16 May 2023

Flash floods in central Somalia leave 22 dead and over 450 000 affected 
Since the onset of the Gu Rainy Season (April through June) in 2023, flash floods have devastated central Somalia, resulting in 22 fatalities and leading to a mass evacuation of tens of thousands from their homes. The regions most impacted by these floods include the Belet Weyne District in Hirshabelle State and the Baardheere District in Jubaland State.

Tropical Cyclone “Mocha” makes landfall in Myanmar, locals report up to 90% of Sittwe destroyed
Extremely dangerous Tropical Cyclone “Mocha” made landfall near Sittwe, the capital city of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, south of the Bangladesh border, at about 07:00 UTC (13:30 LT) on Sunday,

Multiple large and extremely dangerous tornadoes touch down in Nebraska
Several tornadoes, described as large and extremely dangerous, wreaked havoc across various parts of Nebraska on Friday, May 12, 2023, causing considerable damage, including destroying farm buildings and downing power lines. 50 Tornado Warnings were issued in the state on that day, the most in a single day since 1998.

Deadly EF-1 tornado hits Laguna Heights, extensive damage reported, Texas 
A destructive tornado hit Laguna Heights near Port Isabel on the Texas coastline, causing widespread damage, killing one person, and injuring at least ten others on May 13, 2023.

The New Immigration Bill Is a Trojan Horse for E-Verify and Is a Threat to All Americans

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are set to vote this week on new legislation that would greatly increase the federal government’s power over private businesses, workers, and US citizens. Unfortunately, much of the GOP majority is supportive of the legislation—the “Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023” (HR 2640)—because it is being marketed as a bill “to secure the border.”

New York emergency order seeks to deal with influx of migrants
Over 50,000 migrants have traveled to New York City in the past year. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has issued an emergency order aimed at helping New York City and the state deal with an expected influx of asylum-seekers with a federal border policy set to expire this week.

Ireland’s controversial hate speech law paves the way for an Orwellian future
If you live in Ireland and refuse to play make-believe with a transgender and its mental delusions about being something other than its natural biological sex, you could be thrown in the slammer for up to five years.

Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common | Science | AAAS
…“It is just too hard to believe” at first, says Sabel of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and editor-in-chief of Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. It’s as if “somebody tells you 30% of what you eat is toxic.”

Chemicals Found in Common Disinfectants Linked to Asthma, Birth Defects and Infertility
Disinfectants have had a moment since the COVID-19 pandemic began — and scientists are warning that this widespread use is spurring health problems, antimicrobial resistance and harming the environment.

LifeSite launches map tracking wave of laws against transgender mutilation in the US
A growing number of Republican states have restricted dangerous ‘gender transitions’ this year, and others are poised to follow.

After-School Satan Clubs Are Hot, Hot, Hot!
Following a major legal victory in the free speech department, after school Satan Clubs are picking up steam. Launched in 2020 and promptly opposed by most parents, the clubs, associated with the Satanic Temple, are being pitched as an alternative to Christian after-school groups for those who identify as agnostics, atheists and religious minorities, such as pagans.

Emmanuel Macron Meeting With Elon Musk Today In Paris To Discuss ‘Digital Regulation’ And 15-Minute Cities
On his Twitter feed today, just about an hour ago, Emmanuel Macron tweeted out that “we talked about the attractiveness of France and the significant progress in the electric vehicle and energy sectors. We also talked about digital regulation. We have so much to do together. See you this afternoon at the #ChooseFrance Summit!”

Apple Slated To Release Stunning New Virtual Reality Headset The ‘Reality Pro’ At WWDC23 In June That Some Say Might ‘Replace The iPhone’ 
In early 1994, there was a buzz about something that was going to ‘change everything’, called the ‘information superhighway’, and when it was released the internet did just that. It ushered in the personal computer age, and the world was never again the same. Here in 2023, there is the same buzz about Apple and AI and it is going to get this old sin-cursed world in line with Bible prophecy.

Disturbing Research Warns AI May Wipe Out Human Civilization
Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) could behave as a “second intelligent species” on this planet in the coming years. Research shows that it could also be the “Great Filter” that wipes out all human civilizations.

Astroworld Satanic Ritual Travis Scott Concert Upside Down Cross Stage Mocks Jesus Christ Sacrifice
Why did fake news downplay the black upside down cross stage at Astroworld?

Dutch MEP Rob Roos Slams Globalists ‘Great Food Reset’ Policy: ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’ 
Roos’s call to protect and cherish our farmers and demand transparency in our food labeling is a clarion call to action.

Gender Identity Ideology Taught in British Classrooms: 10% of 16-18 Year-Olds Want to Change Gender
Almost a third of sixth-form age youngsters have been taught that a woman can have a penis. That is just one of the concerning findings that Civitas, the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, a British think tank, has revealed in a new report: Show, tell and leave nothing to the imagination: How critical social justice is undermining British schooling.

Judge in Virginia Strikes Down Federal Ban on Handgun Sales to Young Adults
A judge in Virginia has struck down a federal ban on adults under 21 buying handguns, ruling that the ban violates the Second Amendment rights of young adults by blocking those aged 18, 19, and 20 from exercising a portion of those rights.

The Life and Times of WHO’s Director General as Ethiopian Terrorist and human rights abuser
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus should never have been elected Director-General of the WHO. He should have been charged with crimes against the Ethiopian people. His period as a minister in the Ethiopian government between 2005 and 2016 should have disqualified him from any international office.

Ireland’s radical hate speech law: You are presumed guilty until you can prove yourself innocent
Dáil Eireann, the lower house of the Irish Parliament, has passed the most radical hate speech law in the history of the Irish State. The likely effect of this law, if it is passed in its current form in the Seanad, or Senate, will be to create a chilling effect around any speech that could be construed as critical. It will generate an atmosphere of insecurity for many citizens, due to the hopelessly vague and subjective manner in which hate speech offences are defined.

The risks of eating bugs
In the last few years, we’ve seen a growing push for what seems to be the destruction of our food supply.  At the same time, we’ve seen an increasing push to get us to eat bugs. Both are marketed under the false narratives of “anthropogenic climate change” and “saving the planet.”