine before the end of the year. However, we do not believe that F-16s alone can alter the situation on the battlefield,” Kirby said.

Plagued By Drought, China Turns To Coal To Keep The Lights On
China’s reliance on coal-fired power generation increased during the first half of 2023 as continued drought severely reduced hydroelectric power in the southern provinces.Total generation from all sources increased by +205 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh)

FedNow Is Live And The Framework Is In Place For CBDCs
Yesterday, with a bit of fanfare but not TOO much fanfare, a “wonderful” new product was launched. FedNow is live, and we can all transfer money to our heart’s content via the Federal Reserve. We are now officially on that slippery slope I’ve been talking about. I wrote about exactly this happening in my dystopian fiction, Good Citizens, and discussed how this could evolve to control almost every aspect of our lives.

China Hacked Top State Dept Officials’ Emails Ahead Of John Kerry’s Climate Meeting In Beijing: REPORT
Hackers linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) breached the email accounts of Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Daniel Kritenbrink in hacks disclosed last week, according to a Thursday report by The Wall Street Journal. The hacks of the two high-level diplomats preceded Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s four-day visit to Beijing to discuss green policy with CCP officials,

Inspired by Ukraine war, Taiwan launches drone blitz to counter China
The aim, according to a government planning document reviewed by Reuters, is to build more than 3,200 military drones by mid-2024. These will include mini-drones that weigh less than two kilograms as well as larger surveillance craft with a range of 150 kilometers. To accelerate production, the government is for the first time enlisting private companies in the research and development phase of a weapons program. At least nine private firms have joined the effort.

In A World Of Corruption, How Do We Spot A False Prophet?
While false prophets are nothing new, they will become increasingly prevalent and destructive in the End Times. … Jesus warned that false prophets would deceive many people in the Last Days, but we don’t have to fall for their schemes. The Bible provides many warning signs and practical ways we can respond to false teaching.

Too close for comfort: Hezbollah films top IDF brass on border, ‘could have been very, very deadly’
Operatives from the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group filmed senior members of the Israeli military, with senior IDF officials seemingly unaware that they were under surveillance. The Hezbollah-affiliated Al Manar media network recently published a 30-second-long video of the Israeli military’s Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, and Northern District Commander Ori Gordin touring the border.

Ex neo-Nazi leader reveals why white supremacists are more pro-Biden than pro-Trump
A covert Jewish member and former leader of the American Front neo-Nazi group claimed in an interview published Thursday that white supremacists today are more often supporters of President Joe Biden than of his predecessor Donald Trump, despite conventional belief to the contrary. “I would say a lot of what the world knows about white supremacists nowadays is smoke and mirrors. They’re far more pro-Biden than pro-Trump – Trump was too pro-Israel,”

‘I’ve had enough’: Former Democratic lawmaker defects to Republican party, hints about running for office
“It’s over, it’s finished.” Former New York Assemblyman-turned-activist Dov Hikind announced his defection from the Democratic party on Thursday in a tweet that included his wife, Shani, agreeing wholeheartedly with the decision. “I have been a lifelong Democrat — my family, my parents. But that’s over. That’s finished. I have decided to register as a Republican,” he said. “Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has become so radicalized, so radical, run by the radicals, that people who are moderates or conservative Democrats are not welcomed in the Democratic Party, and I’ve had enough.

World revival is coming
World revival is coming – but not a Christian revival. The future will see a world religion that exalts man and minimizes God. … While the coming world’s religious system in some ways resembles Christianity, John calls it “Babylon the Great” – a monstrous, ecumenical combination of everything that people consider “spiritual.” And the world will buy into it – hook, line and sinker.

Netanyahu pushes forward with judicial reform, defends controversial bill saying it will strengthen democracy
Reasonableness Standard Bill is set to be voted into law on Monday. Netanyahu also claimed the coalition had made numerous offers to the opposition during talks at his residence from April to mid-June, but that each proposal was refused out of fear of the protest movement.

Violent thunderstorms, large hail and damaging tornado hit Italy 
On the morning of July 21, 2023, northern Italy was hit by violent thunderstorms, causing severe damage in the province of Milan. Heavy rainfall, large hail, and at least one destructive tornado were reported in the region.

Severe storms, baseball-sized hail cause widespread power outages from the southern Plains to the Northeast, U.S.
Severe storms, characterized by high winds and large hail, swept across the United States from the southern Plains to the Northeast on Thursday, July 20, 2023, resulting in one fatality and leaving more than 500 000 customers without power. The storms, which reached their height in the evening, caused widespread damage to crops, trees, and buildings.

62 new forest fires ignite across Greece, evacuations underway in West Attica, Laconia, and Rhodes 
Over the last 24 hours, 62 new forest fires have erupted across Greece, resulting in further evacuations in several regions. The Greek Civil Protection has reported that the main fire outbreaks are located in West Attica, Laconia in the southern Peloponnese, and on the island of Rhodes.

Climate Maps Manipulated to Mislead the Public
The US state science organization NOAA released in May very revealing climate maps that show the average temperature across the world in April compared to the climate normal. Not only do they markedly deviate from countless countries’ official temperature data for April, showing the spring month was cooler than normal, but they also contradict each other even though they originate from exactly the same measurement data. The New Times here reveal how the figures are distorted and that there are two parallel maps, one for scientists and one grossly deceptive one shown to the public.

The Percentage Of Americans That Believe In God Has Fallen To An All-Time Low
Do you believe in God?  If so, you belong to a portion of the population that is steadily shrinking.  Yes, a majority of Americans still think that God exists, but the trend is clearly going in one direction.  So are we headed down the same road that so many post-Christian nations in western Europe have already gone down?  According to a shocking new survey that Gallup has just released, the percentage of Americans that believe in God has plunged to the lowest level that they have ever recorded…

Amazon Wants To Bring Palm Payments To All Whole Foods Stores By The End of 2023
In a step towards the future of retail transactions, Amazon confirmed that by year’s end, it will integrate its Amazon One palm recognition system across its entire network of over 500 Whole Foods stores. A simple hand wave over an Amazon One device will conclude the transaction, marking an end to the requirement for traditional forms of payment.

Christian Woman Gang-Raped and Paraded Naked in India: ‘The Police Were There with the Mob’
Huge protests erupted in the conflicted Indian state of Manipur on Friday after a viral video showed two women from the Christian Kuki tribe being paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a howling mob of men.

CEO Of Tech Company OpenAI Says To Prepare Yourself For The Coming ‘World ID
Alex Blania, CEO of Worldcoin, a company that wants billions of people to scan their irises to create a global system of authentication, says that a global form of ID is coming ‘whether you like it or not’.

WHO’s power grab through surveillance and “triple billion” targets 
During an interview with Peter Sweden, Noor Bin Ladin exposed how the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) does not care about your health, but instead, it acts as a globalist organisation under the United Nations (“UN”) to bring about centralised control.  She discussed how the aim has been the same for the past 100 years, WHO’s grand designs for surveillance and its “triple billion” targets.

The Freemasons’ MYCHIP programme used to track children
North American Masonic Lodges have an initiative called the Masonic Child Identification Programme (“CHIP”). CHIP programmes are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals. The Freemasons’ programme takes digital fingerprints, digital imaging, digital video, dental impressions and DNA mouth swabs under the guise of in case your loved ones are horrendously abducted. The processing of the data is managed by Freemason’s proprietary software.

Climate engineering is already having severe negative impacts on our weather, food supplies, biodiversity and health
…The White House is considering a plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the earth in a bid to halt global warming, a process known as solar radiation modification (“SRM”).  A supercomputer called Derecho is analysing the effects of solar geoengineering to help climate scientists decide whether SRM will be a good idea.

Christians arrested for maskless outdoor church service to get payout from liberal college town
A liberal college town in Idaho is paying $300,000 to three Christian churchgoers who sued the city after being arrested for not wearing masks at an outside service during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.