10 Jun 2023

Timing of Trump Indictment Says It All – Look What Happened Hours Before
There are two justice systems in the United States: one for high-profile Democrats and their friends and families, and another for everyone else. The country has seen a double standard throughout the last few years as the Justice Department has gone after people involved in the chaos on Jan. 6, 2021, with the full force of the government while ignoring the rioters who turned the country upside down a year prior. People can firebomb a church in the country’s capital, so long as they are not Republicans.

Why Is The Establishment So Scared Of RFK Jr.?
So, why are the Democrats so afraid of him? RFK Jr. understands issues at a level that most public figures just don’t. His stances are definitely debatable, but they are not unhinged and they don’t come out of nowhere. And this is probably why RFK Jr. is such a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment.

Does shingles vaccination cut dementia risk? Large study hints at a link
“If it is true, it’s huge,” says Alberto Ascherio, an epidemiologist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who was not involved in the study. “Even a modest reduction in risk is a tremendous impact.” The idea that viral infection can play a part in at least some dementia cases dates back to the 1990s, when biophysicist Ruth Itzhaki at the University of Manchester, UK, and her colleagues found herpesviruses in the brains of deceased people with dementia2. The theory has been controversial among Alzheimer’s researchers.

Putin Reveals New Details On Positioning Tactical Nukes In Belarus
Vladimir Putin has given new details concerning his order to move tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus. Prior and somewhat ambiguous statements from Putin as well as top Kremlin and Belarusian officials had suggested that nukes could already be in Belarus. These past statements have also been subject of widespread speculation and misinterpretation in Western press reports, which was perhaps purposeful on the part of Moscow, or part of strategic ambiguity.

Bank of UnAmerica’: Banking Giant Accused of Going ‘Full Woke’ by Consumer Group
A national ad campaign targeting Bank of America over its politicized business policies says the bank has gone “full woke,” pointing to the bank’s race-based home financing and decision to cut off loans to gun manufacturers and fossil fuel industries. Consumers’ Reviews, a consumer advocacy group, launched the “Bank of UnAmerica” campaign this week with nationwide TV ads,

Doctor Vindicated After Being Fired For Biblical Beliefs: ‘We Cannot Love People Truly When We Live And Disseminate A Lie’
Dr David Mackereth, 60, had been an practising doctor for 26 years when he lost his job with the DWP. He told the DWP in a training session that in good conscience as a Bible-believing Christian he could not identify clients by their chosen ‘gender identity’ instead of their biological sex.

Bud Light sponsoring ‘all ages’ drag queen pride party
Bud Light is sponsoring an all-ages Pride event and after-party featuring drag queens in Flagstaff, Arizona, according to advertisements. The after-party is open to “all ages,” and participants under 16 years old require a guardian to attend, according to an online flyer.
Flagstaff Pride’s goal is that Together, we support, unite, and strengthen our LGBTQIA2S+ community,”

The academy of hate
This was just a commencement speech at a small law school, not really one of the leading institutions of its category. Another run-of-the-mill speech that expresses the new American spirit that is taking over more and more circles in the academia of the world’s most powerful nation and Western academia as a whole. This spirit echoes in Israel as well.

Russia could soon build Iranian drones in Moscow
The White House said on Friday that Russia appeared to be deepening its defense cooperation with Iran and had received hundreds of one-way attack drones that it is using to strike Ukraine.

Target asks employees to attend ‘queer bingo’ during ‘Pride Week’
Earlier this week, Target asked its employees to attend “Pride Week” events, including “Queer Bingo & Board games.” In an internal email, Target invited employees to its Minneapolis headquarters, “in honor of Pride Week,” to “connect and build community.” “Show your Pride,” the email says. Target’s diversity chief Kiera Fernandez has told employees they can accept DEI initiatives or “leave.” (nice isn’t it?)

IMPEACH BIDEN? 60% of Americans say Biden failing Constitutional duty to protect US from ‘invasion’ through Mexican border
with the Biden White House doing so little to stop the flood of 5.7 million people illegally entering the United States through Mexico, huge numbers Americans fear Middle Eastern terrorists will use the border crisis to unleash catastrophic attacks inside the homeland similar , or even worse than that of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Russia has ended ‘safe air protocols’ in Syria, says US military official
A U.S. military official claims that Russian troops in Syria have reportedly stopped following the customary de-confliction protocols. The protocols are designed to prevent unintended military clashes between American-led Western and Russian forces in war-torn Syria, located on Israel’s northern border.

‘All of Israel’s leadership and people will unite,” says former Israeli defense minister
Former Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who is now part of the opposition and heads the National Unity party, spoke … “We must stress that a nuclear Iran is first and foremost a global challenge, endangering global and regional stability.” Gantz made it clear that Iran’s reach is far beyond Israel and the Middle East.

Minneapolis DFL vice chair calls Walz, DFL Party’s Ken Martin ‘a—holes’
Mike Norton, the vice chair of the Minneapolis DFL, called Gov. Tim Walz and DFL Party Chair Ken Martin “a—holes” in a tweet on Monday. “All these a—holes look the other way while Mayor Frey focuses all his energy on trying to take Ilhan’s congressional seat rather than manage the f—ing city,” Norton wrote.

California Advances Bill To Help Shoplifters Steal
Four women were caught on video running out of a San Francisco CVS with their bags allegedly stuffed full of stolen items.

Pat Robertson’s death draws reactions from supporters, critics
The death of notable televangelist and former presidential candidate Pat Robertson, who launched the Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University, has drawn strong reactions from his supporters and critics.

Not just in Ukraine: US also running BIOLABS in Africa, Asia-Pacific region
A report has revealed that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is also running biological weapons laboratories in both Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, not just in Ukraine.

Las Vegas Police Capture Live UFO Sighting On Bodycam With Locals Claiming They Saw ‘8ft-High Aliens’ Walking About Freely Through Backyards 
Fascinating story coming out of Las Vegas today, police on bodycams recorded UFOs soaring across the skies, and according to the audio they were quite shaken by what they saw. Not only that, local Las Vegas residents said they saw men, a minimum of 8ft high, walking through backyards. Do I believe all that? You bet I do. For over 2 years on our Podcasts, we’ve been warning you will soon see UFOs and aliens on the nightly news, and we are a kitten’s whisker away from that reality.

Hospitals SCRUB Websites Of Toddler Transitioning Docs: NC Hospitals CONCEAL Child Mutilation Agenda 
Hospitals are taking money from wealthy gay activists to implement the trans agenda and the operation pride clinics that mutilate children..rs.

WHO says it’s one step closer to passing “legally binding” Pandemic Treaty for global authoritarian control over next “health emergency” 
During the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) 76th World Health Assembly (WHA), WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told members the threat of “another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential remains.” The WHA, which closed its meeting on May 30, moved one step closer to its plan for a “legally binding” Pandemic Treaty that will coordinate the prevention, preparedness, and response to a global health emergency with its member states.

Iowa’s Industrial Hog Farms Are Killing the State’s Fish With Animal Waste and Agrochemicals
Despite millions of dollars lost from fish kills in Iowa over the decades, the amount of fines imposed on industrial hog farmers for polluting the state’s waterways is just one-sixtieth of the monetary value lost from fish kill events.

More Than 100 Young Children Suffered Seizures After COVID Vaccination: Study
…One hundred and four children under 6 years old suffered a seizure within 42 days of a COVID-19 shot, researchers with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other institutions found.

Why Is The Establishment So Scared Of RFK Jr.?
…he’s out there, throwing rocks at establishment windows and forcing powerful figures to either explain themselves or prove by their silence that they have something to hide.

UN recommendation calls restricted access to abortion a form of ‘racial discrimination’
The United Nations has declared that saving minority babies from being aborted is a form of “racial discrimination.”

Surprise! Canada Smoke Causes 50% Reduction in Solar Power Production in the Northeastern US 
Solar power generation in parts of the northeastern United States has taken a significant hit in recent weeks, primarily due to smoke from wildfires in Canada. A thick shroud of smoke has caused solar power production in these areas to plummet by more than 50%.

Russia’s Gasoline Exports Have Surged By 37% This Year
Despite the Western sanctions, Russian oil companies boosted their gasoline exports by 37% between January and May compared to the same period in 2022

Republican rivals react to Trump’s indictment: ‘No one is above the law’
Former President Donald Trump has been indicted over his reported possession of classified documents, leading his current and former Republican presidential campaign rivals to issue statements responding to the news of his indictment

England’s NHS restricts use of puberty blockers for minors
England’s National Health Service announced Friday that it will only commission puberty-suppressing hormones as part of clinical research, effectively restricting the use of puberty-blocking drugs for gender transition outside of clinical trials.

Kangaroo Trials’: Israel Denounces UN Commission of Inquiry Report
The UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on Israel released its third report on Thursday detailing what it called “attacks, restrictions and harassment of civil society actors” by Israel.