18 May 2023

Born-Again Believers In Christ Do Not Have An Appointment With God’s Wrath
Thankfully the object and basis of our trust is in a source that has an impeccable and perfect track record. Not once has it been inaccurate, not once has it asked us to believe in something contradictory to evidence, and not once has it been misleading or proven itself untrustworthy.  Born again believers in Christ do not have an appointment with God’s wrath, and this “book of all books” says that in order to enter the kingdom of God we will need to change from mortal to immortal and corruptible to incorruptible.

US & Syria Have Been Holding Secret Talks In Oman
The diplomat, who revealed the information under the condition of anonymity, said that “the talks took place in the Omani capital Muscat, ‘the city of secret negotiations’ between Washington and several nations in West Asia.” He also pointed out that the “meetings included security figures from both countries and representatives of foreign Ministries.”

House Republican Submits Resolution To Expel ‘Liar’ Adam Schiff From Congress
After Rep. Adam Schiff relentlessly peddled the Russiagate hoax and claimed without proof that there was “more than circumstantial evidence” that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in 2016, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced a House resolution to expel Schiff from Congress after the Durham report concluded that there was no collusion.
“Knowingly using your position on House Intel to push a lie that ripped apart our country, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and authorized spying on a US President and then proceeding to double down on the lie within days of the Durham report coming out makes you unfit for office,”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles Of Impeachment Against FBI Director Chris Wray
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has introduced articles of impeachment against Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray. “Director Wray has failed to uphold his oath and has instead overseen a denigration of the principles of our democratic republic by utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Federal police force to punish or intimidate anyone who questions or opposes the current regime,” Greene wrote in the articles of impeachment. Wray has turned the FBI into Joe Biden and [Attorney General] Merrick Garland’s personal police force.”

Leaked Pentagon Report Forensically Dismantles Fauci-Led Natural Origin Study
Researchers at the Department of Defense wrote a devastating takedown of the Proximal Origin study, which was used by Dr. Anthony Fauci as proof that the COVID-19 virus had come from nature. The working paper forensically dismantles the natural origin case made in Proximal Origin and concludes, “The arguments that Andersen et al. use to support a natural-origin scenario for SARS-CoV-2 are based not on scientific analysis, but on unwarranted assumptions.”

FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations: Durham Report
Remember the Clinton Foundation? Which, took millions in foreign donations when everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 US election, only to see donations plummet by 90% after she lost? Now we learn, thanks to the Durham report, that the FBI had three concurrent investigations into the Clinton Foundation, which were shut down during the 2016 election year by top brass.

High alert for Jerusalem Day Flag Parade – ‘Iran is inciting terrorism against the marchers’
Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai warned Wednesday night ahead of the Flag Parade scheduled to take place Thursday in Jerusalem, that “terrorist elements motivated by Iran, through Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are sowing false information on social networks about the route of the Flag Parade –

Russia and Iran Sign Rail Deal for Corridor Intended to Rival Suez Canal
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday oversaw, via video-link, the signing of a deal to finance and build an Iranian railway line as part of an embryonic international North–South Transport Corridor.

Biden pushing for Israel-Saudi deal by end of the year
The White House wants to make a diplomatic push for a Saudi-Israeli peace deal in the next six to seven months before the presidential election campaign consumes President Joe Biden’s agenda, two US officials with knowledge of the issue told Axios’ Barak Ravid on Wednesday.

Montana bans dismemberment abortions, enacts new limits on taxpayer funding
‘Montanans sent us to Helena to boldly defend life, not send their tax dollars to abortion clinics.’ Montana Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed measures into law this week to place new restrictions on abortion facilities and abortion funding, as well as prohibit grisly dismemberment abortion procedures.

200,000 Russian soldiers killed in war, Ukraine claims
Russian military casualties exceeded 200,000 on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed. The Ukrainian military claimed that around 610 Russian personnel were killed on Tuesday, bringing the casualty count above 200,000.

Musk says he will start “TruthGPT, or a maximum truth-seeking AI”
Elon Musk said he will launch an artificial intelligence, which he calls “TruthGPT,” in an apparent challenge to ChatGPT, the popular chatbot from OpenAI. “I’m going to start something which I call ‘TruthGPT,’ or a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe,” Musk said in an interview with FOX News Channel’s Tucker Carlson to be aired later on Monday.

Russia says hypersonic missile scientists face ‘very serious’ treason accusations
Three Russian academics who have worked on hypersonic missile technology face “very serious accusations”, the Kremlin said on Wednesday, in a treason investigation that has spread alarm through Russia’s scientific community. “In this situation, we are not only afraid for the fate of our colleagues. We just do not understand how to continue to do our job.” “Even now, the best students refuse to come to work with us, and our best young employees are leaving science.

Florida Governor DeSantis to officially enter US presidential race next week
Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will officially enter the 2024 US presidential race next week, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

Why Turkey Experts Got the Election All Wrong
After a long day, night, and early morning last Sunday and Monday, Turkey’s Supreme Election Council declared that the hard-fought and much-anticipated presidential election would go to a runoff on May 28.

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi: Israel changed its tune on Ukraine after Iran joined the war
Israel’s neutral stance towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed dramatically after Iran took a role in the war, the embattled country’s chief rabbi told the UK Jewish News in an interview. “It’s so simple. Look who their (Russia’s) friends are. They partnered with Iran, which seeks to destroy Israel. Their other friends are Syria, Belarus, North Korea and a few African countries,” Rabbi Moshe Azman told the newspaper.

Under tight security, thousands of Jews visit Joseph’s Tomb in PA-run Nablus
Thousands of Jews, including two government ministers, visited Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus (Shechem) Tuesday night while the IDF protected them from a Palestinian riot. Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar of the Likud, who does not regularly sport a kippah, said he came to the holy site because Joseph was a unifier.

Joe Biden’s empty words about antisemitism
For those who think what Jews need is more official recognition of their heritage, it was a great afternoon. But the title of the interagency group that is working on the issue says all anyone needs to know about how serious—meaning, not at all—the administration is about fighting antisemitism. Far from coming up with a solution to a rising tide of Jew-hatred in the United States, it’s likely that this administration, more than any of its predecessors, is actually making things worse.

UNTO THE NATIONS: Jews and Christians Coming Together to Change the Media Narrative on Israel
Typically, the media response to Operation Shield and Arrow blamed Israel as the aggressor for the massive terrorist rocket attacks on the Jewish State last week. Once again, prominent global media outlets whitewashed Islamic Jihad’s extremism while creating an appalling moral equivalence with the IDF’s defensive actions.

Second Temple Merchants Gave Receipts New Discovery Shows
Apparently, the stone slab was originally used as an ossuary (burial chest), commonly used in Jerusalem and Judea during the Early Roman period (37 BCE to 70 CE), and was probably a receipt or a payment instruction recorded by a person engaged in commercial activity. “To think that, just like today, receipts were also used in the past for commercial purposes, and that such a receipt has reached us, is a rare and gratifying find,”

Weather chaos in Italy: Five dead, one missing, thousands evacuated in Emilia-Romagna region
Torrential rain and flooding in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region led to the deaths of five individuals and the evacuation of at least 5 000 people on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The situation has been described as ‘dramatic,’ with the reality exceeding the worst predictions.

Church Conquered: Another Symbolic Victory for Islam in the United Kingdom 
In the heart of Blackburn, the most recent embodiment of this undeniable conquest takes shape as a 150-year-old church resurrects itself as the Masjid-e-Taqwa.

NYC Hypocrites: Open Border Leftists Protest Migrants in Their Children’s Schools, Exposing Their Double Standards 
This astonishing turn of events reveals a stark contradiction within the very individuals who have long championed open borders—an agenda they now wish to escape when it impacts their own children and families.

Many COVID jab recipients now suffering neurological problems; Big Government, Big Tech trying to cover up the truth 
Anyone who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and now suffers from neurological or other serious health problems is just dealing with “anxiety due to the COVID vaccine.” This is the position of government health authorities, anyway, who refuse to admit that these experimental drugs could ever cause anyone serious harm – and Big Tech is in on the coverup as well.

Starbucks teams up with Amazon to launch BIOMETRIC payment system in certain locations
Coffee shop chain Starbucks has teamed up with tech giant Amazon to launch a biometric payment system in select locations. The system will utilize the Amazon One system that allows payments through palm scanning.

WHO now trying to sexualize children at BIRTH while UN pushes to decriminalize pedophilia
Acknowledging this for exactly what it is – the push to legalise paedophilia. There is no excuse for the WHO or UN to wriggle out of this being a misunderstanding, or ‘out of context’.

Farmers Set to Abandon US Wheat Crops at Highest Rate Since 1917
America’s wheat fields have become so plagued by drought that farmers are now poised to abandon crops at the highest rate in more than a century.

Equity vs. Equality: California Reparations Commission Wants to Legalize Racial Discrimination
San Francisco resident Richie Greenberg has identified that the San Francisco Reparations Plan “installs a neo-Apartheid system on a city of 45,000 Black/African-American residents being given super-prioritized services, funding and extraordinary privilege – out of total city population of 825,000. The result is Apartheid San Francisco, where 5% Black residents take the resources and economic earnings of the 95% non-Black residents.”

They are Lying to You! Dr. McCullough Sounds the Alarms on mRNA in Your Food
While the left-wing media tells the American people that there is nothing to worry about, Dr. Peter McCullough, an outspoken critic of COVID-19 mandates and jabs, uncovered an alarming scientific study coming from the Chinese researchers Quan Zhang et al. innocuously titled: “An oral vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 RBD mRNA-bovine milk-derived exosomes induces a neutralizing antibody response in vivo.”

Biden rule tells power plants to cut climate pollution by 90 percent 
The Biden administration is announcing a climate rule that would require most fossil fuel power plants to slash their greenhouse gas pollution 90 percent between 2035 and 2040 — or shut down.

Post-mortem on the C19 pandemic – 6 million avoidable C19 deaths plus 36 million vaxx deaths (mostly in India from Oxford/AstraZeneca shots) = plus the odd 1.8 trillion bucks for useless masks, tests
This analysis excludes fiscal spending running to trillions that governments around the world wasted on throwing out prior pandemic planning and decades of scientific and medical evidence.

California must pay churches $1.4 million for trying to make them fund abortions, judges rule
‘This is a significant victory for the churches we represent, the conscience rights of their members, and other religious organizations.’

Archie Comics Introduces Transgender Character
Continuing its walk down the ultra woke path, Archie Comics is now announcing the introduction of a new transgender character.

While Liberals Rage About ‘Gun Control’ The Fentanyl Drug Crisis In San Francisco Is Killing Thousands And Turning The Famed City Into A Dystopian Ruin
A new ad campaign, dubbed ‘That’s Fentalife!’ aims to catch the attention of residents and elected officials by placing colorful advertisements in different parts of San Francisco where drug use is exceedingly and heartbreakingly high.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice Arrested for Accepting $2.7 Million Cash Bribe
Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice was arrested this week for accepting a $2.7 million bribe. Vsevolod Kniaziev is the Chief Justice of the Ukrainian Supreme Court – a true man of integrity.

Netherlands Land Grab: Dutch farmers prepare for a battle
Despite the election results and the outrage, the Dutch government is pushing ahead with its plans to destroy Netherlands’ agricultural sector. So, on Monday, the chairman of the Farmers Defence Force, Mark van den Oever, called on Dutch farmers to “prepare for battle.”

They’re using indoctrination tools on you right now, today. And it’s only going to get worse
We fight against a truly unprecedented disinformation campaign, where the liars are claiming that everyone else is giving out misinformation, basically turning truth on its head.

Insane is now the New Normal
Missiles to Ukraine, Victorian diseases, animal testing returns, “hateful content” laws and climate change alarmists are excited about fossil fuel burning hydrogen.  Can it get any worse?  Well, yes.  But in the meantime, Dr. Vernon Coleman lists 12 bizarre things that prove insanity is now the new normal.

The Great Meatless Diet Con (Part 4) 
The fallacy that cow burbs and farts contribute catastrophically to our methane levels comes from an Oxford University study. Corporate media hijacked the story as proof that humans could reduce their carbon footprint by 61-73 per cent if they went vegan.  The media lied. But that’s not all they’re guilty of.

China Banned Pfizer’s mRNA Tech Chinese Citizens Saved From Deadly Shots While FDA Labeled Safe 
China knew the Pfizer COVID mRNA injection was deadly, so they banned it for their citizens while it was authorized for the States! …China understood that the mRNA technology inside the injections was a genocide project and refused the injections outright, yet the US FDA and CDC authorized the same materials.

Tax-Payer Funded $1.1 Billion U.S. Patriot Missile System in Ukraine “Likely Damaged” After Massive Russian Attack 
Russia claimed it destroyed a US-made Patriot missile defense system worth about $1.1 billion during a massive overnight missile attack on Kyiv Monday night, CNN reported.