20 Jul 2023

Ex-Google chief built ‘oligarch-style empire’ to influence AI, Biden White House and public policy:
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has developed a vast network of strategic investments and political relationships that’s allowed the tech billionaire to wield significant influence over artificial intelligence and public policy in Washington, D.C., according to an explosive new report. “Americans don’t want to believe that they live under ‘the rule of the few,’ rather than a democracy’s ‘rule of the many’ – but this sobering report is a wake-up call

‘Non-human intelligence’: Schumer proposes stunning new UFO legislation
Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), along with a bipartisan group of five other senators, introduced extraordinary legislation on July 13, suggesting that the U.S. government or private contractors may secretly possess recovered UFOs and “biological evidence of living or deceased non-human intelligence.” According to the legislation, “non-human intelligence” is defined as “any sentient intelligent non-human lifeform, regardless of nature or ultimate origin which may be presumed responsible for” UFOs.

Hamas threatens Israel after Jews ascend Temple Mount
Muhammad Hamada, spokesman for Hamas in Jerusalem, said that “the insistence of hordes of settlers to continue desecrating the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to perform religious ceremonies and Talmudic prayers in its courtyards, is dangerous aggression towards and a blatant violation of its sanctity.”

Ex-Secret Service Agent Getting Texts from Former Colleagues: ‘They Know Exactly’ Who Brought Cocaine to WH.
This whitewash isn’t going to make the scandal go away. The Great White House Cocaine Mystery of 2023 might have been publicly dismissed by the Secret Service, but former Secret Service agent Don Bongino isn’t letting it die easily. And neither are some of the former agents he served with.

Bombshell Letter: FBI Warned Hunter Biden Investigator to Decline to Respond to House Oversight Committee Question
The New York Post has secured a letter from FBI General Counsel Jason Jones to the agent. The agent’s name is redacted, but the Post reports that he did in fact meet with committee members. In the letter, Jones wrote that the Justice Department “expects that you will decline to respond to questions seeking non-public information likely covered by one or more components of executive privilege or other significant confidentiality interests, in particular information about deliberations or ongoing investigative activity in law enforcement matters.”

Stanford University President Resigns Over Scientific Misconduct Allegations
Dr. Marc Tessier-Lavigne, who led an investigation of institutional antisemitism at Stanford University, will resign as president following revelations of data manipulation — which he did not personally commit — in decades of scientific research he authored, co-authored, or administered. Tessier-Lavigne’s resignation comes on the heels of his historic efforts uncover antisemitic discrimination at Stanford University in the past and present.

Iraq: Protesters set Swedish embassy in Baghdad on fire
protesters stormed the Swedish embassy in Baghdad in the early hours of Thursday morning and set it on fire, Reuters reported. A source who spoke to the news agency said no embassy staff had been harmed and declined to elaborate further. Swedish embassy officials in Baghdad did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Israel, US, sign milestone agreement bringing Visa Waiver Program closer than ever
Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Herzog and US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides signed a memorandum of understanding today (Wednesday) which brings Israel closer to joining the US Visa Waiver program by allowing any US citizen to enter Israel.

3,600-plus Palestinian terror attacks in first half of 2023
The escalation in Palestinian terrorism that started over a year ago shows no signs of abating, data from Rescuers Without Borders (Hatzalah Judea and Samaria) published on Tuesday indicates. In the first six months of 2023, the emergency service recorded 3,640 acts of terror throughout Israel, including 2,118 cases of rock-throwing, 799 attacks with Molotov cocktails, 18 attempted stabbings and six car-rammings.

Chauvin will appeal case to U.S. Supreme Court
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review his case after the Minnesota Supreme Court declined to do so Tuesday, his attorney told Alpha News. “This criminal trial generated the most amount of pretrial publicity in history. More concerning are the riots which occurred after George Floyd’s death led the jurors to all express concerns for their safety in the event they acquitted Mr. Chauvin.

Researchers suggest Bet Shemesh cave was used for necromancy in Roman era
The Te’omim (twins) Cave, east of Bet Shemesh was discovered in 1873 but a recent discovery has scientists speculating that the site was believed to be a portal to the underworld and used for necromancy some 1,700 years ago. “The findings and their specific archaeological contexts provide a better understanding of divination rites that were probably held in the cave and shed a more tangible light over the spells of the Greek and Demotic Magical Papyri,” Necromancy is prohibited by the Torah.

Woman posing as girl busts New York ‘healthcare’ group giving transgender drugs to kids
A woman posing as a 14 year-old girl caught a New York City “healthcare provider” on tape offering her, a presumed minor, cross-sex hormones without parental consent. A recording shared to Twitter on Monday by the nonprofit group “Gays Against Groomers” shows how an anonymous contact of the group went undercover as a girl named “Kelly” asking for transgender “transition” services without parental consent. “We discovered that ‘CODE CINDY’ is a tag that @CHNNYC puts on minor’s files to be sure their parents never find out they are seeking hormones and other ‘gender affirming’ drugs/procedures. Truly disturbing.

DeSantis tells Tucker: ‘If I’m the President, on day one, we will nix central bank digital currency’
Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared that he will refuse to allow central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the United States if he becomes president.

German abbot told to remove cross on visit to the Western Wall
Nikodemus Schnable claims request made by a guide at the Wall during a visit of a German Minsiter was disrespectful; incident posted on social media causing outrage in Germany and the Christian world . “Unfortunately, we are seeing too many incidents that causer the appearance that there is hostility towards Christianity and Christians and that is harmful to Israel’s reputation and must stop,” an unnamed official in Jerusalem said

Tropical Storm “Calvin” impacting Hawaii
Tropical Storm “Calvin” formed on July 12, 2023, as the 3rd named storm of the 2023 Pacific hurricane season. The system is now passing south of the Big Island, Hawaii while weakening, but still bringing heavy to excessive rains, life-threatening surf in exposed areas, and strong winds.

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits near the coast of El Salvador
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit near the coast of El Salvador at 00:22 UTC on July 19, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 69.7 km (43.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 68.8 km (42.7 miles).

Tornado Destroys Pfizer Facility in North Carolina, One of the Largest Sterile Injectable Facilities in the World
God has a sense of humor. A tornado wreaked havoc on a Pfizer plant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, on Wednesday, causing extensive damage to the facility known for its production of medical supplies for hospitals worldwide.

More COVID-19 “Surge” Warnings
According to media reports, the United States has entered another COVID-19 “surge.” Wastewater levels, emergency room visits for COVID-19, and test positivity rates are all on the rise across much of the country.

Almost 600 Wildfires In Canada Are “Out Of Control” 
Canada has been having its worst year of wildfires in history. Of he over 900 wildfires raging in Canada, 599 have been “out of control” as it has already recorded its worst year ever.

Conservative Party Suspends Christian Councillor for Calling Pride a Sin
The Conservative Party has been accused of engaging in cancel culture after a councillor was suspended for expressing the Christian belief that “pride is a sin” on social media.

WATCH: ‘Zombified’ Tranq Addicts Swarm Streets of Democrat-Run Philadelphia
A recent video clip shows tranq addicts who appear to be completely zoned out on the streets of Democrat-run Philadelphia.

The U.S. And Our NATO Allies Are Running Dangerously Low On Ammo
This is not a time to be running low on ammo.  A major conflict could erupt in the Middle East at any time, and thanks to the recklessness of the Biden administration the U.S. could soon find itself fighting wars with both Russia and China simultaneously.

Here Come The Grasshoppers…
It was just a matter of time before the grasshoppers joined the party.  In 2023, global crops have been devastated by plague after plague.  Farmers in the U.S. and elsewhere have had to deal with seemingly endless drought, unprecedented heat, nightmarish flooding and horrifying outbreaks of disease.  In fact, citrus greening disease is one of the primary reasons why the orange harvest in Florida is only going to be about half as large as it was last year.  It has just been one thing after another for our farmers, but ravenous hordes of insects has been one plague that has been noticeably absent from the list.  Unfortunately, that has now changed.

Preparing to Wage a Nuclear War? Nuclear Attack F-16 Fighters to Ukraine
The United States has begun a training programme for the Ukrainian Air Force in the use of F-16 fighters. Several European NATO countries participate in this programme: Denmark, Holland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, and Portugal. Other countries have offered to help with the training. The same countries will supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters. They are conventional dual-capable and nuclear fighters.

Britain on lockdown alert as new killer virus which kills 40% of victims ‘certain’ to reach UK
…Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) – which kills between 10–40% of people infected – has been identified as a major threat to public health. The World Health Organisation says the virus – which kills 500 people every year – is mainly transmitted to people from ticks and livestock animals.

Seattle public schools will offer ‘gender affirming care’ to students at no cost
Schools in Seattle are offering free ‘gender affirming care’ to students as young as 11, a prominent parental rights organization has found.

Global take down of the American empire shifts into HIGH GEAR
We are living in the last days of the American empire. The No. 1 weapon of the empire — the US dollar — has been targeted for termination by most of the other powerful nations across the planet, including China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Russia.

What do climate engineering and Morgellons have in common? Chemtrails
Despite chemtrails being dismissed as “conspiracy theories” they are being openly, and more and more frequently, discussed in the “mainstream” as fact.  Recently the European Commission has called for talks about the risks of geoengineering, with chemtrails being identified as an example.

Global Alarm: Governments now believe there’s a link between COVID-19 Vaccines, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement & Immune System Degradation
…almost two years later, the authorities have quietly decided to begin an investigation into Covid-19 vaccine induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement after scientists around the world, including many from Harvard and Yale, were forced to admit a debilitating suite of problems have been appearing hours, days or weeks after a Covid-19 vaccine has been administered.

BEAST MODE: Colorado Begins Mark Of The Beast ‘Proving Grounds’ As Amazon One Allows Payments With Your Palm At 11 Whole Foods Locations 
My daughter Megan..sent me a text message with some crazy photos late last night about her incredible experience at their local Whole Foods store in Colorado. She went to check out and noticed, for the first time, that her Whole Foods was now using Amazon One for payments, and one of the options offered to her was to make a palm payment. Today it’s a payment through the front of your hand, and very soon it will be a payment through the back of your right hand or forehead. Guaranteed.