25 Apr 2023

‘Buy a gun’: Trans activist threatens to murder people who stop males from entering girls’ bathrooms
“So you go ahead,” he said. “You ‘protect your kids’ from me using the bathroom. If you back a wild animal into a corner, they’re going to become a dangerous animal. So if you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go ahead. I dare you to try and stop me from going into a women’s bathroom. It will be the last thing mistake you ever make.

Christian group stands up to neo-Nazi antisemitism in Florida
On Saturday, a group of about 60 multi-faith protesters came out in support of the Jewish community at the intersection of State Road 40 and Beach Street in Ormond Beach, Florida to stand against antisemitic hate groups. The net result was that the neo-Nazis, who are becoming more visible in Florida, were a no-show.

Israel’s Struggle With the “Evil Tongue”
What is dividing Israel more than anything is the hostile rhetoric, the “evil tongue” being employed against others. And the Bible has much to say on this.

Israeli Judge Overturns Controversial Ruling on Temple Mount Status Quo
Hostilities escalated after a ruling of the Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court on Sunday overturned a police order barring three Jewish minors from the capital’s Old City for praying on the Temple Mount. The teenagers, who were visiting the Temple Mount, prostrated themselves and recited the Shema prayer, in violation of the “status quo,”

Israel offers to mediate ceasefire summit in Sudan
“Since the start of hostilities in the country, Israel has been working different channels to bring about a cease-fire and the advancement in recent days is very encouraging,” Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said on Monday.

Egyptian lawyer sues Netflix for casting Black woman as Cleopatra
An Egyptian lawyer has filed a lawsuit against streaming giant Netflix for depicting Pharoh Cleopatra as a Black woman in a new documentary. Lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary filed the lawsuit with a public prosecutor with the intention of having Netflix banned in Egypt for what he claimed was a distortion of history.

Russian, Egyptian pleasure yacht missing in Red Sea with five aboard
A private yacht with three Russians and two Egyptians on board has been reported missing in the Red Sea near the coast of Yemen for several days by its owner and the Russian embassy in Saudi Arabia. It was not immediately clear what had happened to the pleasure yacht named 30 Minutes which its owner said was heading to Djibouti to be sent onwards by ship to Dubai.

The bizarre transition in the West
I have sought to understand the bizarre transition in the West from supporting the goodness of liberty, non-violence, justice and other Judeo-Christian values to what I now realize is an almost complete submission to evil values and ideologies, including those of the so-called Palestinians.

Iran ramps up campaign to resupply Russian troops, report says
As relations warm between Russia and Iran, the Islamic Republic is providing large quantities of tools and ammunition to help replenish the Russian forces’ weapons stockpiles, transported through the Caspian Sea

Earth at higher risk of big asteroid strike, satellite data suggest
humanity’s survival odds come down to one thing: the chances of a giant space rock slamming into the planet and sending us the way of the dinosaurs. One way to calibrate that hazard is to look at the size of Earth’s recent large impact craters. And a provocative new study suggests they are bigger than previously thought—meaning Earth is more at risk of getting hit hard, says James Garvin, chief scientist of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, who presented the work last week at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. “It would be in the range of serious crap happening.”

Stunner! Tucker Carlson suddenly out at Fox News
Online comments revealed it would be Fox taking the hit. They included: “Last nail in the Fox coffin.” “That’s the only show I watch on FOX Nation. … I will cancel.” “Fox is done.” “They don’t make it easy to cancel. They took all the phone numbers off line.” “If this is true we are so very close to the end!”

Anheuser-Busch Hit with Civil Rights Complaint Over ‘Leadership Accelerator Program’
“Under the cloak of ‘equity,’ woke companies like Anheuser-Busch proudly discriminate based on race, color, national origin, and sex in their employment practices,” America First Legal said in a statement on its website, announcing the complaint. Anheuser-Busch has been under fire for its partnership with Mulvaney through its Bud Light brand, which has caused celebrities, taverns, and everyday beer drinkers to turn away from the company.

Global Military Spending Hits All-Time High As World War III Threats Persist
Whether it begins in Eastern Europe or the South China Sea, World War III threats are mounting with each passing week. The latest data shows global military spending increased for the eighth consecutive year in 2022 to an all-time high. The surge in European spending primarily drove this increase due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Global defense expenditures increased by 3.7% in real terms to a record high of $2.24 trillion in 2022, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) wrote in a report. The sharpest rise was 13% in European arms budgets, the largest increase in 30 years.

Transgender Teacher Spoke About Wanting To Shoot Students, Parents Accuse District Of ‘Cover-Up’
It took three weeks for parents to discover that a transgender middle school teacher in Florida confessed to a guidance counselor that the teacher was having “bad thoughts” of self-harm and shooting students.

Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying For COVID Vaccine Mandates: Fang
In the midst of a contentious debate about Chicago’s plan to force employers to require their workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Karen Freeman-Wilson, president of the Chicago Urban League, appeared on television to dismiss complaints that such rules would disproportionately harm the Black community. Earlier that year, her group had received a $100,000 grant from Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the most commonly used COVID-19 vaccine … The drug industry funding … went unmentioned during the interview.

Hydrologist: Melting of deep snowpack drives Mississippi River flooding
“What set the stage for the Mississippi River flooding in Winona and anywhere along the Mississippi this year is just the anomalous snowpack that northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and all those associated riverbanks that flow into the Mississippi River had,” Wendt said. While it seems extreme and intimidating to the average resident, Wendt said these weather conditions are not abnormal for this time of year.

A Very strong 7.0 hits near the coast of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia 
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.1 hit near the coast of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia at 20:00 UTC on April 24, 2023 (03:00 LT, April 25). The agency is reporting a depth of 15.5 km (9.63 miles). BMKG is reporting M6.9 (down from M7.3) at a depth of 84 km (52.1 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.8 at a depth of 16 km (9.9 miles).

Very strong M7.1 earthquake hits Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.1 hit the Kermadec Islands region, New Zealand at 00:41 UTC on April 24, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 49 km (30 miles). EMCS is reporting M7.1 at a depth of 40 km (24.8 miles).

Should We Be Concerned That So Many UFO Sightings Are Happening All Over The World?
Extremely strange aircraft are spotted flying through our skies every single day.  This is happening in every part of the globe, and those that are having experiences with these aircraft come from a wide variety of different cultures.  It has become exceedingly obvious that something is going on, but of course there is a tremendous amount of disagreement about what all of this means

UN Report Says Minors Can Consent to Sex with Adults
The United Nations – which receives around $12 billion dollars a year (a quarter of its total) in funding from American taxpayers – has published a report declaring that children can consent to sex “in fact, if not in law” and that this should be reflected in the enforcement, or rather non-enforcement, of age of consent laws.

RNA-Based Vaccine Technology: The Trojan Horse Did Not Contain mRNA
It is a misnomer, we are disturbed to report, for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to be called mRNA, short for messenger RNA. It turns out that these deadly injections actually contain what is known as modified RNA, or modRNA, which Dr. Klaus Steger, PhD, says genetically manipulates healthy cells.

National Health Organization Pushes Critical Race Theory into Medical Field
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), a children’s health organization created by Congress, proposed the use of racially biased hiring criteria in order to “dismantle … white supremacy culture.”

The ‘Last Truth Teller’ Tucker Carlson Is Unceremoniously Fired From Fox News As Word Got Out He Was Planning To Expose Truth About Network
Back in August of 2020, we did an article on Tucker Carlson where we called him the ‘last truth teller’ in the dinosaur corporate media, and in it we asked the question of how long can Tucker last before getting fired? As it turns out, today. During our live Podcast this afternoon, the news broke over the wire that Tucker Carlson had been fired immediately, not even being allowed a last show or even a goodbye. Why? We know why. Fox News is fake news, and the truth is not allowed there.

LGBTQ-Affirming Megachurch Pastor Andy Stanley Is Leading The Church Into Final Phase Of The Falling Away
Revered pastor Charles Stanley died a few weeks ago, and we witnessed an outpouring of love and affection for him for his long years of faithful service with his In Touch Ministries. When I first got saved I would listen to his broadcasts, but found them to be more motivational than instructive., and soon moved on to the ‘stronger meat’ of people like Clarence Larkin and Peter Ruckman.

New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration
The intense propaganda to coerce you to wear a face mask is not based on science. It is a pure political power play designed to force you and your children into submission.

New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration
The intense propaganda to coerce you to wear a face mask is not based on science. It is a pure political power play designed to force you and your children into submission.

Shocking Truths about Your Money
Since the beginning of the “pandemic” three quarters of the world’s increase in wealth has gone to the 1%. The coming Great Depression was deliberately engineered in February 2020. It will lead to millions of lost jobs and broken dreams. Huge numbers of businesses will die. Over 60 million Americans lost their jobs between March 1st 2020 and October 1st 2020. The collapse of government bonds in autumn 2022 means that many pension funds lost over 50% of their value. And other shocking money truths …

Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA injections
Last month, German Health Minister and renowned virus pest Karl Lauterbach gave a remarkable interview in which he denounced “exorbitant” pharmaceutical profits, deplored “dismaying” vaccine injuries, and called for the manufacturers to set aside funds for those who have been harmed.