29 Apr 2023

Exposing HIPAA: The deliberate deception
HIPAA is not a privacy law. This widely held misconception makes HIPAA one of the most pervasive medical deceptions. The reality is, HIPAA is a permissive data sharing rule that enables — not prevents — the sharing of private health information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was not passed to address privacy concerns in health care. Instead, it was created “with the dual goals of making health care delivery more efficient and increasing the number of Americans with health insurance coverage.”

US Sends “Shadowy Unit” Of Atomic Experts To Wire Ukraine With Nuke-Blast-Detecting Sensors
“The United States is wiring Ukraine with sensors that can detect‌‌ bursts of radiation from a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb and can confirm the identity of the attacker,” the Times report says.

Satanists present a chilling view of religious liberty
these people are saying they’re not there to worship a spiritual being called Satan. In fact, they claim not even to believe in such a being, “What they’re saying is we want to assert personal freedoms – and not surprisingly, one of the keystones of this assertion of personal freedoms is abortion.” The Satanic Temple – host of the gathering – began in 2013 and has been recognized by the federal government as a religion.

Falling For The Oldest Trick In The Book: Google Co-Founder Wants to Build AI as a ‘Digital God’
According to tech mogul Elon Musk, for some, such as Google co-founder Larry Page, the ultimate goal of the race to build artificial intelligence is to create a “digital god,” a silicon-based lifeform that “would understand everything in the world. . . . and give you back the exact right thing instantly.” Who would have even thought about discussions concerning a “digital god” just a few years ago? Will this dream become a reality?

Lions’ Den leader turns himself in to Palestinian Authority
Udai Al-Azizi, a leader in the Nablus-based Lions’ Den terrorist group, turned himself in to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces in the early hours of Friday morning, according to Hebrew language media. He reportedly did this out of fear that he would be killed by Israeli security forces. Palestinian sources claim that the man who turned himself in is a wanted gunman who is not the leader of Lions’ Den.

Putin signs decree paving way for deportation of people from annexed Ukraine
Putin on Friday signed a decree that gives people living in parts of Ukraine under Moscow’s control a path to Russian citizenship but means those who decline or who do not legalize their status face potential deportation.

Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Homs in Syria
Airstrikes were reported in Syria’s Homs governorate just after one in the morning on Saturday. The London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the airstrikes and claimed they were conducted by Israel.

Bible believers prepared Israel for statehood; then we stopped listening to God.
Evangelical Christian preachers and politicians were the prime influence on British government policies leading to the Balfour Declaration and the subsequent internationally-backed Mandate to prepare the Jewish people for statehood. But we soon broke our pledge and betrayed Israel, as a result of which we have lost our moral moorings. The miracle of modern Israel came about anyway, and though we had paved the way, we then let her down badly.

Infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart dies
Carhart, one of the most notorious abortionists in America, killed more than 30,000 children over his career and committed abortions at all stages of pregnancy. The notorious doctor died at 5:30 on Friday morning, ending his lengthy career of murdering unborn children in their mother’s wombs.

Two massive gravity batteries are nearing completion in the US and China
Their original system consisted of a combination such blocks and a tall tower. A surplus of power, owing to sunlight or wind, is utilized to power a mechanical crane to lift the blocks 35 stories into the air. These blocks then stay suspended there until power is needed again. In times of need, these blocks are lowered, pulling on cables that spin turbines, thus producing electricity. According to Energy Vault, the blocks will have a storage capacity of up to 80 megawatt-hours and be able to continuously discharge 4 to 8 megawatts for 8 to 16 hours.

Rainy season ravages Ecuador, leaves 79 people dead, 39 missing and 14 184 homes damaged 
Heavy rainfall since January wreaked havoc across Ecuador, leaving at least 79 people dead, 39 missing, and 66 000 affected.

Deep M6.6 and M6.0 earthquakes hit south of the Fiji Islands 
Two deep earthquakes registered by the USGS M6.6 and M6.0 hit south of the Fiji Islands at 03:13 UTC on April 28, 2023. The agency is reporting depths of 592.9 km (368.4 miles) and 598.5 km (371.8 miles), respectively. EMSC is reporting just one M6.0 quake at a depth of 593 km (368.4 miles).

More than 1,200 shallow earthquakes detected in southern California could lead to the Big One
Los Angeles could be at risk of a major earthquake, a study suggests. Scientists from the California of Institute of Technology (Caltech) have detected more than 1,200 shallow quakes in the past eight months.

‘The Kerala Story’: Muslims Enraged by Movie Exposing the Forced Conversion and Grooming of Hindu and Christian Girls for ISIS
Based on actual events, The Kerala Story uncovers the harrowing experiences of Hindu and Christian girls trapped in love jihad and forced into ISIS terrorist ranks..

Islamized Sweden: Christians Surrounded By Muslim Gang Chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ 
Mass Islamic immigration has turned Sweden, once one of the safest countries in the world, into one of the most dangerous in Europe within two generation

Germans Are Fed-Up With The Islamic ‘Call to Prayer’, MEP Warns ‘It’s a Land Grab’ 
Residents in Dresden, Germany, are fed up with hearing the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) as early as 6 a.m. Maximilian Krah, a member of the European Parliament representing the Alternative für Deutschland party, referred to the noise blasting from the mosque as a “land grab.” A woman on the scene commented, ‘Well, they want to take us to the loony bin,’ while another man expressed his opposition by tweeting, ‘I don’t want this!’”

Scientists find weird holes on the ocean floor spewing ancient fluids ‘like a fire hose 
Holes spewing warm fluids from the boundary between tectonic plates have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Oregon. Researchers think this strange, never-before-seen phenomenon, dubbed Pythia’s Oasis after an ancient Greek priestess, could provide insight into earthquake risk along the dangerous fault — although exactly how it affects the tectonics is unclear.

US Warns China It Will Ramp Up Military Drills In The Region
The Biden administration has forewarned China that it plans to bolster military drills and the US presence in the region, particularly off the Korean peninsula where it’s decided to send nuclear-armed submarines as extra deterrence against North Korean threats aimed at Seoul.

Ban on Chinese citizens, others owning property in Texas gets initial approval in Senate
The bill has been decried as racist and faced widespread condemnation from Asian American Texans, as well as residents from Iran, Russia and countries also targeted in the ban. Senators approved the proposal from Brenham Republican Lois Kolkhorst on party lines.

Now They’re Trying Censor Your Text Messages
The Censorship Industrial Complex wants to censor “problematic content” on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and other encrypted text messaging apps

Tyson Foods will layoff 10% of its corporate workers and 15% of its leadership teams 
Tyson Foods Inc will eliminate about 10 percent of corporate jobs and 15 percent of senior leadership roles, Chief Executive Donnie King told employees Wednesday.

Petrochemical Pesticides and Fertilizers Linked to Children’s Health Issues
Beyond Pesticides on Tuesday released a special report, “Transformative Change: Informed by Science, Policy, and Action,” which includes a compendium of “shocking scientific findings that compel us to act in our communities, states, and as a nation and world community.”

This government agency is trying to silence a financial company from complaining about crime in Chicago
Another US government agency known as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has managed to put itself at the center of yet another free speech and censorship controversy and get accused of abusing authority by overstepping its powers.

Murder rates jump another 10% in the biggest US cities since 2021: Memphis crowned homicide capital 
Memphis, New Orleans, and Richmond rank as America’s homicide hotspots, with scholars linking their rising murder rates to soft-on-crime Democratic leadership and low police morale.

The World Economic Forum Says It Will ‘Accelerate’ Implementation of Globalist Agenda 2030.
World leaders will be gathering together later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” according to an announcement made by the unaccountable, corporate-led World Economic Forum (WEF) earlier this week.

Mobile phone data shows that post-pandemic cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Boston are MUCH less busy – where did the people go?
A new analysis shows that downtown activity in places like San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston has plummeted ever since the scamdemic – this according to mobile phone data.

The World Is On The Brink Of A Catastrophic Population Collapse
Have we already reached peak global population?  Birth rates have been declining in wealthy countries for years, and now they are way below replacement level all over the industrialized world.  Birth rates are still above replacement level in some poor countries, but they are steadily trending down as young people in those nations embrace cultural values from the wealthy countries.

This Is What They Are Sneaking Into Kid’s Shows Now
This Is What They Are Sneaking Into Kid’s Shows Now

Dr. John Coleman: The transhumanist agenda is Satanic

People often ask who is behind the Satanic transhumanist New World Order and what do the “elites” do to protect themselves from all the bioweapons they are using to depopulate the earth.

IRS Plans to Hire Gun-Carrying Special Agents and Authorized Arrests in All 50 States
A job listing on the IRS website revealed that the organization is still trying to hire armed, arrest-authorized “special agents” or criminal investigators in all 50 states.

‘One Health’: What Is It, Who’s Promoting It — and Why?
The “One Health” concept has been gaining traction among public health policymakers in recent years — but questions remain about what One Health really means, who’s behind the concept and whether what started out as a sound idea has since been hijacked by individuals or groups that see it as a means to expand their power.

500 Australians Join World’s First COVID Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuit
At least 500 Australians have already joined a “landmark” COVID-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit filed this week against the Australian government and the medicines regulator seeks redress for those allegedly injured or left bereaved by the COVID-19 vaccines.