27 Apr 2023

A Grand Alliance To Overcome The Elite Betrayal Of America
For the first time in history, the ruling class of a powerful nation has abandoned its fellow citizens. What is happening in America today is more than a return to feudalism, although the new economic model into which we’re being herded is correctly compared to feudalism. The reality is actually much worse: America’s elites view ordinary citizens as no longer necessary. Because of globalism, they are replaceable. Because of automation, they are superfluous. Because of environmentalism, they are unsustainable.

House Passes Debt Limit Bill, Setting Stage For Showdown
House Republicans on Wednesday narrowly passed their bill to raise the debt ceiling, while cutting spending and dismantling several items in President Biden’s domestic agenda. we’re headed for a showdown,

House Resolution Would Seek Ukrainian Victory As Official Policy
Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) is planning to introduce a resolution in the House that would declare it is US policy to seek a Ukrainian victory against Russia, which includes returning all Russian-controlled territory to Kyiv, including Crimea.

Dr. McCullough: China’s Latest Bioweapon. How You Can Stay Safe
Dr. Peter McCullough, outspoken critic of COVID-19 mandates and jabs, uncovered an alarming scientific study coming from the Chinese researchers Quan Zhang et al. innocuously titled: “An oral vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 RBD mRNA-bovine milk-derived exosomes induces a neutralizing antibody response in vivo.” As someone who treated myocarditis patients on the frontline, Dr. McCullough’s warnings about this bioweapon should be listened to carefully:

Survey Finds Less Than Half of Professing ‘Born-Again Christians’ Believe Jesus Was Sinless
a recent survey of born-again Christians, less than half claimed to believe that Jesus lived a sinless life while on Earth, or that human life is sacred.

After Its Worst Year Since 1974, Exectives Double Down Announcing First-Ever Disneyland ‘Pride Nite’
Knowing they’ve lost public support and as well as over a quarter of a billion dollars on just two animated films, what did Disney do? They decided to promote and host its first-ever “Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite.” Disney, darkness, and depravity. Sounds about right.

Israel is fighting the World’s War
In a world where evil is a reality writ in the black ink of the Koran, there can only be temporary refuges. Israel knows that well.

Biden warns: North Korean nuclear attack will result in end of regime
Biden and his South Korean counterpart Yoon Suk Yeol warned North Korea on Wednesday that it would face a nuclear response and the “end” of the leadership there if Pyongyang uses its own arsenal.

China will work to mediate peace, Xi tells Zelenksy in first call since war
Xi Jinping spoke by telephone on Wednesday Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskiy for the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, fulfilling a longstanding goal of Kyiv which had publicly sought such talks for months.

Senior Iranian ayatollah Abbas-Ali Soleimani assassinated
Iranian ayatollah Abbas-Ali Soleimani, a member of the Assembly of Experts for Leadership of Iran, was assassinated at a bank on Wednesday morning in the northern city of Babolsar, according to Iranian media reports.

Transgender Lawmaker Expelled in Overwhelming Vote After What He Did to Aid Mob on House Floor
The Montana House of Representatives has voted by a two-thirds majority to suspend a transgender lawmaker who previously accused colleagues of “torture” for attempting to ban gender-affirming care in the state. Democratic State Rep. Zooey Zephyr of the 100th District was suspended from the chamber Wednesday, with 68 voting in favor and 32 voting against. Zephyr will not be able to enter the chamber or speak on the floor for the remainder of the current session, which ends in May, instead only being able to vote on bills remotely.

Tucker Carlson Given Job Offer with Salary Up to 3 Times More than He Was Making at Fox News
According to the Times of San Diego, an online news outlet, San Diego-based One America News might be willing to pay $25 million to Carlson to join its network. “It would be great if we could get Tucker! I might give him around $25 million,” OAN CEO and founder Robert Herring told the outlet in an email, the Times of San Diego reported. “And he would be well worth that!”

from Beaches to Prisons, Hundreds of Salvations, Baptisms Reported in USA
Initially, the awakening seemed to mainly be happening among college students. But the latest evidence is being seen in the form of hundreds of salvations and baptisms at churches across the country in just the last two weeks alone, not to mention over the past two months.

Residents of Haiti capital seize gang members stopped by cops, shoot and burn some alive
The minibus was headed through the Canapé-Vert neighborhood of Haiti’s capital early Monday morning when it came to a police checkpoint. When officers saw that the minibus was packed with young men they suspected of being gang members, they stopped it and made everyone get off and lie on the ground. Soon, residents of the neighborhood appeared, dragged the men away from police custody and beat and stoned them. Then they threw gasoline-soaked tires on top of them — all under the eyes of the police — setting fire to more than a dozen people, some of them still alive.

US to deploy nuclear submarines to South Korea to deter North Korean threats
The United States will send nuclear-armed submarines to South Korea for the first time in over 40 years, … Biden said on Wednesday.

Former ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Emma Watson Thanks “Witches In My Coven” And References “Saturn Return” In Instagram Posts
“Thank you to the witches in my coven who were so pivotal in helping me arrive at where and who I am now,” Watson said. “You are my Avengers and you inspire me and kick ass. It takes a village, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Watson is the most recent of a slew of female celebrities who have publicly confessed their association with witchcraft and the occult.

In an Incredible First, Scientists Have Discovered What’s at The Core of Mars
According to seismic data obtained using NASA’s InSight lander, which monitored the red planet’s innards for four years, Mars’ center is a liquid iron alloy, with surprisingly large amounts of sulfur and oxygen mixed in.

We’re About to Enter a Solar Maximum. An Expert Explains What to Expect
We’re close to the next solar maximum, predicted to begin in 2025. The solar maximum represents a peak in solar activity when the Sun’s magnetic field reaches its strongest and most disordered and dynamic point. This increased solar activity can cause extreme space weather events, including solar flares and eruptions. This solar maximum will likely be stronger than the last one.

Japan and EU oppose U.S. plan for G7 to ban all exports to Russia, report says
Japan and the European Union have reportedly opposed a proposal that the Group of Seven nations ban all exports to Russia, a move that would be aimed at boosting support for Ukraine ahead of next month’s G7 Hiroshima summit. The proposal, made by the United States, would ban nearly all items from being exported to Russia,

Macron’s push to get China’s help on Ukraine is unraveling fast
Macron’s diplomatic efforts to enlist China’s help to intervene in Russia’s war in Ukraine has suffered another blow. The Chinese Ambassador to France, Lu Shaye, told the French network LCI that the ex-Soviet states don’t have sovereign status as independent nations, a statement that ignores the internationally recognized borders in Eastern and Central Europe.

The greatest crime against humanity’ in history: Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents
In an extraordinary speech synthesizing several “headline” discoveries from analyses of thousands of Pfizer documents, Dr. Naomi Wolf presented how the COVID “vaccine” enterprise intentionally sought to not only “disrupt and impair human reproduction” but “attack” and “kill” large numbers of people, particularly in the West. Wolf, a lifelong Democrat, addressed the conservative citadel of Hillsdale College in March, confessing that events over the last three years “truly imploded” her former world view and that what matters most now is “the Constitution, liberty and freedom.”

Federal judge rules Mississippi must allow religious exemptions for school vaccines
Mississippi officials must allow students to obtain religious exemptions from vaccine mandates, a federal judge ruled recently. The southern state had remained one of only two red states that did not offer religious exemptions from school shot mandates. The other is West Virginia.

Panama Canal facing operational uncertainty due to severe drought 
Panama’s authorities have limited shipping traffic in the Panama Canal due to a severe drought that depletes the water reserves of two artificial lakes — Alajuela and Gatun — supplying the vital waterway.

Severe shaking after M5.9 earthquake, series of aftershocks hit North Island, New Zealand
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the GeoNet as M5.9 hit New Zealand’s North Island at 22:16 UTC on April 25, 2023 (10:16 LT, April 26). The agency is reporting a depth of 21 km (13 miles). The USGS reported it as M5.4 at a depth of 25 km (15 miles).

‘Addicted to Funding From China’: Stanford Rakes in Chinese Cash
Stanford University has raked in more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021, underscoring the Communist Party’s influence-peddling operations at major American colleges.

Biden Provoking A Nuclear War With China And Russia
No regime can be as incompetent as the Biden regime has shown itself to be, which only leaves one option, the destruction of our military, and our depleting of our weapons and munitions in our Ukraine proxy war with Russia, has been deliberate.

Federal judge rules Mississippi must allow religious exemptions for school vaccines 
District Judge Halil “Sul” Ozerden’s ruling leaves only five states that mandate shots without religious exemptions on kids.

America is witnessing DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION of its aviation industry
Josh Yoder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers (USFF) believes America is now witnessing the deliberate destruction of the aviation industry.

Vaccine passport has same digital platform as Chinese SOCIAL CREDIT system: Comply or be denied access to society
Human rights activist Reggie Littlejohn said the vaccine passport has the same digital platform as the Chinese social credit system. She shared this detail during the April 20 episode of the “Flyover Conservative” podcast.

EPA to Propose First Controls on CO2 Emissions From Power Plants – ‘Will be 1st time fed gov’t has limited CO2 from existing power plants’ 
President Biden’s administration is poised to announce limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that could compel them to capture the pollution from their smokestacks, technology now used by fewer than 20 of the nation’s 3,400 coal and gas-fired plants, according to three people who were briefed on the rule.

NYC will target food choices in its battle against climate change
The Adams administration has announced a plan to begin tracking the carbon footprint created by household food consumption as well as a new target for New York City agencies to reduce their food-based emissions by 33% by the year 2030.

In 2021, Joe Biden’s Department of Defense Awarded A Billion Dollar Contract To Peraton To ‘Counter Misinformation’ By Censoring Social Media Content
The Department of Defense (DoD) awarded a five-year $979 million contract to Peraton to counter misinformation specifically originating from adversaries of the United States.

WEF Orders Governments To Start Limiting Food To Fight Climate Change
Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has been laying groundwork to begin starving the people it considers useless and has now ordered governments in the West to begin attacking the food supply.

Climate Change Skepticism Is Growing Despite Nonstop Propaganda
Two recent polls have found that despite relentless propaganda promoting the man-made global warming narrative, climate change skepticism is growing globally.

⁣Swedish Scientists: Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine goes into Human Liver Cells and Converts into DNA!
Swedish Scientists: Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine goes into Human Liver Cells and Converts into DNA!

Dekalb Again Tied To “Curious” Election Decisions
Dekalb’s Board of Elections gained national attention last year when it was discovered they were considering engaging in a contract with Konnech, a Michigan-based company which was reportedly passing personal identifying information on election workers to contractors in mainland China.

WHO is forging ahead with plans to implement a Global Digital Health Certificate
The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) are a completely different set of proposals to the “Pandemic Treaty” that will not need to be signed by any President or Prime Minister, nor would the proposed amendments require the advice and consent of the Senate or Parliament.

Matt Hancock admits he should be in Prison after demanding Jail Time for Vaccine Misinfo & “Anti-Vaxxers” in Orwellian Online Safety Bill
…Matt Hancock, the former Health Secretary of the UK, who has a contentious record and had a notorious affair during lock down, has expressed his support for an outrageous amendment to the already controversial Bill. Hancock has demanded that prison sentences be imposed on “anti-vaxxers” and anyone who vocalises, writes or shares what the Government of the day deems to be “misinformation” surrounding vaccines.