19 May 2023

Set to announce presidential run, DeSantis to address Evangelicals at NRB convention Monday in Orlando
Next week marks a major inflection point in the 2024 presidential campaign. After months of speculation – and a recent global tour in which he met with top leaders in Israel, Japan, South Korea, and Great Britain – all signs indicate that by the end of next week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will formally announce that he is running for the Republican nomination.

Chinese Breakthroughs Bring Quantum Tools Closer to Practicality
a team of Chinese scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China has reported a breakthrough: a tenfold increase in the rate of stable quantum-key distribution. Led by the decorated USTC researcher Pan Jianwei and MIT-trained Xu Feihu, the team managed to push 115.8 megabytes of encrypted data per second over a 10-kilometer fiber-optic channel, shattering by over ten times the previous record of around 10 Mb/s. This breakthrough enables systems to handle vastly more data, larger files, and more users.

Soros-Funded Prosecutor Resigns ‘Effective Immediately,’ Sets Up GOP Gov for Massive Move
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner resigned from office Tuesday weeks earlier than her stated departure date, according to a news release from her office. Gardner, whose campaign was backed by George Soros, announced her resignation May 4, stating her last day in office would be June 1. Gardner was criticized for her unwillingness to punish many violent criminals.

Fmr. Biden official arrested by ‘four unmarked police,’ says report
A former Biden administration official was arrested on Wednesday as a “Fugitive From Justice,” according to Montgomery County, Maryland police logs. Former senior Department of Energy (DOE) official Samuel Brinton, who describes himself as “nonbinary,” was arrested at his home in Rockville. A witness who lives near Brinton told The Daily Wire that “four unmarked police showed up last night, they would not let his spouse Kevin leave. After about an hour Sam Brinton was escorted out in handcuffs.” Briton is reportedly being held in jail without bond.

Feds show up at pro-life activist’s childhood home, ask her mother for information on her
Two FBI agents showed up at the childhood home of a pro-life activist “to speak with her regarding some information that was sent” to the bureau, security footage of the moment shows. According to Ring security camera footage first obtained by The Daily Signal, the agents spoke to the mother of Elise Ketch, a pro-life activist with the group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), and asked her for information on Ketch. PAAU recently made headlines as the group that exposed the remains of five premie-sized aborted babies found outside a Washington, D.C. abortion clinic.

The Numbers Are In On How Biden-Era Funding Is Skewing Scientific Research Ever-Wokeward
While pushing record spending for research and development, the Biden administration is working not just to advance science but also progressive ideology. In line with the administration’s “whole of government” commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, recent grants and requests for proposals from the National Science Foundation encompass research that:

Secretive Bilderberg Gathering Of Global Elites Kicks Off: See Who’s Attending & What They’re Discussing
The 69th Bilderberg Meeting, a secretive conclave of global power brokers, has kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal, with issues on the agenda including transnational threats, artificial intelligence, and America’s leadership in world affairs. This year’s meeting, the latest in a series that began in 1954, continues to blur the lines between open diplomacy and clandestine elitism as political leaders brush shoulders with industry bigwigs, media barons, and finance tycoons.

Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets; Ukraine says 29 were shot down
Russia fired 30 cruise missiles against different parts of Ukraine early Thursday in the latest nighttime test of Ukrainian air defenses, which shot down 29 of them, officials said. One person was killed and two were wounded by a Russian missile that got through and struck an industrial building in the southern region of Odesa,

Adidas under fire as biological male models female-style swimming costume
Adidas has come under fire for advertising a female-style swimming costume using a model with a penis. The move has prompted criticism from campaigners for women’s equality in sport, who argue that the use of a biologically male model for a women’s swimsuit creates unrealistic body expectations for women.

Australian doctor freed by al Qaeda after 7 years in captivity
An Australian doctor held captive by al Qaeda-linked extremists for more than seven years in West Africa has been released, the Australian government said on Friday. Dr Kenneth Elliott, 88, is safe and well, and had been reunited with his wife, Jocelyn, and their children, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said.

Christians Honor Israel With “March of the Nations”
The Christian procession through the streets of Jerusalem demonstrated to Israelis that they do not, and will never again stand alone.

Russia Acquires ‘Deadly’ Handheld Flamethrowers Equipped With Thermobaric Munitions Designed For Urban Combat
MRO-A, or Borodach, is a hand-held small-sized infantry flamethrower, an analog of a rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade, only its warhead is equipped with a thermobaric composition. We can say this is a disposable grenade launcher. The Russian army has already adopted it.”

American flag upside down over US Capitol
US flag currently flying upside down over Senate building signaling distress and needing rescue. Some believe it was flipped after Sen. Fetterman spoke with the sophistication of a drunk toddler in a hearing today” O’Handley tweeted. After many on Twitter questioned the photo’s authenticity, Newsweek confirmed it was real.

G7 leaders meet in Japan to discuss Ukraine war, tensions with China
The seven leaders of the world’s wealthiest large democracies are meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, for this year’s G7 Summit that kicks off on Friday. The location of the event carries heavy symbolism on several levels. Hiroshima is the site of the world’s first ever nuclear attack. A relevant warning of the dangers of nuclear warfare – once again a global concern, as Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine continues.

The architect and activist who want to build Jerusalem’s third temple
Haim Dotan, an acclaimed architect who has won several international awards and also serves as a professor of architecture at leading institutes in China, recently became involved in the ambitious project of designing the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Strong M6.4 earthquake hits Guatemala at intermediate depth 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit Guatemala at 23:02 UTC on May 17, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 252 km (156 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 255 km (158 miles).

More than 450 fatalities in Myanmar after Tropical Cyclone “Mocha” makes landfall
At least 455 lives were lost after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone “Mocha” just north of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

California backs down on forcing doctors to participate in assisted suicide in pro-life victory 
California has backed down on enforcing a law requiring medical practitioners to participate in physician-assisted suicides against their will and has agreed to pay $300,000 to the Christian medical professionals who took the state to court.

Bloomberg News Celebrates Deadly South Africa Blackouts Because They Slashed Carbon Emissions
Bloomberg News praised South Africa for inadvertently meeting its “climate goals” thanks to regular coal plant breakdowns causing widespread blackouts.

Adidas’ ‘Pride Month’ apparel offerings include a women’s swimsuit modeled by a hairy 6’2″ man 
Weeks after athletic apparel brand Nike invited backlash by partnering with transgender-identifying man Dylan Mulvaney to sell sports bras, competitor adidas has produced a line of clothing including items advertised for women but modeled by a man ahead of so-called “Pride” month.

Atheists Want Police Chaplains Fired. Why, Are They Jealous?
…In East Hartford, Connecticut the police department added five volunteer chaplains. Apparently, one person that has no life and is in a perpetual state of discontent, reached out to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The FFRF is located in Madison Wisconsin. They are an atheist activist group that among other things, believes that “police chaplaincies are unconstitutional.” Now they are threatening to sue the town if the chaplains are not fired.

Parents File Child Endangerment Complaint After Seeing Book Middle School Teacher Offered to Students
Last April, President Joe Biden made headlines when he said, “School children don’t belong to parents when they’re in the classroom.” Taking Biden’s lead, school teachers, board members, and administrators have echoed various versions of the statement in recent months; now it seems that parents have had enough.

Universal flu vaccine based on mRNA tech to be tested by NIH
Patients are now enrolling in an early stage clinical trial to test a universal flu vaccine based on messenger RNA technology, the National Institutes of Health announced Monday.

EXCLUSIVE: Dutch farmer ‘families are crying at the kitchen table every day’ and some have committed suicide, warns Dutch MEP Robert Roos about government farm expropriation plans
Currently, the Dutch government is looking to offer buyouts for 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, and if they do not accept, their land will be confiscated. The government is offering them 120 percent of the value of their land.. A) Do you think that’s a fair offer, and B) Do you think they’re going to fight it?

Biden admin’s war on people of faith evident with new attacks on religious health care groups
…There’s HHS’s discrimination against people of faith in the health care field through new rules and regulations that nullify religious and conscience exemptions, forcing conscience-objecting doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to perform abortions, gender transition surgeries, and other types of “gender affirming care.” This move continued the HHS’s long perverse history of using mandates to force conscience-objecting medical professionals to perform gender-transition procedures on their patients, including children.

The Annual Cabal Of Globalists At The Super-Secret Bilderberg Meeting This Year Will Focus On New World Order Implementation Through AI 
Every single thriller that Hollywood has produced over the last century where you see a global cabal of New World Order tyrants bent on global domination has been patterned, at least in part, on the nefarious agenda of the annual Bilderberg meeting that has taken place every year since 1954. When we say things like the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the New World Order, we are talking about the Bilderberg group.

Scientists prove Graphene Nanobots are in the Covid Vaccines, shedding from the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated; But there is a way to remove them
Prepare yourself for a journey into the heart of darkness, where science fiction becomes reality, and the true horrors of nanotechnology are revealed. In this bone-chilling exposé, we expose the malevolent truth behind graphene nano bots lurking within COVID-19 vaccines.

America’s New “Woke” Religion
Have you “seen the light” yet?  As Christianity has declined in the United States, other faiths have moved quickly to fill the void.  In previous articles, I have written about the explosive growth that witchcraft and Satanism have both experienced in recent years.  But Christianity’s main rival in the U.S. is neither one of them.  Today, “woke” ideology and the backlash to it are constantly in the news.  Our politicians are defined by their adherence to it, virtually all of our corporations are very careful to show public submission to it, many of our entertainers have become rabid proponents for it, and our public schools are being transformed into indoctrination centers for the cause.